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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, as a new player of both, I had no idea that wiz kids would copy the scale of the incredible CAV game. :oops:
  2. Trees for CAV You should be able to purchase a 24 pack of Coniferous trees that are only about 3/4-2" tall through any hobby shop that carries N-scale railroad supplies. N-scale is the approximate railroad scale that CAV and Mechwarrior Darkages convert to. Another site that you can go to check out railway supplies is the NOCH website. They also manufacture the Zierterdes scenery product line. Hope this helps. :)
  3. ??? Well, nobody seems to have a decent selection of Sci-fi character figs to supplement all of the great games currently in print. Dare I say an untapped Market? Could even look to the CAV story line for those ruff & tumble mercs, roughnecks, fighter jocks, and those fearless CAV crews. Solaris VII ring any bells? Any Thoughts?
  4. Woodland Scenics Fine Flocks- Wow, now theres some work Here is how I use this messy flock. 1) Use white glue with playsand or ballast as a base. The sand and ballast are heavy enough to sink into the glue. 2) When dry, paint whatever color floats your boat. 3) I then pick the areas where I want to apply flock, static grass, or long grass and lightly paint white glue to the area, apply flock and let dry. 4) Then, using WS Scenic Cement and an eye dropper I apply a drop to the flocked areas and once this dries you will have very little flock that falls off. This makes for great looking, durable bases. Its a little time consuming but worth the effort. :D
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