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  1. Start at http://www.m41a.com of course :)


    I just recently did the Crush the web thing for this very Item.

    2 Flavors out there.


    Shell Kit to encase an Airsoft Thompson m1a1 Replica.


    both are a bit pricy.

    there is also a Paintball company that made a thin plastic Shell for a Spyder Gun.


    Start with m41a, it covers almost everything.

    there are also interesting Writeups on http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk for both a Pulse, and a Starship Troopers Morita. (projects section)



  2. ROFLMAO! :lol:


    Flux capacitor! Didn't know that Delorean was making CAVs!!!!!!!


    <thinking a Stainless steel CAV might look good next to the Gold plated Dictator....> :B):



  3. I would have been more impressed with a Paintball Gun or an Airsoft MG.


    They might be someplace where their Govt has them Restricted though.


    Nothing worse than having to re-create a Potato Gun just to have your CAV look Decent........ :grr:


    ED209 it is not, but hey, start somewhere!!!!!


    Now they just need to get it walking, not shuffling....... :blues:




  4. I Guess that Depends on how the Infantry are deployed, and if they have any Say in the matter. :poke:


    Not that I would wish it on anyone, but *DUMP* is alot faster than "please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop" :blink:



  5. Personally, I have Found that a Minimum for a reasonable chance for a 1 round kill is 2 on 1 of roughly equal points.


    ex. 2 Dictators on one assassin.


    the Mantis is the Latest Brawler in the Superiority Category, but it doesn't mean it's the only one :poke: However, for this Question, it should be at least 1-2 of your Selected 4.



  6. I Try to Group My Units based on Task.


    Anti Hard units all go together.

    Anti soft with other Support Units.

    Infantry on their own. :B):



    Why will I Group all my Anti Hard units together by themselves? Math. It seems to take me 2 units to eradicate 1 unit of roughly the same Value in one Turn.

    Maximum Return for the least Return Fire.


    2 Dictators on one Assassin. almost always get a Kill, and even if you don't you should have a crippled Straggler where there was a Competent Fighter. :ph34r:


    If I am that worried about Soft / Small Targets, I will activate My Support / Anti Soft Stuff First.


    I Rarely Split a Section between Support/Andti Soft and Anti Hard. I Usually Run Them all in one, so that each can concentrate on it's secialty First, then Support it's Team Second.


    Make a Plan. Gather your Forces. Organize Sections. Stick to the Plan As Long as possible. Improvise as needed, and don't be afraid to Throw a Curveball every now and then. :wacko:



  7. Hmmmm


    1 Mastadon @390


    3 Banshees at 3x136 = 408.


    Open Field? My Money is on the Mastadon. +4 ARM and a +10 Gun. only need to kill one a turn. the +4 ARM virtually eliminates the 3x+5 main guns of the Banshees. That, and the Mastadon has Range by 8" for the Main Gun, and 16" for the IF.


    any Decent Cover Changes this to the Banshees.


    I have Taken a Mastadon 1 on 1 with A Dictator, and a Nice Piece of Lvl 3 Terrain. Simple Stab and Run.



    I have Seen Mastadons OSOK (one Shot one Kill) with a reasonable roll, and a Blown ARM Roll. I have also Stood IN FRONT of one, and shrugged off a 24 for 2 points of Damage. Returned 'em too ::D:


    It all Depends on Who has invested how much in the little beasties. For the base Model, I Agree, not a Huge Threat, but with 1 or 2 upgrades, can become DANGEROUS!


    Then again, this can be said of aKahn for goodness sakes..... :ph34r:




    <personally, preferring a '70>

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