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  1. While white is white and black is black there is a different formula for these two colors. Dragon white is a bit glossier than Pure White or Solid White. Dragon Black has a touch of purple/indigo in it. You won't notice it when using the color straight out of the bottle but you may once thinned or mixed with white.
  2. I've actually had time to paint them as they come out lately. The thinly primed is simply a happy accident based on the primer I prefer over what was being used before...
  3. It's gonna be awesome! Hopefully someone who knows more about what can be said will come along soon ;)
  4. I've used the Reaper Brush on Sealer thinned slightly with water (about 5 drops of sealer to one of water) and then thinned with my airbrush medium of choice. Works great!
  5. Pledged after being on the fence most of the kickstarted (more for financial comsiderstions rather than a lack of wanting all the things). Also I hope to see you at Artist Con as I'll be there
  6. It depends on what you want to do, but yes I would not put the wash over the fact and hair as much as possible (washes can sometimes get a little messy so you might hit it a little) and then paint the hair and face once that dries. That way you don't have to worry about the wash getting on the face or hair if you had already painted them.
  7. You can skip the basecoat step and go right to the black wash. Either method will work, if you primed more than one figure in the Plaatemail Metal color why not try both and see which you like best? A bug postion of this hobby is finding out what you like and experimentation is the best way to do this :) So the chainmail will behave differently with the wash than the flatter portions of the figure covered i plate. Try the wash there as well and see how you like it. You can even paint back over the high points to emphasize the contrast with an even brighter metallic color than the one you started with. That sort of thing really makes your miniatures pop.
  8. I play a lot of society locally, so I would have a character available to play, but I hear Heresy of Man is a killer! Doesn't society rules allow you to play higher level stuff with pregens (they have pregens at 1, 4, and 7)? At least that's what a lot of people locally do when they don't have a character at the appropriate tier, then they hold the chronicle and apply it to their character when they reach that level... Yeah it's not ideal since you don't get to build your own character, but it's still fun!
  9. I'm planning on coming this year, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Just have to sit down with the boss and block of my vacation time for the year... Also, will probably be looking for a roommate and/or someone to share the cost of a rental car with if that can be arranged... Can't wait to see you all again!
  10. Those are three of my favorite browns. Good ones to be included in that set for sure. The only one missing is Walnut Brown
  11. I will be there as well, running the Paint & Take this year. I am still looking for volunteers if anyone is looking to work for a badge and/or hotel room! :)
  12. I've just given up on bringing the camera at this point...
  13. Welcome :) Hopefully I will be able to have more than 5 sessions put together at the last minute next year ;)
  14. I'm coming in Wednesday at around 12:30 (barring any delays) to Dallas and am picking up a rental car. If anyone needs a ride at about that time, I am happy to save you the cab or shuttle money. PM me to let me know/give me your cell number, etc. Can't believe we're almost there, in fact, it's time to start packing isn't it? :)
  15. How about a game of Ascension Friday night that 7-11 slot? If there's any interest I can bring my game, as I don't get a chance to play it much at home...
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