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  1. While it may not be the best soulution, it will fix them ALL Tim
  2. *ROTFLMAO* That E-mail has always killed me... if you have missed out on this historical piece of Spam, the movie is a spoof. the original was a spam e-mail to Phish for people's bank account information Tim
  3. *Wonders what Froshmeister would think of the UTE artillery system showing up in a Tourney* I like the AA Turret Too!!! Looks just awesome!
  4. How Tall are These Bad Boys?? I am seeing Psyro potential here......
  5. Watch him...... he is headed to the Psyro Side..... Tim
  6. Railgun with an Enlarged Version of the US Capsules from the 60's Plauseable or not, that is my Story, and I'm Sticking to it! Tim
  7. I always light a match to....... what? oh, Sorry I have to admit I dont know a good way to help this one out.... Baking Soda? Trying to Hide The Matches..... Tim
  8. I Hate it when I get eaten by large carnivores! Tim *Edit* ---> Lionmane - "Born of Blackwind, Fire, and Steel....."
  9. *SNORF* I Was Drinking coffee...... that is just too much to bear......
  10. Tasty! and then some !!!!! Tim
  11. The only other thought i ever had on the "Modular arms" idea was to replace the Peg in the shoulder/torso with a Screw, and thread the Arm / sholder to just spin onto the screw. or perhaps vice versa? how about a hole all the way through the Arm / shoulder, counter sunk to help hide the screw head. screw through Arm, and into torso. cover head with green stuff. carefully unscrew from Troso, and voila! YMMV Tim
  12. Saint is right. if you can't find 'em, make 'em!
  13. It all depends on what you want 2000 pts can buy you any ONE of the Following 1. Light Infantry? 38 Pts each, or 52 Stands, or 13 Sections. 2. Dragonflies? 74 points each, 27 models, or 7 sections 3. Rhinos, or any Superheavy? 1700 - 1800 PTS for 3 Models, or 1 section. YmmV Tim
  14. I like the way those turned out! is that White or a metal you drybrushed on the Guns?? Pics / Lights looks white. gotta Love More playing Tim
  15. ooooohh! Recyling the old plastic..... Nice Idea!
  16. Happy Birthday to you, and you, and you!!
  17. Jeez, and I use Sabertooths!!! That or a Vanquisher....... Nice Mod, that Second Flamer IS schweet!!!!! Tim
  18. ....and LED landing Lights. OOOhh, and a search light, and Definitely something in the Radio Controlled Department so that they land themselves.... and....... Those Look Awesome Cher!! I have built one( Gave it to Chaos, so he will have to post a Pic after Paint) and can appreciate the time to build....... And Check out the Props on the other board! Tim
  19. When they replace the Stores of Pewter that the recent release of the Thunderbird depleted!! J/J not sure..... would like to see ore vehicles myself...... Tim
  20. Looking for massive ammounts of Aircraft and vehicles? JOR 2 is the Way to go. Undoubtedly. Check out CAV-RC too! Linkicus
  21. With Reference marks for 60 Deg. there is no issue one thing to watch: Optional Rules. Some aircraft, and CAVs have a Limited Defensive fire Arc. for instance, the Mastadon can only return fire on a mini in it's front 90. aircraft can be the same way, and others are the Front 180. as long as you have the appropriate marks, who cares? Tim
  22. --> Lord P. If you didn't e-mail the admins after the board upgrade, you have to to get your password reset. they are at admin <at> mil-net <dot>net Tim
  23. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    What is General Drake's Percentage if he recommends another unit for Merc Work??
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