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  1. Nwe USes for all these AOL Coasters!!!! I jsut got a "Netscape for your ISP" Coaster in teh mail today too!! I am considering Siding the House with these things....... tim
  2. Almost looks like a Combi-weapon went through a little Chop!! Nice Colors!!
  3. I like The Silvers / Reds, but not too sure about the Canopies / Cockpits.... Nice Gryphon!!! tim
  4. I Grew Up in Geneseo. The Population of the Town Doubles when School is in session Definately look up GAGG, Over Here. I Have lost track of if there is anything resembling a FLGS near there, but millennium is one of the Stores that you can Find His Froggyness, DragonSnack, Kellyn and others (occasionally myself too!) Congrats on the Acceptance!! Enjoy the Town, it's really not that bad. Tim
  5. Like this?? My Webpage If this is inappropriate, LMK, and I will take it down. Tim
  6. obviously I have to get painting again... Paintender pain Tender looked like Paint Ender to me for some reason.......
  7. Perhaps it's me, but I cannot see anyone trying to Swing a Hammer that Size in those Heels..... Never Tried, but it would be something to see methinks... Tim
  8. ROFLMAO!!! That is the best list. Carlin's Just took second place....... <never got stomped that bad, just a little by each......> Tim
  9. We Just Call him the "Cleaner"
  10. I Can't help but Caption.... "not too much, Just a Pinch....." Tim
  11. Turkeys are Quick. I Preferr using a Conq, just to be sure. Happy Turkey (little late....) Tim
  12. I have to Confess, after Reading Coogle's last post All I can think of is Oh Yea! EW
  13. Heh. "own nothing" and now they Own the Bank that owns the middle class of the Galaxy! Quite a Jump if you ask me Tim AKA EW
  14. I would Settle for the Name of the Mini Personally...... Tim
  15. Ive lost track.... C8H14N4O2 Triptithane or Caffene? Tim
  16. That is too Tight!!!!!! The first thing I thought of when I saw the Base WAS razorwire!!! Nice Stuff!!! keep it coming! Tim
  17. Some of My Favorites... Shotguns are Truly the most versatile weapon. remove Shot from Shell, and load with cheap Silver coinage. makes a Quick Silver "bullet" in a pinch. Starting a campfire with a Shotgun with nothing in the Shell but some dried weeds. Of Course Rock Salt for Quick Giant Slug removal... My Favorite was a Game of Champions, I Ported a Favorite D and D (2nd ed) Wizard, and was carrying my old PHB for ideas whenever we needed a problem solved. it is interesting how far 10 magic missiles will throw someone in that game system! Tim
  18. before reading the thread, stumped on Artichoke Stumped on Helium, but did try several elements lost but did get an airplane got a dog right! missed relativity totally. :) neat find! thank you!
  19. I think it involved a Cougar or Jaguar IRC..... Tim
  20. Just Kick the Click Kiddies off of one of their multiple Demo Tables, and have at it.... or is that have at it and kick the Click Kiddies???? Anywhich..... Use the Buildings, a Herc, and bring Your BL Cards!!!! You will get Serious intrest IRC.
  21. **cough** $20 for a Day pass???? *hack* Wow........ That Con is What, 10 years old?? are you guys getting a better demo spot this year?? are they still gaming in the Hall o doom?? EW
  22. I get Pictures in my mind that would be fitting for Gor or Conan...... Tim
  23. I find it annoying that we drive on Parkways, and Park on Driveways. Man does that bother me..... Tim
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