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  1. Happy Birthday one and all!! Hey Cher, this is the 29th right? Tim
  2. Stanky Smurf. But they are just burrittos!! What's the harm ?
  3. here is a nice online one, so you don't need to print, or erase!! Sudoku at USATODAY Don't hate the Playah, just hate the Game Tim
  4. Start at http://www.m41a.com of course :) I just recently did the Crush the web thing for this very Item. 2 Flavors out there. Resin Shell Kit to encase an Airsoft Thompson m1a1 Replica. both are a bit pricy. there is also a Paintball company that made a thin plastic Shell for a Spyder Gun. Start with m41a, it covers almost everything. there are also interesting Writeups on http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk for both a Pulse, and a Starship Troopers Morita. (projects section) Tim
  5. Prolly not, but it would look cool with Gull Wing Doors!
  6. In my opinion, that is a Darned Fine Idea! :)
  7. ROFLMAO! Flux capacitor! Didn't know that Delorean was making CAVs!!!!!!! <thinking a Stainless steel CAV might look good next to the Gold plated Dictator....> Tim
  8. Interesting! I would love to see more! -T
  9. I would have been more impressed with a Paintball Gun or an Airsoft MG. They might be someplace where their Govt has them Restricted though. Nothing worse than having to re-create a Potato Gun just to have your CAV look Decent........ ED209 it is not, but hey, start somewhere!!!!! Now they just need to get it walking, not shuffling....... Tim
  10. I would guess closer to 60 MPH. All I Remeber is that 60 MPH is = 88 fps. 88 feet = almost 6 Hexes. Tim (thinks this just leaves the Range Lacking....)
  11. Earthwalker

    CAV Greens

    And the Eightball never Lies......... With Happyness and Glee! Tim
  12. I Guess that Depends on how the Infantry are deployed, and if they have any Say in the matter. Not that I would wish it on anyone, but *DUMP* is alot faster than "please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop" Tim
  13. Personally, I have Found that a Minimum for a reasonable chance for a 1 round kill is 2 on 1 of roughly equal points. ex. 2 Dictators on one assassin. the Mantis is the Latest Brawler in the Superiority Category, but it doesn't mean it's the only one However, for this Question, it should be at least 1-2 of your Selected 4. Tim
  14. Sounds like AOL has set something interestin up on their servers....... is AOL associted with GW in some Twisted Way???? Tim
  15. I Try to Group My Units based on Task. Anti Hard units all go together. Anti soft with other Support Units. Infantry on their own. Why will I Group all my Anti Hard units together by themselves? Math. It seems to take me 2 units to eradicate 1 unit of roughly the same Value in one Turn. Maximum Return for the least Return Fire. Example. 2 Dictators on one Assassin. almost always get a Kill, and even if you don't you should have a crippled Straggler where there was a Competent Fighter. If I am that worried about Soft / Small Targets, I will activate My Support / Anti Soft Stuff First. I Rarely Split a Section between Support/Andti Soft and Anti Hard. I Usually Run Them all in one, so that each can concentrate on it's secialty First, then Support it's Team Second. Make a Plan. Gather your Forces. Organize Sections. Stick to the Plan As Long as possible. Improvise as needed, and don't be afraid to Throw a Curveball every now and then. Tim
  16. Earthwalker

    Release Schedule

    Heh. Voodoo eCAVonomics and the Trickle down Theory. Sorry, will go back to bed now. Tim
  17. Curse you DS!! now to banish the Evil ones "Master, Master, Where's the Dream that i've been after?" Heh. Hetfield. Tim
  18. Glad to hear it, although I don't think I will. I think I am near your Neck o' the woods, Honeoye Falls is not that far from exit 45 - 44. I Grew Up in Geneseo, so al things are relative :) Tim
  19. "Visual Interpreter"!!!! That takes it to a whole new level doesn't it? Wow. I hope she finishes! Mush! Tim
  20. Earthwalker

    Release Schedule

    Or perhaps Soon we will get an official "Soon". Sooner or Later....... Tim
  21. Hmmmm 1 Mastadon @390 vs 3 Banshees at 3x136 = 408. Open Field? My Money is on the Mastadon. +4 ARM and a +10 Gun. only need to kill one a turn. the +4 ARM virtually eliminates the 3x+5 main guns of the Banshees. That, and the Mastadon has Range by 8" for the Main Gun, and 16" for the IF. any Decent Cover Changes this to the Banshees. I have Taken a Mastadon 1 on 1 with A Dictator, and a Nice Piece of Lvl 3 Terrain. Simple Stab and Run. I have Seen Mastadons OSOK (one Shot one Kill) with a reasonable roll, and a Blown ARM Roll. I have also Stood IN FRONT of one, and shrugged off a 24 for 2 points of Damage. Returned 'em too It all Depends on Who has invested how much in the little beasties. For the base Model, I Agree, not a Huge Threat, but with 1 or 2 upgrades, can become DANGEROUS! Then again, this can be said of aKahn for goodness sakes..... Tim <personally, preferring a '70>
  22. <shaking head, afraid to see what they have done to the BL and '70 Dictators>
  23. TIGHT. That is just Awesome!! Did anyone Else notice how the background SH slowed down after the First Hit??? I think it was mixing with a Rhino..... Tim
  24. Does that Make the Reaper Team the "Sooners"?? Hurrah for Mil-net!! Wishing I Was There Tim
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