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    OK, Fluff Trivia

    No Books handy, but I do have my production list here..... based on the year, and the manufacturer... how about the Warlord? I yeild if correct no Books handy Tim
  2. And Jealousy rears it's ugly head I have a BL, earned it the hard way, and will never part with it What Can I tell you? Tim
  3. Personally, I am hoping for a Set of Super Design Rules, thse things that will allow the design of the following Super Tanks (aka Tracked CAVs) Super Planes (Flying CAVs, Hercules and other Dropships, interplaentary and interstellar Ships) Bases and their weaponry Perhaps Frosh and others can start us off with how they developed stats for Bases Static Turret weapons Hercules Dropships and of course the HMS Breonne I would even be happy with someone offical giving out a ballpark date if this is already in the works. I am Jus tthinking that all of these great Projects need a bit of common ground so that If Someone shows up with a Homegrown Super Unit, there is a reasonable chance that you agree on costs / abilities. Thoughts?
  4. Earthwalker

    Hey Kit!

    hey..... i thought sci fi = CAV Where dd I go wrong?? Seriously, I can take or leave the separate forun Idea :) Tim
  5. And you loose the DT. 149?? YEowch!
  6. And remember, When Making Craters, you may become one with them as well
  7. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Missing Books, But the Tick was the Space Salavager who attempted to program Slammer 113 to dismantle itself, and gave birth to the Psyros I Yield. Figgures that Frosh Gets the Berzerker Death Frog question
  8. Perhaps it is the Mech Warriror (pc games) in me, but in cringe when I see Missile boats. I keep remembering what an Internal explosion / chain reaction looks like from the inside Nice Looking CAVs! Tim
  9. Building Produces points based on it’s DTs Building produces 2^ (starting DT-1) x100 points per resource phase. 1 DT = 100 2 DT = 200 3 DT = 400 4 DT = 800 costs 100 to build a 1 DT building. Building can be upgraded 1 level for 100*current DT Max 2 levels in one turn (cannot upgrade in turn built) 1 to 2 DT = 100 2 to 3 DT = 200 3 to 4 DT = 300 If you like, restrict the Largest possible Size of Building / complex that a Node / Site can allow. Max upgrade 2 levels in one turn paying Full for each 1 to 3 = 300 2 to 4 = 500 3 to 5 = 700 Building produces 1/2 it’s points while being upgraded. Damaged Building drops productivity based on Damage % of drop per DT = 1/(DT+1) 1 DT = 50% per Damage point 2 DT = 33% per Damage point 3 DT = 25% per 4 = 20% per Building costs 50 per DT to repair, all repairs can occur in one turn. Building upkeep is 10 per DT For Vehicle upkeep 10% of start cost. Reload Ideas 1. To discover if a CAV / Vehicle will need a reload. Check each Resource Phase Take number of combat turns since last reload. (may span more than one attack, but guaranteed that after the 3 rd combat, MUST have reload) Battle 1 = 5 Turns Low on resources, No reload. Rolls a 6, unit has all needed ammo Battle 2 = 3 Truns Reload as unit would need an 8 or better. Roll more than that number = Ok, still has Ammo Roll Equal or less, Unit out of Ammo. For re-arm 10% of vehicle cost for a reload 20% if Ammo Empty, 2. straight 10% uitp pts Cumulative per turn since last reload. 50% if Empty. Tim
  10. --> Frosh EEeeeeeeW. Isn't that Sacriligeous? BL Dictator Arms on the Archer would be 120 apiece wouldn't they? Not to mention hard to find? Tim
  11. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Jess is the Weapons officer for Lieutenant Nick Kolinsky. My Guess is she is a Lieutenant, born of...... Earth? if correct, I yield *edit* couple pages of Chapter 1 found here Mil-Net Articles
  12. Earthwalker

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Wraith, and an unknown number due to unofficial serial numbers being found, skewing all production numbers?? (jor1 for the wraith, and jor2 for the serial number thing) Tim *edit* prolly the dictator anyways I Yield next question if correct, posting at the wrong time of day to play well with others.
  13. Thoughts at Random (speeling too!) instalation values - Take a Queue from Turn Based Real Time (Starcraft and Civilization) and make certain sites produce certain things, while others require things to produce. Makes that one Ore Mine on the Planet kinda important, Hmmmm?? Make Some Sites produce Power, others use Resources to allow Repair of Units Cheaper (better Facilities, Techs able to work efficeintly) Make Each map Square 1/4 of your Table, What Ever that Is, instead of so many feet. This way it is portable from the 6x8 crew to the folks that like playing 6x6 and so on..... Make Orbital Pickup and Dropoff Values For Each Square. This way, Everyone Has a Shot of bringing a Superheavy to the Fight, not Just Mantis and Dictators..... Consider how to allow for Hercules Activity in General (Pick up Drop off, and Strafing Runs.... Don't be afraid to declare an Entire Table Difficult terrain, or even unpassable!! Make 'em appreciate the under loved Spider and Scrpion! Supply lines, and Dumps: Make 'em realize why UCORs still make PBGs and LBGs. What is a Sovereign or a Rhino without Ammo?? Perhaps a little adaptation from, oh, say, *cough*BattleFleetGothic*cough* for what will happen next turn? (think Supplies, Reinforcements, antoher Hercules arriving for that crutial pick up/ strafing run etc) and modify for situation?
  14. I have read alot of Great thoughts here, and elsewhere on this topic.... How many of you have submitted to Reaper officially?? or even Unofficially as Kamut, Frosh, and Others (forgive me if the Mind Fails me now....) Have done?? I for One Know that I cannot sustain that much more in my life, so I won't Complain about What I cannot Fix. If you have ever taken a look at my Site, You will notice that Much is still Lacking, and Some is nicely completed. That which was completed, was done when I had an Excess of free time. If Someone has a "What new things would you like to see Next" Category , put me in for a Sourcebook covering say.... The Galaxy Wars! Cover the Fluff for the Timeline, and Scenarios for the Major Battles! a little bit of everything, in the style of a JOR with a little bit of everything! I Would Like to put out some Serious Positive Vibes to the Reaper Crew, the BL Folks (Past, Present, and Future) and the Fans (Again Past, Present, and Future) (Thinking of Mil-Net) for the Efforts Put forth to Propogate this both as a Game System, and as a Colorful Universe. I know what a Pain it was getting my site to the Dismal state it is now..... Rock on, one and All, and Remember to Bring it to the Table! Tim
  15. Hmmmm..... Only Escapees allowed in later rounds...... interesting.... Rhino's need not apply No LDF?? Makes a Mastadon a Nastadon!
  16. Earthwalker

    Tank Legions??

    Aggregated my.... yup. having one of those Days.... I don't even have a location to aggregate to ROFLMAO Tim
  17. Warmaster? 1 anything Else, is a matter of taste. Some preferr them Crunchy, and others smooth. I find myself stretching to get 3 sections on the field for 2k for most games / tourneys. Tim
  18. That has got to be Frustrating. Not Sneeze in a Glass of Coke Frustrating (results in Coke all over your Face, almost 3 stooges-ish), but dang closee Tim
  19. Awesome Idea, and Great Greenstuff( now i feel like Robin from the orignal show....) <waiting to see it painted> Tim
  20. Don't know about Steriotypes.... But did anyone else notice the Huge numbers of us that either Posted a Pic in Garb, or thoght about it?? Interesting..... Tim (Whom Doesn't look that good in tights, and never has )
  21. I'm the funny looking one in the middle, with the Dragon across the front
  22. No E-mail or other contact info in his profile.... Can Someone Drop Him a line for me?
  23. I Was Hoping Talin had luck in finding the Sketch.... BUMP Tim
  24. I have to Admit that all 3 dictators (original, BL, and 70) have a special place in my heart. The Mantis may overtake that, but right now it is still my dictators. Tim
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