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  1. Nice job, Moonglum. I haven't seen that mini before - nice job on the copious skin of the victim. My only suggestion would be a faint blue or green glaze on the vampire to give him that nice "dead" look. Base looks great as always. The blood is also well done.
  2. Seems to me that you identified them all correctly. The Efreeti is from the Grenadier Dragon Lords Monster Manuscript line, and there are some really cool sculpts in that series. You can see pictures of most of the minis from those boxed set on the Stuff of Legends website.
  3. Nice job as always, Moonglum. I particularly like the profile view, and agree that the color choices, though unconventional, really work nicely here. I picture him as one of the many dwarves from The Hobbit. When are you going to get Dave at the Dungeon Dwellers site to post these? I'll have to post some more of my oldies here as well - you have inspired me! Keep 'em coming!
  4. Nice job with the cloak and skin highlights. Her hair looks a bit flat, though - maybe some orange or yellow highlights?
  5. Great work - your blending is excellent. I particularly like the olive tones of the inside of the shield and how they contrast with the rest of the mini.
  6. Agree with the others, excellent work for your 12th mini. It is hard to tell from the pic, but I think the lighter areas above his hooves could stand a bit more shading to look less uniform. Keep 'em coming!
  7. Nice! I particularly like her face. The blue feathers and her sleeves could probably do with one or two brighter highlights to make them pop, but everything else looks good.
  8. The third one is my favorite - the hair looks great! I might add a few "rocks" on her base, just to break up the flatness of the ground. I find that if you use bits of coarse ground pepper (the grey and beige bits), they scale nicely for small rocks on basing. I like the colors you chose for the Townswoman, but her eyes look a bit "starey". I would probably darkline (dark brown, not black) a bit more around her eyes to tone them down. Nice work!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I agree about too much stereotyping for certain minis - almost all the painted versions of Terezinya I had seen looked like Goths!
  10. Well, I figured I should post something here since I have been dabbling in these forums. I don't paint that many Reaper minis as I mostly have older Ral Partha and Grenadier sculpts, but I do like a lot of Reaper minis, especially Klocke females. Here's my version of Terezinya the Necromancer with her creepy familiar. Hope you like them! I'm not used to the image attachment program here - the images look a bit small. Here is the CMoN link - you can see more detail: http://www.coolminiornot.com/168003
  11. Nice work! The middle 2 are both excellent, though the redhead is probably the best. The NMM gold is very nicely done, as are the skin tones for #2 & #3. Did you go for a stubbled chin for #2 - it looks like it, though it may just be the lighting. Either way, it looks good.
  12. I did string a bow with hair once - I found that it was trickier to work with than the the thin wire. Borrow some from a long-haired friend! I just finished painting up my Heritage Beholder - I still need to do the base, but should be done with that sometime this week. I'll probably get it posted on CMoN next weekend. I should also post stuff here, but I have been too lazy to figure out how to do so.
  13. Nice job! I think I may have this mini at home - I'll get around to painting him sometime and we can compare results. How do you manage to get your static grass to stand up so well? Your bases always look great. You should try stringing his bow - it adds a nice touch of realism to the mini. My wife gave me some very thin gold wire that I think she picked up in a hobby shop, and it works really well.
  14. Nice job, moonglum! I am going to have you do my bases from now on. I agree that the helmet horns would look nice in natural tones, but everything else looks great! Keep up the good work.
  15. Nice job on both, though I really like the frost giant as I am a fan of the oldies. I am going to get her on ebay someday... The Grenadier Colossal Lords female frost giant is also good, though the hair could have been done better.
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