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  1. She looks great! Love her base too! I've been working on this same mini, and I kind of had to laugh at yours (but not in a bad way) I painted the hair on mine pink, and the foliage green...so opposite of yours, and I did the flowers in her hair just about the same colour. I'm going to have to get a move on and get mine done now. :)
  2. Omg! Totally <3 the dragon! Who makes it? I want! I want! I want!
  3. Hey everyone! This is a mini I painted up for my oldest niece. I painted one for her 4 yrs. ago for her baby shower, that was done in the colours of her nursery. But, now that she has become a big sister, I asked her if she would like a new one and hand her old one down to her baby sister. So, of course she said "yes". She was 3 yrs. old at the time when I asked her this (mini was done for her 4th b-day) Anyway, at 3 yrs. old, I asked her what colours she would like for each part. (ex. hair, dress, wings, etc.) And this is what she came up with using her large collection of coloured markers to help her... hair- lt. purple main dress- lt. green ribbon/belt- black lower dress layer- purple wings- dk. green eyes- green skin- lt. flesh cloud- lt.purple I have to say that her colours worked out pretty darn good too! I got a bit fancy with the wings so that they weren't just a solid dk. green. Just to point out, with the rear pic, that's not chipped paint along the edge of the dress. It's actually sunlight reflecting off the gold trim. I almost had a heartattack when I saw it in the pic! lol
  4. Congrats to everyone, even those of us that didn't place! Cause...well...we actually finished something! YAY! This was super fun and I look forward to more excuses to paint minis.
  5. Thanks again for all the C&C! @Thrym- Thanks for the link to Jabberwocky's post. His take on headstones looks great! I've never tried that kind of effect before, so I think some practice pieces would be in order for me.
  6. Thanks for the "likes" and compliments! @ joshuaslater- I'm not really a new poster, but my finished minis are so few and far between that it may seem that way. lol I'm usually always lurking though. @Thrym- Ya, the headstone got kind of washed out. Didn't help much that my sealer fogged it over and I had to paint it over again too. Thanks also for pointing out the dirt/moss/mold in the cracks. For some reason my brain didn't even think of that. Here's the pic you asked for as well. The writing is actually part of the sculpt. Hope it still gives you some ideas.
  7. Hey there Reaper peeps! I'm just looking to find out the size of this base since there seems to be no indications for it. Thanks! Shellie
  8. This is my entry for Reaper's Halloween painting contest. Just got it finished at 1 o'clock this morning. Hope you enjoy it, and any C&C are welcome!
  9. This is my 1st Reaper contest entry ever! Super fun! Yet, stressfull. Just finished this at 1 o'clock this morning. 01414: Grim Reaper
  10. I'd really love to enter this contest! Just something I'm wondering about though... I'm not sure which category 01414: Grim Reaper would fall under. He's a hefty guy at 72mm scale, and already has his own decorative base. Or would I even be able to enter him, since he's not of the 28mm scale? Oh also, I just tried to check out the links for the contest and they're not working for me. Can't click on them.
  11. Hey Dane! There is also some paints made by Golden Paints called "interference". I've used them, and they look pretty cool. What you do is paint your mini normally with whatever colours you're using. Then you apply whichever interference colour you choose. (that stuff is very transparent) The effect that happens is you can see your original paint colour. But depending on how you move the mini in the light, you will see the "shine" of the interference colour. Don't use a matte sealer though. It totally kills the effect. www.goldenpaints.com The samples on the site don't show the best results of the paint. I will add a pic of one of my minis that I used it on later. My computer-foo sucks and can't figure how to add it. Gotta wait for hubby to get home so he can help me.
  12. Hey Spike! Your neighbors have to visit you twice for alliances, the rest of the points are up to you. So if you have any neighbors that don't play anymore you're pretty much out of luck. (and I have tons of those) :( I don't even know what the purpose of alliances are. Anyone know? As for workshop mastery, lv.1 crafts your stuff 10% faster. Can't remember what lv.2 does atm. (brain fart)
  13. If anyone wants a couple more CastleVille neighbors... This is me http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=687061954 And my alter-ego http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/profile.php?id=100001653836843
  14. I'll apologize to everyone here. I won't be getting pics of this mini posted this weekend. I did get her done, and took pics... but the old program that I was using won't work with our new computer. And I have no idea when my hubby's gonna get us updated. Waaaaa!
  15. You sculpted and painted this!? Darn you multi-talented people! (insert shaking fist here) Just kidding. I really love your work. You sir are among my top favorite artists!
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