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  1. I like the nose/lips/mouth... very realistic. Do tell your secret on the leaves! They look neat =)
  2. Made a gelatinous cube for an up coming game. They are almost done. Details here: http://hirstarts.yuku.com/topic/4529?page=1
  3. Slapped on another coat on all 3 gelatainous cubes. I think the small one is done. Another coat or 2 on the medium one. Dunno if I'll even finish the large one; it's just too wide and too short... looks funny even for a gelatainous cube!
  4. Looks like it would be cheaper to just buy a couple Reaper Learn To Paint Kits! =) They come with full color printed directions, paints, and minis. I bought a printer this winter for $90; you'd go through 2 sets of ink I bet so another $60. You can buy a color laser now for about $200 and get many hundreds of pages printed on one set of toner carts. Talking about any of these prices... I'd just grab my laptop and set it up in my painting area! Plus you can zoom in on the PDF page to see details that can get lost in the printing process.
  5. Interesting! I wonder what the difference between Brown and Flesh is...
  6. I use this one http://i0.jtv.com/loadimage.aspx?btype=.jpg&h=400&w=533&cgid=2624474&img=1 It's 1.8x with the first lens, flip down the second lens and it's 2.3x, then it has a the 3x loupe. I often switch between the two main lenses and rarely use the loupe. I like it a lot; wear it for hours with out any eye strain and it's comfortable enough. The trick to keeping it comfortable is to just set it on your head; not strap it down tight to your skull. I set it on my head almost like a crown; just resting atop and not pulled down tight. It's not like I'm running around or bouncing so it doesn't fall off even when looking down at what I'm working on. Draw back is plastic lenses. They do scratch super easy. However I've had mine over a year now and just have a few scratches; nothing that bothers me (I can't even see them with the visor on) Wish I didn't need one but I have poor sight =(
  7. What are the causes of a forsted varnish like this?
  8. Bought a bottle of Liquitex Gloss Varnish and it's working out fine so far. It says on the back not to "over brush" or it may cause "fogging" What do they mean by over brush? Putting on too much in one coat? Slopping around the brush too much (as you would dry brushing where you are really flip'n the bristles around) when appyling a coat? Putting on too many successive coats (after drying)? So far I've been putting on thick coats, letting them dry, and applying more. I've put in about 5 coats now and no signs of fogging. I guess I'm doing it right but not really by design; it's just working out that way =) Am I going to get to coat 7 or 8 and it's gonna fog up on me? I'm putting on so many coats because I"m mixing in some green and brown inks to add a lot of depth to a gelatainous cube I made. So I want it to look thick and juicy! Working out well so far but I really don't want it to fog up on me!
  9. Spent 30 min slopping on another coat of high gloss varnish + dark green ink + flesh wash on 2 gelatainous cubes; they are almost done!
  10. Sharpe: I haven't measured them but they aren't quite an 1" accross. Pretty sure they fit within a 1" square without touching the edges... 3/4" perhaps? Cpt. Engrish: Sure; just shoot me a PM.
  11. If it's anything like Anne's wash recpie then it's prolly Liner + Brush on Sealer. There's no pics / swatches in the online store yet. I'm wondering what colors are available. Again; prolly same colors as the liners... but I'm just guessing here =) You bring up some good questions; I wonder the same things about this product!
  12. I have a bunch of these (unpainted); if you want some just PM me and I'll mail some to you. I cast them out of hydrostone using Hirst Arts mold #85.
  13. Spent a couple hours over the span of the entire weekend painting. Put a couple layers of primer on one gelatinous cube and several layers of high gloss varnish + dark green ink + flesh wash to layer up some icky green gelationuse cubeness. They are coming alike nicely; I like them. I'll post some pics... maybe tonight; depends on how the evening goes.
  14. I really think khaki would clash. Here's some examples and I think they are terrible http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41fAI9KpxiL._AA260_.jpg http://levisahairworks.webs.com/42618%20pink.jpg http://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/UncleDearest/Coach_Signature_Planner_Khaki_and_Pink_Style_40670.jpg Check out orange with pink: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_IhUIIcG6cd8/SLGY5PwypGI/AAAAAAAAAGI/29ETpv_CEWQ/s320/Fuschia+and+Orange.jpg http://www.groovyware.com/100_1352.JPG http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1377/1008043851_0365f3bcc4.jpg Green can match Pink as well but may not be what you're looking for. I think a good canidate for a matching green would be that large feather! http://api.ning.com/files/y-jU54ZqYrViv5O3Gjk-osqfSV61rVEbVRNRu7EYVmZBAWcHOfgVKMIVdCGnMNu7Ofl6q*ONJ07ZeFecPYFxMhfmWKTl7CaL/londoncalling.jpg http://dyepot.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/il_430xn8162761.jpg Black goes well with pink (what doesn't black go with though? =) White goes with pink as well. Blue and Pink can be a fun match but it's a Hello Kitty - Bubblegum Girlfriend style. http://www.kicksin.com/images/Dunk-Low-Women/Nike-Dunk-Low-Ladies-Hello-Kitty--Kicks-Pink-White-Blue.jpg http://www.idealgadget.com/wp-content/images/hello-kitty-sd-card.jpg http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/2829150/2/istockphoto_2829150_blue_and_pink_capsules_with_small_white_balls_in_it.jpg http://www.kicksonfire.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/nike-terminator-low-pink-blue-turquoise-purple-1.jpg http://images.clipartof.com/small/19166-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Colorful-Background-Of-White-Pink-Blue-And-Purple-Floral-Designs.jpg
  15. Indeed; sorry about that typo mid-tone recipe. Take whatever color (or recipe of mixed colors) you used for the mid-tone on the cloak. Then add a dark brown to that to darken it up; I think adding black would be too dark.
  16. That's a sweet tip about the wash just for finding mold lines and stuff. I have a hard time finding all the mold lines until after it's primed and I ALWAYS find some things I missed! Sounds like this is a great way to find those things before I prime them. Thx!
  17. I have about 2lbs of metal that needs a finaly scrubbing rinse to get the final bit of orange goop off. They all had either botched spray primer jobs or half done paint jobs with no prep/priming work from a previouse owner. Back to bare metal for them!
  18. My problem is identifying them early... I always find them later and it's a real trick to get in with enough paint to cover the spot yet not slop on adjacent surfaces =/
  19. I liked Learn To Paint Kit #2 - Skin and Cloth. Really opened the door on how to layer and bump up my painting another notch. Plus you get plenty of paint to last a while and a couple of good minis. I'll mention the brushes are included but they are terrible =( Do yourself a HUGE favor and just buy some quality brushes. Spend about $30 and get two really nice brushes. Take proper care of them and you'll save money in the long run. Learning to paint is so much easier when you aren't fighting cheap brushes. I'd say a learn to paint kit is optional but quality brushes are a requirment. You can find several good threads in this forum on what ppl feel are the best brushes and how to properly take care of them.
  20. Thx Ol'Timer! My previous 5 posts show current progress. Did some shading of the clothes (just adding blue or brown liner to base colors) Did some more lining and also put some base coats on the leather bits (pouches, bags, gloves, etc) This was about another 2 hours, or less, of painting.
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