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  1. 1. Is he worth the Points? --Yes. otherwise he wouldn't cost that much. In the Right Situation, a Rhino is worth Twice the Points. In the Wrong Situation, it is worh Half. 2. Do you field him? -- In the Right Situation. if I know that I am Defending something, and the other Force HAS to Come and Get it, It is definately worth stading a Rhino Next to it. If I know that I don't have to cross 40" of open Terrain to get within Range, I might Bring him. 3. When do you field him? -- 1. Defensive positions. -- 2. Positions Where I get Dropped by transport at their doorstep, and do not have to walk. to branch off for a second, in a recent game, I had 4k worth of units, but only got to deliver them 2 sections at a time (Hercules Dropships) The First one delivered a Rhino, 2 Dictators and a Gladiator. also 2 Kikyus and Tuisekis. all the Rhino Did was kill the other Rhino, but for the ability to kill an entrenched Rhino, I came out ahead, by not loosing as much to The opposing Rhino. 4. How do you use him? -- Kill CAVs on your turns. Try to keep him out of Harms Way on theirs. If you can't keep him out of the way, keep him in a position with LOS to "Reap" the benefits of +8/+3 Return fire, and Kill them on their turn as well. Don't Forget the Missiles outrange the Guns. better to shoot something, than nothing. a +1 or +2 to Move is a bit of a supprise with this unit, Especailly if you can use Flank Speed. (Moving a Rhino 15" in a Turn makes it a MUCH Bigger Threat!) A Rhino is also an intimidation piece, and if in the Right Position, will dictate the Flow of batte, as many CAVs will do all they can to Stay out of Range. 5. What other CAVs do you run him with? -- Run him downfield behind a couple of dictators. remember that ANY CAV blocks LOS to another CAV. Also Gladiators, and Falcons for their siliar speed, and greater Range to enguage the Harassers as the Rhino plods its promise of death downfield. Get It into action ASAP. 6. Is he your Command CAV, or in your Command Section? --Like Frosh, I Don't think this way. i group them together as I feel like it. Think of it as putting your forces to gether out of what is Working, and who is not wounded / Dead at game time. I build full Rosters, not Sections. Then out of a Roster, I Build Sections. Command doen't weigh into it much. YMMV Tim Never Offended
  2. In General I play with Section sbuilt one of wo ways. first is either effective vs hard or soft second is a mix of units with hard / soft capabilities. It really depends on what you will be facing. for a warmaster tourney, you know that you want all hard hitters. No Questions. when everyone gets 1 section of 4 CAVs, you want to leave the Vanquisers at home. for a General Tourney, it is tougher.... a well rounded force will best be able to deal in general. almost screams for mixed sections, but plays well either way. All Hard or all Soft will get a little tough, but those are also harder to make able to deal any situation they face. ( 4 souped up dictators will get eaten by someone who has 2 soft units good at killing hard targets.) things to remember: size up your opponent when you are setting up know weaknesses. cover yours, and exploit theirs! Have a Basic Plan, and Make it fit to the Situation, then stick to it. you wil be right the first time about 90% of the time. Gang up on your opponent. 2 Dead is better than 4 wounded in this game. A Wounded CAV is able to repair, or fire at a target with an unwounded CAV to get a kill. a Dead CAV can do neither. You have to shoot at a Wounded CAV Again to kill it. The Dead one already lays there. People tend to ignore Wounded units, in favor of Fresh. in most cases this is The good idea, but someitmes it is these ignored units that Turn the Tide of War. Tim
  3. Hey Frosh, We may have to get a Field trip organized one way or the other, and get a little Thing going here......... the Mercs next door are getting Roudy :) SM - Get Some Tanks out of JOR 2 When you have the cash. that and Air support, and you are ready to rock! "Frag 'em all and let someone else sort it out" Tim
  4. I Would LOVE To See how that Turned out! Pics??? Please!!! Tim
  5. Nothing Wrong with that...... Nothing at all. and there is NO Shame in playing the original Dictator, it is still a Force to be reconed with! (I Use Mine all the Time! ) If you can get some Second Hand Tsuisekis, take them. Older than the hills, still Rock Hard. Good Luck,and Give 'em heck! Tim
  6. I Was going to Run a Vanquisher in my group..... Until I Ran A Sabertooth!! Talk about Making Chunky Salsa! That Bad Boy will take 2 Stands of infantry a Turn if you need it to! Tim
  7. Earthwalker

    Tank Legions??

    Last Tourney I played in, I had a Section of 2 Despots, and 2 Chiftains. Holy COW!! Not only did they get ignored in the First Rounds, I Cratered an undamaged Wraith , and anihilated a Scorpion in another round.... the best Advice I can give to a Tanker, Stay with your Section, Concentrate Firepower, and DO NOT get Jumped by a Section of CAVs with Good Weapons vs. HARD targets. you will lose, and Fast! Tim P.S. Hey HM! NICE Paint. Schweeet!
  8. What was the two lists? Enquiring minds want to know..... I May hav eto get together with Chaos and try a few of these out!
  9. While Stable as all Get out, I Agree, it will be Fragile at the point where the Mini meets the Road so to speak.... Tim
  10. Earthwalker

    I need some help

    Cher! The Flowers are poetry in motion, and beautiful!! It Really is a Wonderfully painted force, but wouldn't look that pretty after one round of exchanged fire Your Forces looked like they just rolled out of a custom Paint Booth!!!! (can anyone Tell that I like a little wear on my mecha??) Back on the Topic, I Agree with LS, Paint and be Happy. If you have a Theme, go with it. If not, Start Painting, and go back only if not happy! Make them Shiny, make them Worn, BE HAPPY! Who Knows, perhaps I have a Merc Group of Bards? But I will Like them When I am done, as they will be MINE Tim
  11. Trust me The GM ALWAYS Knows and I will Let teh Painter out.... just have to check the Brushes (almost 10 years now) and see what supplies I need to replace..... Tim
  12. Earthwalker

    I need some help

    Definately do not want a "Bard" kinda Paint job for Mecha that you are gaming with. Just doesn't look right Make it a little messy, Life isn't neat
  13. Earthwalker

    I need some help

    the Round Unit on the Top of the Mini is a Missile Launcher. Welcome to the Addiction!! Tim
  14. and here I am, a Non painter (yet ) with a thought... browns for the Armor, with Black Studs. Blues, From Medium to midnight. consider something different for the Dagger, perhaps a Black coating over the whole thing, but a silver (sharp) edge? For What it is worth... Tim
  15. An all Infantry Force, While heavy on numbers / sections / initiative, lack one thing. PUNCH vs. Hard targets. The Rhino Might have a Heck of a time trying to eliminate the Infantry, but Cracking a Fresh Rhino with Missiles or Mortars is Tough. It's hard enough to do with a Rhino or Dic 2 as it is Attrition might win the fight, but a few good rolls by your opponent could also. Also, your opponent can really make Pumas, Vanquishers, Spartans, and Sabertooths pay for themselves in a single round (points wise) by killing multple stands at once. Especially those that are heavily upgraded to enable them to compete with / Damage CAVs, they ARE Expensive. same holds true for Aircraft, or even a Hedgehog! 2 FA45s will ruin any infantry's day at close range, even without TL. some of the Best Defence against Infantry is a little infantry of your own. The CAVs may take the Field, but the Infantry Holds it. Tim
  16. AWESOME!! Thanks one and All!!!!!!!!!! Tim (known to be wrong. Right is a figment of my imagination)
  17. I have been Eyeing the space under the Basement Stairs for a Minis / Electronics / Tools Area for a month now.... about ready to break down and buy Lumber That Shed ROCKS! I lave the server / AC idea. how simple is that. here in Upstate NY i would have to weatherproof for more than -5 to +25(?) C IIRC. Nice Job!!
  18. I also Stick with Whatever INF and it's Transport in the same Section, to avoid movement confusions. Tim
  19. Sorry for that little omition! Would be using GW since that is what I have on hand. Washmight be beyond my meager skills at this time, i could wield a decent drybrush / highlight at one time Thanks and keep them coming! Tim
  20. Hey all, I have a Mini that I think would look awesome, If I understood how to Get Bone Painted Right. Any Help would be appreciated, Links for pics and Tutorial welcome! Thanks in advance, Tim
  21. Not too sure Cher, both are Merc Units. But the Colors are REAL close!Clicky I have trouble believing that she would be wearing insignia of Both. would you believe that this is the best Pic I can find of the right shoulder? Clacky HELP! I know someone did a real nice conversion of her.... Any ideas? Tim
  22. OK, So here I am considering the Busty 72mm Dana Murphy model.... her Left Shoulder is of course the Red Spade, but what is the Blue and Black patch / insignia on her Right Shoulder???? If the Powers that be can get me any kind of image, i would appreciate it! HELP!!! Tim
  23. Anyone know if there is a Smaller Sized Cargo loader from the Movie Aliens out there?? could make for some nice Kitbash Pieces. also, some minis for the Psyro Drones would be good...
  24. Picture it... Instructor: "What is the Caliber of a Chimera II Cadet?" Cadet (Flustered, approaching panic) "Hippo, SIR!"
  25. This is a Bit long, but I think it answeres the Question. (Cher your answer confused me But that is not hard to do) 1. There is one card for each section ( 4 minis grouped toghether ) think this you have 9 Minis on the board ( 4 cav, 3 stands infantry, and 2 aircraft) you would have to create 3 groups ( 2 groups of 4 and one with a single Model) you get 3 cards to represent your army right now. ( You use Spades) I have 8 Minis on the board ( 2 Cav, 4 Tanks, and 2 Aircraft). I have to create 2 groups I get 2 Cards to represent my arm right now. (I use diamonds) to start trun one, we shuffle 3 spades, and 2 diamonds, and then turn over the first card. someone activates one section, and makes moves and actions. trun over next card. owner activates one section not previously activated. Move and Actions as desired. repeat until all cards have been flipped. At the Beginning of each Turn you get one card for each section that still has at least one mini in it, you do NOT have to re-create sections. Turn 2 you lost a CAV, and 2 Aircraft. but because of the Way you organized your Sections, you have a section with 2 cav, another with 3 infantry, and the last with one CAV. you still get 3 cards. I lost 1 cav, and 3 Tanks. they were all in one section, so I have one section with 1 CAV, 1 Tank and 2 Aircarft. I get ONE CARD. (all my units started the Game toghther in the same section, and you ELIMINTAED the other section.) 3 spades, and one diamond Shuffled. turn over card, and so on. 2. No minimums. None of that (1 command and 2 troops) Stuff other games make you follow. agree on the points and makeup with you opponent, and have at it!!!! Hope I helped! Tim
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