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  1. Thanks a lot. I will look at all the sites and studies your posts. I think with your advices I could obtain good results. I'll tell you it next week
  2. Hello, thank you for reception, this pleases :) Dargrin I am going to use your advice for texture, that's true that I move my painting little for armours. Vaitalla, in fact it is exactly what i'm searching as well as colours to use for details such as hair or nipple as well as for the skin (I especially search how to paint the skin of the dark elves)
  3. Hello, I'm painting for some months and my speciality is especially figurines in armour. I like to make something else and so i bought several reaper's figurines which some are enough naked. But I don't know how to paint differentes parts of the body (legs, breast, face). Can you help me ? Maybe turorials exists ? Thank you (Sorry for my English but the lessons of English in France are very poor)
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