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  1. Hi...I use a similar method to some of those mentioned, but in reverse. I start with my lightest highlight, and apply a few thinned coats. From there, half a doze successively darker washes with do a lot of the shading for you. Then, use your triads to pick out details, and finish off with the first paint you used...the lightest one. The brightest highlights should generally be the forehead, the bridge and tip of nose, the top of the cheek, and a dot on the bottom lip. The next to brightest generally goes above the upper lip, and the tips of the ears. Feel free to click n my CMON link in my signature...I paint bare heads almost exclusively.
  2. I'm going to go with yes, since no one can really prove otherwise.
  3. Excellent work! For rope, try picture hanging wire...it's available in different diameters, and it's braided. It's only quirk is keeping short lengths from unraveling.
  4. Thanks...the Cheeto-Nipple was an offhand joke Aaron Lovejoy (Olliekickflip) made about a missing sculptor. Aaron claimed the sculptor was waiting in a back office naked, eating Cheetos. As the joke progressed, we got down to the inalienable properties of Cheetos; how they leave Cheeto-remnants on the fingers, and thus concluded that the sculptor's nipples would be covered in semi-solute Cheeto dust. Thus, the "Cheeto-Nipple" was born. *I realize of course that this isn't very funny outside the sleep deprived ramblings of Rcon.
  5. In paying homage to the Rcon "Cheeto-Nipple" fiasco, I present to you...well..."Cheeto-Nipple". This one's for you, Aaron! <edit> Alright...we'll go for a link then: TRY THIS
  6. Jar is a good guy...he's got loads of talent too!
  7. Hello all...I picked up this mini from Jeremie at Reapercon this year. It's one of his sculpts, and I must say it is a funy piece. Seeing a few others around, I decided to expand on the humor of the miniature, by painting his ice chunk base as sandstone, and palced him in the desert. It fits well with the pissed off expression on his face. Yellows and oranges were added to create the higlights to offer an "uncomfortable" feel to the mini...after all, he is a penguin in the desert! I am still debating on adding sweat beads on his forehead (which would be very difficult to see unless in person), and the title of the piece was originally going to be "Merde...", which is "$#!t..." in French. hey, what would you say if you were an over-dressed penguin in the desert? Talking to some of the painters at Rcon really helped me get over a plateau in my painting. C&C always welcome.
  8. LunchBox


    Hmmm...2 years in a row now, I leave the salsa at home. Perhaps next year I'll come up with a better excuse than "damnit, I forgot AGAIN!".
  9. Oh...I know...I was just confuzzled at the con, because I was relating Emperor to Napoleon, and Penguin to the model...that, and I'm stupid. Congrats on your beefy man tits medals, homie.
  10. Hello again...had a great time at Rcon! Here's a little piece I've been playing with between other projects...it's still WIP, but most of the penguin itself is done. There are a few details that need to be cleaned up, and another detail that I have to figure out how to execute...but I can't say what it is, nor can I show any of the base right now. (It'll make more sense when you see it completed)
  11. Me: "Ya know, the Sophie Trophies really make the little Golden Demon trophies look pitiful." Vincent Hudon (Boltman): "So did the minis". (referring to the high level of this comp vs. demons)
  12. I agree with ya'll...the food was great this year. I normally don't eat "fast food"...or even eat out for that matter. Those of you who do the same, know where I'm coming from. Food outside the house usually upsets my stomach unless it is good quality, and fresh. I can say that of the two times I enjoyed Sonic-goodness...I was good to go. SO...everything was on par...and thanks again to SonicMike for working his @$$ off so WE could have all the fun. Mike...you do realize that Rcon's 10th aniversary is next year...and perhaps they will make a Sonic-Sophie Roller-Girl! ...wait a tick...that's actually a good idea...
  13. Who were you? Glad you enjoyed it! Now you see why I took a break this year...there's something nice about painting because you love to paint, instead of for a comp. We'll see you next year!
  14. *The Cheeto-nipple was a Lovejoy classic!
  15. As Noel's sculpt was defiled with the addition of a huge, green-stuff weiner, the violators searched for a name...finally, someone said, "Sicarus". My response: "...well shouldn't it be Dicarus?" *and the fun rolled on... Also: "When they're a year and a half old, physics don't apply to them, because they haven't learned it yet." ---Rastl---
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