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  1. I noticed the Core Colors 2014 expansion set listed in Game Trade Magazine issue # 169. It shows the expansion set as shipping in January 2014. I can't seem to locate it anywhere on the reaper store and my FLGS has been told by Alliance that they don't have it in stock. Does anyone know what's up with this product?
  2. I noticed that in the goodie bag for Gencon is MSP Purple Steel. I tried looking up the color and it isn't available on the website. I'm not fortunate enough to have off time to attend the convention. Is there any way for those of us that want purple steel to get a bottle any other way than attending the con?
  3. Jackson. I think maybe in my area its just me though. I know there is a guy in Kalamazoo as well.
  4. I'm curious about the RMS HD colors. I like the idea of single coat coverage over primer and I'm very disappointed with the GW Foundation colors. (Too thick and take way too much thinning for my liking. Also, no dropper bottle.) How thick are the HD RMS colors? Do they work well as anything more than base colors? How bright are these colors? I'm asking because with the advent of the Build your own paint set option in the reaper store I'm considering plunking down cash for the entire line plus a few extras that I seem to be missing from the regular RMS line. Thanks guys!
  5. I'd really like to be able to get the skull agitators Reaper puts in their paints in bulk and not just the couple that are included with the dropper bottle packs. I own quite a few paints that could use agitators and I'd prefer the Reaper ones because they are not bulky like ball bearings and won't discolor my paint like BBs do.
  6. I'm starting a new project and was very bummed to find out that my old Citadel Deadly Nightshade had gone belly up and is now beyond all hope of repair. Is there a Reaper equivalent for the old Citadel color?
  7. What scale are you looking for? If its 15mm I'd suggest the witch hunter from Splintered light miniatures's Archer Collection. Its very Solomon Kane-esque and at only a buck you can't really go wrong.
  8. I've started purchasing and painting more and more 15mm miniatures over the years. I find them easier to paint and store than larger scale minis. There are also quite a few very good games that are specifically designed for 15mm scale minis. I've started to wonder why it is that Reaper doesn't produce 15mm minis anymore? I own a few Shadow Corps minis and I think that they are amazing quality and the level of detail on them is superb. If there were enough of a demand for such a small scale would Reaper ever produced them again?
  9. I live in and frequent the Jackson/Lansing, MI area(s) quite often. I'm interested in finding out who the local Black Lightning member(s) is(are)in my area as I'd really like to try and start a Warlord league somewhere close if possible. I've tried searching the forums and reapergames.com but can't seem to find the info. Any help you can provide would be very appreciated.
  10. First, what factions do you play? Crusaders, Necropolis, Nefsokar, Overlords Second, what is your favorite faction? Crusaders- I seem to be attracted to the religious zealot type faction/ "good guys" no matter what system I'm playing. Third, what faction do you plan to start playing in the next 12 months? Kragmarr and/or Tembrithil as I don't currently own any Dwarves or Elves yet and that match up is too classic to not do.
  11. This message was posted today by Marcus King from Titan Games on his Facebook page: My good Friend Ed Pugh, head honcho of Reaper Miniatures, is in the hospital. I know last I was hospitalized, it was nice to get well wishes, so - folks, send Ed your thoughts and prayers. So, go to REAPER.com and send an email to tell Ed you wish him well. He is one heck of a good guy, who, although we argued much, when my business had a major setback, ED sent me the most generous gift I ever got!! Good people! ....................................................................................................................... Good luck Ed! You've been making gamers' wishes come true for a while now by producing the best models and paints in the industry. Now we're hoping a bit of good luck comes your way too! Best wishes to you sir. We hope you recover quickly.
  12. I know i posted this on the old forums and it was answered by Anne but sadly it isn't here on the new forums and I feel the urge to make my shiny metal men pretty with paint but don't want to chance messing up the primer if I'm doing it incorrectly. I have RMS white primer and RMS black primer and I want to know if I should thin them or not and how much water to use if I do? Thanks.
  13. Aces & Eights by Kenzer Co. is a great western RPG with lots of background, a very cool sample setting and rules that are built as a modular system allowing you to have as much depth in your game as you'd like. I personally go for the in depth approach to my games because the rules let you handle a lot of different situations like barroom brawls, chases on horseback, prospecting, cattle driving and gambling. These each have their own unique rules that function like a mini game within the context of the core rules. The shot clock overlays for combat are a very cool and innovative way to resolve ranged combats. If you like westerns you should give Aces & Eights a try.
  14. I really have no idea why. I wasn't a big fan of 4E when it first came out because of how at will, encounter and daily powers are implemented and the movement powers and options of some classes and monsters felt very board game like to me. I've since had a revelation that made me LOVE the game. I have been playing Dragon Age Origins a lot lately and I'm really looking forward to getting the tabletop RPG based on it. I was looking through my starter set for 4E because someone on another forum had mentioned that they'd like to model their 4E game around Dragon Age. I(being a big 4E skeptic at the time) was convinced that it would never work. After reading the rules a little bit I noticed that something was familiar about the 4E rules but couldn't figure out exactly what it was. While playing DA later that night I upgraded my character with cleave or a similar talent and realized soon after that the talents that are controlled with a button press on DA work just like "At Will" powers in 4E and that some of the talents that work behind the scenes in the game sometimes function like "Encounter Powers". I've yet to find the analogue to "Daily Powers" yet but the similarities between the two games has been enough to win me over. I've busied myself gathering as much 4E goodness as possible. I only wish that the other gamers at the local club actually listened to my comparison between the two and less on how rigid they believe 4E is in letting you customize your characters (which is not true) because they all play Dragon Age and love it but scoff at the idea of playing 4E and lately have taken to hassling me about my sudden acceptance of the system.
  15. If you're into Pathfinder than look no further than Know Direction. It's all Pathfinder. Atomic Array did a pretty good rundown of the core book. The Tome also do some pretty good 3.5/ Pathfinder compatible product reviews in their show. I personally also listen the The D6 Generation, Have Games Will Travel, RPG Countdown and The Game's The Thing. (3.5 Private Sanctuary might be a good site for you since you're a 3.5/PF fan) Hope that helps. Happy listening!
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