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  1. After Greens, What more do you need for infantry???? I would like to See some Psyros, or perhaps some Updated Torsos for CAVs that have been "assumed" by Psyros to reflect the AI Control. Perhaps a Nice Cheap plastic set for buildings.... four walls, detachable from one another..... one sdie with a CAV sized print / Sticker, and the other for something 25 - 28 mm for other REAPER Games....
  2. Umm... Okay... but can't you Picture it.... "Hey Tommy! What did you do Saturday" "My Mom Took me to the FLGS and I Got the GRUNTS!" OI. Tim
  3. Perhaps a pack with each book? That way you can only get the Stats with the Book that they were "released" in. Tim
  4. Earthwalker


    Perhaps the Next big Step in the Genre will be a Technology Dark ages, someone Stikes the known worlds with a Nutrino or something, and POOF The Dark ages, but worse. Imagine a city of 100k people, no Lights , No Water , no Communicaitons. In 2 Days, No Food. Yikes. working Tech Becomes Gold, and if you own a Gas Station, you better have an Army! my God, I just ripped off the "history" of 40k didn't I? That or Mad Max! Still, Someone will put it out sometime Prolly GW
  5. Earthwalker


    Holy C%#)!!!!! That is Awesome! Might have to get one of those...
  6. Best Way to keep Newbies from "Flocking" to a Dic 2 Force? Field a 'Soft' Army! 2 Whispers Section of Tuisekis Section of Infantry with Mortars ( AirCraft Spotter ) Sections of Infantry with Missiles... you get the Idea :) YMMV Tim
  7. All I can Say is 4 People deploy8ing in the corners of a 4x4 table gets UGLY Quick!
  8. Earthwalker

    Paranoia XP

    And if anyone asks if you wnat to carry the New R and D version of a weapon... take a Pass!!! <remembering Truck Sized Balls of Plasma rolling around a rom they could not burn their way out of.....> Played this game once, Laughed for a week...... Strange how 4 hours of role playing can warp your view of the world Bring it on!! Tim
  9. Believe it or not, I saw Starship troopers in the Theatre before I even realized that it was a Book!!!! I Laughed through Every News Feature..... I managed to enjoy the movie for it's good points, while ignoring it's shortcomings.... Having seen the Movie first, I am Glad. I would have been disappointed if it was the other way around. I always thought it would have been a better WH40K movie demonstrating the conflict between the Imperia Guard, and Tyranids! FWIW Tim
  10. 2 Words.... No Straglers. Nuff Said Tim
  11. Unfortunately the Matadon is the only big 7 DT out there.... I was thingking a 7 DT mod witht eh Dictator2 Guns on... OD on 6DT, and then run away!
  12. Count Me IN!!! I would love a Sheet or two Tim
  13. Earthwalker

    Command CAV

    Personally hoping for a Rhino or Emperor with 36" Guns....... Tim
  14. the BL Page does not show anyone in Newfoundland, Canada..... You can find the CAV Rules here. The only way I can explain CAV is Big Shooty Robots andgreat combined arms combat (Tanks, Infantry, and Aircraft). If you have ever played Old School Battletech, it is like that, but easier, and MUCH FASTER! Tim
  15. For your 4x6 board, you could always divide into 1/2 or 1/4 sections and do two diferent terrains! Think about a Cityscape, and Forest (fighting in NYC and Central Park) Cityscape and Desert (Arizona) this might help break the monotony of a table with one terrain on it YMMV Tim
  16. I Have Had to remember 2 things in that Forum. Opinions are free. Everyone has at least one! If someone posts something that I don't like, I don't respond. I have always thought that a negative comment can kill a productive discussion faster than anything else. I Always ask for more information. I can't form an productive opinion if I don't get it to begin with. I could wish that some worked under the same ideas I for one like reading the section, and will continue to ask questions, and comment. you can also be sure that If I don't like it, I keep that opinion to myself (if I can) I agree - Play the GAME Tim
  17. CAV Operations Group Is it coming back , or going away , as it's link is missing from the CAVHQ site navigation?????? What are the plans if it is sticking around? Tim
  18. Wow That is impressive! how to build one for CAV.....
  19. Try Calling the Target over by eastview mall. there is also a Home Depot over there as well. I can't remember if there were any Mom -n- Pop places in Victor or not. Good Luck Tim
  20. I like the Idea of a web based Army Deal - It would let many of us flesh out hour existing Armies, and would be worth while for many! Tim
  21. Not that Far??? now I know you Fly on 390! It's about 1 to 1 1/2 hours north of the NY - PA Border hey DS - You seeing this at Baldo's or Millennium?
  22. Nice looking Track! i Was Thinking of a Figure Eight, with a Gun Emplacement in each middle! was checking your site out, What is the name of that lovely blue BL Dictator?
  23. Hey Frosh - I menat nothing other than a good old fashioned Poke, nothing personal 30 with a wet noodle? Nah, just bring it the next time we play, as always I have seen this in action, and I am Personally hoping it comes to Fruition! In a phrase...... You Guys Rock!
  24. Hey Frosh, anyone ever point out to you that you keep calling a Starhawk V a starhwak 4???? starhawk 5 (V) is the one from the original Rule book / JOR and the soon (hoping ) to be relesaed Starhawk is the 6 (VI) I noticed that your screenshot is for a Starhawk IV....... Your Website also has labeled a Starhawk V as IV (4) Tim
  25. Earthwalker

    Starting force

    While they do Kick some, do be careful of outfitting a stand with 2. this limits the defensive fire, and while STRONG offensively, makes them nothing defensively. If you can plan your force enough to keep them out of LOS, they can Rock! Tim
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