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  1. Hmmm..... 2-10 IF packs...... Why 8 of course :) gives the beast 3-4 Cards ( FA45 on both sides, 2 for each section of IF, and if you use them 1 for the BFG in the LDF F 90)
  2. I have to admit, I was considering using some of the GW 40K Vehicle Hunter Killer Missiles as under wing mounted Rippers / Whispers! Nothing Like Dropping 6 Nasties on your opponents on your way in! :o
  3. Hello all, Had a Chance to play this weekend in Frosh's Tourney (Cheers :laugh:, and KUDOS :cool: For a GREAT Tourney!!), and cutting the story short, the final game came came down to a heavy dual SAG stand to a heavy AT23 and MG Stand chasing each other. The Dual SAG stand should have easily won the day (I Was running the AT23) due to the serious Damage VS soft it could dish out, but we ended rolling off for the the end of the game as my opponent could not drop a small building fast enough due to targeting issues. Suggestions: Section 2 use inches sqared to figgure out DT, not Height. Basic building gets 1 DT for 2 inches sq. Reinforced gets 2 DT for 3 in, and Bunkers get 1 for 1. Think about this: WTC vs Pentagon. If you used the height of the pentagon, the whole thing should be gone. instead two "Rings" were totaled. If a Building is too "long" for what you feel the building shold have for DT, beak it into "Sections" having each collapse independant of the others, with possible damage passing to surrounding "Sections" Section 3 Inf cannot be targeted (from outside) when in a building. all fire must be directed at the structure (#### little buggers are QUICK :D ) Section 4 IDF - Roll for Target lock as if attacking a CAV. Buildings are #### big, and have less "Margin of error" than a single spot on the battlefield. for a building with no ECM, just roll a D10 against the TL. IF Failed TL, Then Drift Accordingly. My Two Bits Tim
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