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  1. Actually busted out the paints for the first time in months. Primed the P65 Winter Wolf Finished some custom made stone walls. Carved out of pink foam. Black base coat. Layer of dark grey. Dry brush light grey. Done!
  2. Looking for a large anvil mini for a dwarven shrine. Somewhere in the area of 1" cube; give or take a half inch. Also open to some sort of mini that could be used as a dwarven shrine or statue.
  3. She turned out amazing! Nice work man, very nice work. I love the colors in the wings and how the two main horns turned out.
  4. Love those minifigs! Sad to hear they will be blind packaging... so we can expect inflated after market prices for 'rare' ones =( On the flip side we shoudl see some cheap prices for 'common' ones =)
  5. What if the cost of it was 6 times more ? Wouldn't that make up the difference... if they actually sold ? Would it also take 6 times longer to get one on the shelves?
  6. Some favs already mentioned: Ladyhawk Robot Jox Dune (didn't finish the book in time for my book report so I watched the movie thinking it would help... I failed that report LOL =) Conan Underworld (I walked out of the theatre with some friends and I was like "yeah that was awesome" and everyone looked at me like I was freak'n retarded; one guy responded with "that was the lamest movie I'd ever seen in a theatre...") The Princess Bride (seriously how did that make this list? doesn't everyone love that movie?!) Weird Scienece Waterworld (The problem with bad movies that I like is that I watch them and think "this movie rules!" only to find out most everyone else thinks they sucks =) The Fith Element (Again; why is this movie on the list? Another one I like of which I'm obvliouse to how much it sucks?) MST3K (Those guys are pure comedy; my wife likes them also. A lot of the movies those guys watch should be on this list =) Blade Runner (Seriously? I have to feel guilty for liking that movie? I guess my dad is guilty as well!) Willow (Somebody help! There's a peck here with an accorn pointed at me!!!) Evil Dead Some others I love: Encino Man Beowulf & Grendel (after the opening scene my wife was like "I don't get it... this is retarded.." and rolled over to go to sleep. Terrible editing, half the time you're like "who the heck is this character and why do I care?", or "is there something I missed?" ... but I couldn't stop watching it!) Tremors Critters (any of them) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure The Last Unicorn Beastmaster
  7. That's exactly why I switched to cardstock models. I love my Hirst Arts molds but it takes way more time to cast, assemble, and paint terrain using HA molds than to print, cut, and glue cardstock models. Also consider how much more space it takes to store HA terrain as well as how heavy a finished piece is. I simply didn't have the time or space. However you trade the time and space for some amazing results using HA molds; you can produce high quality stuff! These things are not mutually exclusive though; I use lots of props and stuff from HA molds along side my card stock terrain. They can go hand in hand! I actually think using HA props makes the card stock stuff look way better when you put together something like a building. Take Thoumonts for example; a wonderful cardstock building but filling it with HA props makes it so much better.
  8. I am also not sure what specifically Jackie-Paper is using, but I use Miniwax Water Based wood stain. I thin it about 1:1 with water. The huge up sides to this is, it is comparatively very inexpensive, easy to find (HomeDepot and Lowes), is water based, and comes in a huge variety of colors. I primarily use a color called American Walnut for most projects. I'm well on my way into an Ork army for 40k but I've used it on a variety of other projects. I'll show you some before and afters here soon. I'm finishing up a shoota mob today. pez I would love to see that Pez; please do post those and elaobrate on how you did it. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I do try to keep things square and straight. It's amazing how much edging can cover up =) Sounds like you are working on a big project yourself! Please do post your pics here (and the WWGs forum) when you get it done. Even WIPs are fun to look at to see how other people build things. Exterior Works: Hinterlands is a great model set but a lot of work if you cut it by hand. I did several of the trees by hand and it took a long time. Ended up buying a robo cutter called the Sillouhette SD which now cuts and scores everything for me =) I still have to spend time preping the PDFs to work with the robo-cutter but it's much less work than hand cutting all of those organic shapes. Plus I no longer have to worry about doing annoying reverse scores since it does all of the scores for me. As for storage and transportation it sounds like the root problem is long, unsupported, walls. Ideally they need some support; a perpundicullar wall hodling it up, gusset tabs in the upper corners, gusset tabs at the floor, or something else to help secure those long walls. Perhaps using clear plastic, like a blister pack, to cut out your gussets so they are transparent and less unsightly. Securing walls to a sturdy floor goes a long ways to securing the walls as well. With that larger building, Thoumonts, I found securing the walls to the floors really tightend things up so that I didn't need any gussets but you'll also notice there are typically corners and perpundicular wals which also reinforce the longer outer walls.
  10. I remember your first minis you posted on here and checked out all of the ones you have posted since. Your progress is astounding! You really are a role model of what someone can achieve if they have some dedication and strive for improvment. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your next finished mini!
  11. I don't call people out on it or anything but will admit it bothers me when people use "your" in place of "you're". I'm not one to throw stones because I live in a mostly glass house; my grammar is terrible and my spelling isn't much better. It's taken decades for my spelling to improve. I attribute most of it to spell check on computers; I don't just hit the "fix" button.... I actually read what it's fixing and make a mental note of it. I'm supprised how much it's really helped over the years.
  12. This is a very interesting thread for me because I really love to paint but don't have a lot of time to invest in it. While I like to paint the main goal is to just get some painted figures on the table... if I could get half as good of results you are getting here in the same amount of time I'd be very happy! Can you go into more detail about how you are dipping them (you mentioned you actually don't dip but rather paint on the varnish?" What brands, types, and colors of varnish are you using? All around some more elaobration on the entire process would really shed some light on how you are achieving these results. Thanks!
  13. Haven't been here in a while but had some time and wanted to share some card stock models and terrain. Been busy; just not painting on minis =P These are a mix of World Works Games products, Daves Games products, free models from WotC, casted props from Hirst Arts molds, Reaper minis, DDMs, and some custom made stuff.
  14. That is so cool! Thanks for writing that up and sharing it with us :D
  15. Work has these forums blocked so I can't come during the day and at night I'm too busy =( Dropped back in when I heard about the deal between Paizo and Reaper for Pathfinder minis. What a great combo! ... too bad they won't be any LE Pathfinder minis
  16. I agree to a point; lets keep it in perspective. Ounce for ounce; I bet I throw as many pop cans away per week as one mini he throws away... it's a little metal minature. I really don't find it indicative of note worthy pitfalls of modern society as a whole or insulting.
  17. If you can afford to just throw them away; why not? I realy don't care. Would I prefer you sent them to me? Sure :D Why? Because I want a free mini! However I can also see your point of view; if it's not worth your time to strip it then it's not worth your time to pack and ship it. I don't throw them away because I'm too cheap. I don't even like spending $5 on lunch; let alone throwing it in the trash because I don't percieve it as worth my time to strip and repaint. That said; time is money and you shouldn't sell yourself short. To me it's my hobby time and I've already 'wasted' that time (as far as it's percieved moneytary value; like I always say about hobbies... a perfectly good waste of time =)
  18. Why? You're not going to get "lead poisoning" from them.
  19. I was just looking on the main site again for this news but I can't find it. Anyone got a link?
  20. If it were 20% cheaper, in a bag, and no swag I'd be happy as hell to buy a bag of orcs or skeles. That's right; I'd give up the swag for 20% off. I don't care if it's in a blister or even tagged in any way; just throw the stuff in a bag, box, or even an old used hair net and ship it off! As it stands; there's really no reason I would even buy the 3 packs of orcs and skeletons. I know it's not apples to apples but the fact is I can buy DDM orcs and skeletons by the fist full for way cheaper than LE's (even at 20% off!) Hell at the price of P65's now the only point in buying an LE is the paint job. Personaly I'm buying the P65s and happy to leave them unpainted as I'd take an unpainted metal over a painted plastic any day when the prices are within pennies of eachother. I also agree with the original poster; LE bases are terrible for gaming. Several of them fall over if you even look at them funny and a bump to the table brings them all to their knees. As lame as the DDM bases look they are stable!
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