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    OK, Fluff Trivia

    !#$%!... wrong JOR at work She was in a Panther, can't remember her name....
  2. I think you Should Try Frosh! (just do it with something simple first!) think of the realistic burned out Building you could end up with..... Sorry. Hosestly I am. Tim
  3. Earthwalker

    AICOM Grunt 2

    Not only would that Mini be tough to sell.... It would be very expensive Due to the ammonts of metal needed to properly porportion the figure! And I won't get into the quantities of accessories that the Mini would need (Bags, books, and a Minion to help carry it all!) oh my bleeding Eyes... Tim
  4. I Agree. The Tactic I Took was playing a couple Games with the Black Lightning Rep in my area first, and gettting a Feel for what I wanted. how do you find you local Rep? Start Here at the BL Page This allowed me to play without the initial investment. after a couple games, I found some Favorites, and started buying my army. Definately Start Playing NOW! CAV 2.0 (the RAGE Version) is 1-2 YEARS out. Welcome! Tim
  5. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Mantis also uses the Same TL (Hydra 15) and ARM (A-Shield) from the Wyvern. The Design of What Vehicle resulted in a new "supercharged" T-Gel??
  6. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Are you thinking of the Dingo???? I Yield to the proposers of Higher Questions if Right
  7. I think a Major leap in Armor Technology will have to occur before some of this comes to pass. Tim
  8. Earthwalker

    AICOM Grunt 2

    I Tend to avoid anyone who wields twin Pistols like that..... Tim
  9. --> Storminator perhaps, but he better keep the IF out of sight, or it will get shot up without any kind of return fire! Tim
  10. Wow, and i thought it was the infantry that had to use the action. thanks for that! Tim
  11. -->Frank, I was just kidding, but another color might make / break it Hey, will there be an Area on site for folks to upload their Customs??? This way if I worked out a Custom for a Tourney, and it was approved, It could be posted for all to see?? be nice to see some of Kamut's Stuff on Paper, in a common format! Thanks again Guys! Tim
  12. no, not compact, think "Low Rider" Tim
  13. Which Should make it some Wierd color like Blue, Right?? What do you men the Demi-god can't do that???? What?? J/J guys!! This is Awesome!! Thanks to ALL Involoved! Tim
  14. I Would like to see that, I Would!! a Herc in 1/4 board sounds scary.... and Awesome! Tim
  15. I am Perfectly happy with my one Anklebiter of a Rhino..... It Works when the Scenario is Right :) Supers? We don't need no steeeking Supers...... Tim
  16. Earthwalker

    AG People?

    I need a Shirt "I'm With Frosh" Tim
  17. Just in case someone has not said it yet..... Get the Guns off the Sabertooth for your CAV Machineguns. will doo all you need them to!!! Tim
  18. Been on Vacation for a Week....... I am Also in the Middle of construction.... First off, the Templates are set up for 3/16 of an inch. you can adjust to 1/4 or 1/8 but the Holes will be too small, or too wide accordingly. I suggest combining as many of the 2 part pieces together as possible. 2 Fuselage pieces 2 wing templates to make 1/2 the wing, or put them all together for 1 solid piece instead of 4 separate ones. 2 top and bottom for the CAV Bay, Definately put the Base Pieces together, and Cut as one. I Also combined the Walls of the Bay into one piece, and notched the Center Divider. Definately Check the Instructions, they are GREAT! Have Fun Tim
  19. I have often used Kikyus to play with other aircraft, and keep them off my Tsuisekis. Tim
  20. Earthwalker

    CAV 2nd Edition

    Looking forward, as the past is Behind..... Where can I see a copy of the new rules? are they going to update the free PDF, or are they doing away with it?? I hope not, as it was one of the reasons that I go tinto this Game, I could read rules at my lesiure instead of reading as fast a s i could as i did not know anyone well enough to borrow a book. I have appreciated how Reaper has handeled issues that folks have had so far... looking forward to more good things.... These Colors Dont Run, but they might melt under heavy Fire..... Tim
  21. And that would be a troop of Aces and Eights pounding the field (in Ghost Warrior Colors [Thanks Rich ]) Simcon was a good time :) Tim
  22. one of my favorite upgrades for the Tsuiseki is to swap its gun for the one off the Kikyu. why you ask? better punch against Soft targets, and when power starts to become an issue, it drops off the chart anyways. IRC it costs about +19 pts after all is said and done. Can't recommend much for the Talons / Pumas / Raptors, I don't have any play time with them Tim
  23. I remember learning the "Split Fire" lesson YEOUCH! Never Let up. Surrentder only if necessary Just because a Unit made a debut in the Rule book, doesn't mean it still won't hold it's own! I happen to like Dictators, and Glads. Of course new is good too, and I like Falcons and Sabertooths Game on Tim
  24. -->SuMicus The Hard Way is beating several other players Agreed if you were to buy one, you should be able to use it! I think the hard part of that plan is finding one for Sale...... -->Kamut you want to let them see the difference? give each palyer their choice of a "BL" or a '70. Use a standard Dictator for the BL, and a '70 as advertized. give each a point total. don't have any notes hand on the '70 for cost, but say about 1 upgrade (arm or pilot or wso) over Stock. now give the same points to the BL players, and let them have at it. I Think you will find that for the Same Points, the BL will be a SERIOUS contender even though it is 5 dt vs 6 dt (points being the level playing field) Tim
  25. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    So Much For Logic I will not guess, but will let others play too Tim
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