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    Kikyu in Racing Stripes, the Tsuiseki with BOSS striping! I was hoping for a Manufacturer's Showroom with more than one Unit in it. Tim
  2. Especially when PBGs may have more to them than just Fluff. Tim
  3. I Think in this Case DS feel sa bit "Shaken" Himself.... T
  4. And to Think I was going to be a Wiseacre, and ask for Enchantra's Favorite Recipie for preparing Marbles. Then I realized that I had lost mine, so what's the point? Tim
  5. Earthwalker - Last Name of one of my Favorite PCs from the old Second Ed. of DnD. Gotta Love a Priest of Thor with a Hammer of Thunderbolts! Also Reflects My Willingness to Walk if all Else Fails! Tim
  6. I Managed to Stumble across a Song that i am always able to banish a Song like this from my Mind. Master of Puppets, by Metallica. Thank Hetfield, and pass the potatoes Tim
  7. Careful What you Wish For. In my Case, our Second was a Planned C-section on Jan 3. it couldn't get here fast enough. She was Born on Dec 28 Breathe, and Remember, Screaming Child is ok in a Crib for a minute while you collect your thoughts, and get your "Game Face" on Tim
  8. Earthwalker


    I Think the "Soon" on there is hysterical!!!! Nice Work Blitz!!!!! Who was flying the Holy Rollers?? Tim
  9. Hate me?? But I am a Prisoner of work too!!!! Bread. Meat. Cheese. Condiments. I will try anything once.
  10. Being somewhere Nearby (rochester also) I Say Bring It!! and Some Beer! I have to admit, unless there is a New Yorker in the Kitchen, I laugh at Buffalo Style! Now If I can just get the Gallon Size bottle....Tabasco YUM! Tim
  11. I appear to be a Golf Professional in California. Fore! Tim
  12. Magnetic Bases would have you running around UNDER the table with a Magnet. it would look neat IMHO. Tim
  13. Pewter = Non-Ferrus IIRC. perhaps a mechanical with the claw placed at 90 Deg. to the end of the Arm. tim
  14. My Best Suggestion is to hook up with a Black Lightning Rep if possible. Test Drive some CAVs that you think you might like BEFORE you buy them. Most Reps have Loaners. Find the List for the BL folks Here. Use the Member DB link on the Left, and look for folks near you. I have posted some opinions on my site, it may help (or not) See My Sig. Welcome to the Addiction!! Tim
  15. 1 ml every 3 hours. Barely Enought to get the Bottle wet! Man Do I remember those days. It Amazed me that they already had a feeding schedule already set out, based entirely on weight. It was kind of amazing. it was all spelled out including how much and how often. Keep your Spirits up, and be sure to ake a little time for the Rest of the family too! Best Thoughts, Wishes, and Hopes! Tim
  16. You and Yours are in my thoughts Kit. Suggestions if this is your first Preemie Be Kind to those around you. The other Parents in the NICU are or have been where you are right now. The Nurses can be the best sources of Inspiration and Knowledge. They also have the inside Track on what is going on, and can help. Talk, Love, and Laugh. Best possible thoughts and Wishes Tim
  17. Not personally, but I hope someone will get it, and pass it alongg Possibly unappropriate
  18. I swear this has popped up on mine mor than once.... Fragmenter
  19. I'd Wait if it was mine. Then Flush just to reinforce the Idea of no-play-zone. I have to admit, the Closest I have come to C P M is Strong Body Odor Transgender Customer. (wo)man that was scary in a sundress!
  20. Congrats!!! If you can pull off Good Driving in this Sssssssludge, then all you need to brush up on is Parallel parking and a good K turn. Then go take the Test. June would be waiting too long. Tim
  21. Hmmmm Result You scored as True Neutral. A True Neutral person has two faces- either these people are merely apathetic, preferring to focus their minds on more important things, or these people truly believe in a balance of all things. To these people, there can be no light without some darkness. These people also have no dedication to, or intrinsic distrust of, laws. True Neutral 70% Neutral Good 65% Chaotic Good 60% Lawful Good 60% Neutral Evil 50% Chaotic Neutral 40% Lawful Neutral 25% Lawful Evil 20% Chaotic Evil 5% Apathetic I am not. *edit* oh, by the way.... " I am Man, Yes I AM!" From one old fan to another....
  22. Spreken Zie Snow..... Just Down the Road From Buffalo, in Rochester NY. Well aquainted with his shovel.... Tim
  23. I have found one amazing solution to Staying warm Head Sokz these hoods are versatile, and WARM!!! all I need is a Pair of Ski pants, and i am Proof against everything Rochester NY has thrown at me for 10 years now. and a siliar product - Hot Heads (not affiliated with eiter, but i do love my HeadSokz!!) Tim
  24. Earthwalker


    I posted it on Mil-net about 1.5 Hrs ago..... Obviously Wednesday Nights is nore real popular for this crowd........ Tim
  25. Don't Run it open, start drying towels!!
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