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  1. Hey everyone, I took a break from CAV when SGT Crunch moved away (how is with you, Crunch?), but I have recently found someone else who likes the game. I am supplying both sides for now, as I have just finished painting a Terran force, but it was a little bit thrown together from the bargain deal a friend got. I am also still figuring out how the army works (I am playing the Terrans, and my friend is playing the Forlorn Hope Mercenaries/Ritterlich). So I was hoping some of the Terrans on here would list some/one of their most useful models on the board along with some notes as to why. As far as Syram and Mitso-Ta, I find the Falcon has tons of bang for the buck, and am having a hard time not getting lots more. FH
  2. Hey everyone, long time no see! There is a gamer in my town interested in giving CAV a try (makes me a happy chappy), and so I will be sending him links this week and putting on a scenario next week (Ritterlich versus Terrans). I appreciate that Mad Pat and the folks at Milnet have 9-5ers that pay the bills, so I am not pushing here as much as wondering if there is any kind of ETA that I can pass along to this potential new player? Thanks, FH
  3. Always harder for me a couple of weeks in, but I am still finding walking every day doable, although now I have had to start walking to work to finish a project, and so I am not walking with my wife anymore. I have found that being a one-car family makes it easier to commit to alternate (and healthy) ways to get to work. I had to put on some MMA action on the TV last night to get motivated enough for my situps and pushups, but it worked, and I did the thing. My wife is not yet in awe at my musculature, but I think it is just around the corner. I have a loin cloth and big sword on order...
  4. That looks really nice. Well done. As a late comer to CAV, I only kind of know what you are talking about, but I like that Assassin!
  5. I see what you mean a bit - in WHF esp. dice and some of the rules can mean that tactics don't matter all that much. I haven't found WAB to be this way, though. There are other's on the list with more experience (Damon?), but it seems like the more or less standardized stat lines in WAB means that, if you get a flank, or if you bring healthy units in to fight fatigued/half-strength units, you will generally do well. As a side note, I think you will find all kinds of WAB players in Fort Worth. When I was trying to get something going in Bryan/College Station it seemed like there was a big community in Fort Worth. The Thursday Night Irregulars have seemed like the have good stuff going on, but they also have seemed, in the past, to be a bit prickly. I would give them a try, but you might also join some online WAB lists and see where and who people are. There are two plastic minis companies in the works, I think (see this thread). They both look great, and I plan on getting some at some point. I have personally been unhappy with Old Glory for many of their lines. They "will do," but when everything is said and done I would rather look for deals, take it slow, and end up with minis I really like rather than some that "will do." I do have some in some fo my armies, but I am most happy with my minis when I buy the ones I really want. Balck Tree designs has been having some good sales recently, but I don't know what they are doing now (and I don't think they have Japanese).
  6. I agree, but I do think that, with some knowledge of, or research into, the period, you can probably find an existing army list that will allow you to make just about any army that you would like. E.G. right off the top of my head my guess is that you would be able to field a pike, cavalry and some infantry army from WAB Chivalry book that could work for your period, and in that same book you could probably do the same with spearmen instead of pike (don't really know your period in Japan, so take your pick). I would, as Doug mentioned, see what games people around you are interested in. I would add, though, that I would see what scale people are interested in as well. I have almost never used my 15mm late Wars of the Roses armies, even though I have enough for 4-5 DBA armies. My 28mm stuff, however, has been used lots. This is not because people around me have had armies to go against me, but instead that they are used to the larger scale (and to Warhammer), and so when I have put up both sides for a WAB game, or when I have broken them into skirmishing units for Pig Wars or historical Mordheim or something the other players were much more into it. Their initial and enduring distaste for 3-4 minis on a stand to equal a unit really made a difference, and meant that the 15mm fellers never saw action.
  7. Ray Liotta uses Chinese food (lots of carbs and salt) to put on weight for roles, and this seems like it might fit your bill, no?
  8. Those are fun - we recently started in with a padded stick for blocking and striking practice, and have plans to buy some gear for full-out sparring. I would try to come up with some rules for longer fights with the boffer weapons, as each bout can be pretty quick if you are just going for a touch.
  9. Out of curiosity, what kind of swordfighting is this? In my attempts to exercise and get back in shape, I have started working out with some filipino stick fighting again -- what are you guys doing?
  10. Yeah, I think she must be pissed about having to wear a G-string to fight in. I have not enjoyed that in the past
  11. Good for you -- that is awesome! Doesn't sound like "not much," sounds like a lot and a great first step. I have been continuing some pushups and situps and walking with my wife in the morning, and I think that making the first step is often the hardest. My wife is just finishing a Master's degree in Psych counseling, and she was telling me that, in many cases, daily excercize provides the same effects as daily anti-depressant medication. That seems like a good thing, even if one is not depressed, it demonstrates that a little bit of activity has more far reaching effects than just weight loss and energy.
  12. Yeah, I could see that for the light infantry, but mainly because it is ever so slightly funky when playing a skirmish game and some of the minis are on the larger base. Doesn't really bother me, but I could see a lot of people making that choice.
  13. No I'm not. I used to be on the WABlist and the WABlight list, and it is the hazy memory of those lists, along with the handful of WAB players I have encountered, that make me say that most people have seemed to use the std. 20mm basing. This very well might not be the case, though, and it sounds like you have more recent info than I do. Are there a lot of people running around using 15mm/20mm for their basing? P.S. I take it you are not from Italy (nor king of any cities?) - where are you from?
  14. Heya, I did not know that about Warrior - I will look that up. I see what you are saying about scale and battle size, and I agree that the 15mm battles tend to "seem" larger. The problems with WAB, though, really only emerge when I think of it as a small scale game. The clunkyness of heavy infantry moving really only makes sense when I imagine hundreds of men as opposed to the 25 that I actually have on the stand. I also have never met anyone who used anything other than 20mm for the heavies and 25mm for the lights. I know that there isn't a standard per se, but doesn't it all follow the model of WFB? Whenever I meet a fellow WAB player the basing inevitably seems the same to me. I see that 15mm basing would be better for using other wargames rules, but I don't even know how well 15mm bases would keep some of the minis standing up...
  15. walked 40+ minutes, up to 20 pushups and 25 situps/day (sometimes twice a day).
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