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  1. Some of the top female female painters (I'll wait while that gets parsed) are well known for their masterful techniques of painting sheer, wet, transparent cloth. hey either HAD to because that's how the cloth was sculpted or it is because it is showcasing their skill with paint, color, glazing and brush control. Having spent the last 15+ years in the IT Industry I am very familiar with what 95% male industry looks like and I gotta say that at least as far as ReaperCon is concerned the ratios of typical gamers to painters/attendees aren't consistent. Do the 'chick sculpts' keep some women away from the industry? Probably. But there are also some dude dads that I know of that are avoiding the same type of models because of their preferences/wife/kids whatever. In other words I think there's mostly a minority that is complaining about the overall content. Given the (relatively) high percentage of females painting females I think it is hard to justify sculpting more clothes than less because they clearly sell. At the end of the day Reaper (and the rest of the industry) is trying to balance 2 things: Line diversity and profits. Patrick Keith's Bombshell line has both scantily clad and head to toe covered female models (to give a small sampling of figures) but Reaper certainly has the same sort of track record. Above all, you have to accuse appropriately. For the most part sculptors work on art given to them from an art director that got a sketch from an artist working on guidelines from someone with a checkbook. The guy with the checkbook wants a return on the checks he's writing. Now I'm not super proficient at painting skin tones so if they cover up a bit it won't be the end of the world. On the other hand, I just took Rhonda's sheer cloth class at RC13 to try and bulk up my skills a bit.
  2. No, not fewer boobies. BIGGER BOOBIES! 54mm. 72mm. 1/6th scale! Dude warriors don't care. They just put something on. Women accessorize. They carefully pick the chainmail bikini that goes with the jewel hilted scimitar they just got polished. When you have a thong that matches your hoop earrings... you can't just ignore that and go fight goblins in a full length terrycloth robe...
  3. one in scale mail (not unlike Red Sonja) was on the sketch sheet...
  4. I suggested Colonial Soldiers (in Pith hats) and Zulu mouslings and Gene and Bobby both liked it. Someone else suggested a Mecha and Cyber Mouslings which I thought was great.
  5. If this location is half as good as the Chuy's down the street from my office it'll be awesome. My personal favorite is the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The experience isn't complete if you don't try their creamy jalapeno sauce. Chuy's 3300 Wind River Lane Denton, TX 76210 (940) 228-0555
  6. That's John Eckelkamp that did the warlord terrain, not Ed...
  7. Mind if I sit on the front porch for a while?
  8. 8pm eh? Guess I'm gonna have to put the pedal down to make it before the cake is all gone...
  9. BlueWeasel


    As one familiar with hot Reaper chicks (both in and out of costume ;) ) I can tell you that you are certainly missing out. If it is any consolation, I intend to get pictures taken with as many as possible, as often as possible.
  10. Freebirds and Twin Peaks! Rudy's BBQ is pretty good. Sadly Dallas seems to be not cool enough for Kolache Factory.
  11. I've enjoyed playings SWSE games run by GMChris the last three years and look forward to another round this year.
  12. BlueWeasel


    StRigger has already declared Saturday as Toga Day.
  13. I'd probably do USPS flat rate depending on the size I needed to ship. you can put a LOT of melt into a small flat rate priority for $5.20... :)
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