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  1. If you are worried that you don't have a large enough budget for Bones 4, take a look at this blog post (http://lostpapyr.us/posts/7-2013-09-13-adding-more-fun-to-the-reaper-bones-kickstarter) from just after Bones 1 fulfilled. My friends and I split the core set and a bunch of add ons, then held a draft to break the set up. We did it for Bones 2 and 3 also. If people are interested I can share the time lapse video of our Bones 3 event.
  2. Fantasy Figures Halfling dog rider Roc, maybe able to hold a separate elephant mini translucent spell effects, like the weapons dragon age-esque characters royal family or kings/queens from different races Flying insect swarm Modern Figures modern elite soldiers modern vampires Bomb disposal robot Modern civilians - scientist, business executive, blue collar worker Animals draft horses oxen llama with removable pack saddle riding dog modern police/military dog large stag elephant Terrain Throne large coin pile (maybe odd shaped but able to tile with itself to make really big piles) Alchemical apparatus
  3. Gnome Bard My first attempt to really customize a figure.
  4. A Mummy This happened to one of my PC's parents...
  5. I see the first group of 18 colors is available today, but I don't see a set that I can order. Can we order the 18 individuals and get the set, or do we have to wait a bit longer for the set. Will the set come in a box like the master series paint sets? Thanks, Steve
  6. Running Legacy of Fire

  7. I have a stats page on my task force builder website (http://www.cavcomcon.com/about/summary.html). According to that page, 3,000 is the most popular task force size with 26% of task forces created. 2,500 and 2,000 are numbers 2 and 3 with 19% and 13% respectively. This isn't just limited to tournament task forces, but I thought it might be interesting. Steve
  8. I've got three Ogres, but I've never fielded more than two of them. Costs too many points. Sometime, I would love to try 3 Ogres and two Recluses in a section. I did field 3 Mastadons (in a Black Rose force) once. The blaster made a huge difference there. I got 2 or 3 crits with a 9 during the game, as I recall. Between blaster and Dueces Wild at least one of the mastadons was guaranteed to crit each turn. Steve
  9. Oops, I got those confused. Sorry. I understand what you're saying but I still feel like the combination of the Wasp and "Fire and Fury" is too good. Steve
  10. But the EST is adding +3 to effect DV to the Wasp and everything within 6" of it, that's the big difference. +3 to a whole section is worth more than _1DV, +1 DT and FIST for a unit. I'll add that if the Harm missiles become official I have less of a problem with the Wasp. I don't particularly want rockets to be more powerful. I was thinking 10-12 points/DT instead of 15. Steve
  11. As the rules stand now, I agree with Vil on the Dragonfly and CFP. I guess if you're improving CFP somehow, I'll wait and see. I feel like the Wasps are too cheap. With the Adonese electronics doctrine, they can cover a lot of units with their electronics. OTOH, spiders are too expensive -- the pop-up is nearly useless. I think the same goes for the recluse, to use the pop up, I give up my electronics which was the point of having the unit to begin with. I also think that the Infantry rocket upgrades may be a little too expensive, or not powerful enough. I'm paying 45 points to add a rocket to a fragile unit, that's not likely to survive. I can buy an air strike for 50 or an orbital pinpoint for 60 -- either one seems like a better deal. Steve
  12. I believe that you could use both the Emperor and the Mastadon if you use the "Pressed Into Service" doctrine which allows you to use faction specific models in your independent task force. Without that doctrine, you couldn't use either one of them. Steve
  13. These are awesome! I've got a couple of Overlords that I need to paint, but I haven't figured out what I want to do with them yet. Steve
  14. Thanks everybody for all the great feedback on this mini. This is one of my favorites, so far. I wish I could take credit for the post, but that is the regular cougar pose. I only did a couple simple things to try to enhance it. First, I remove the connecting metal between the raised foot and the base. I think that made a big difference. I also move the figure as far forward on the hex base as I could without jeopardizing stability to give a subtle "running off the base" look. From the feedback, I'm guessing that these were effective. Thanks!
  15. That's correct, they're made from the Hirst Arts Schematic Pyramid mold on a CD base. You only need a few castings for these, so you could probably get away with buying a few from CastleKits. Vil, I've got a dozen trees on 2" washers we can use to mark forests. I could have another dozen ready if you think we need them. What else do we need for terrain. Steve
  16. Thanks for the praise and feedback guys. The pictures are kind of washed out -- I'm still learning the art of photography. I could do an article or two about my basing on CAVComCon. I hadn't thought of it. I've got a few mini's ready to base, so I could take some pictures of the process. I've got a couple consistent sources of inspiration, so I could post about those as well. Speaking of bases, I don't know if you've seen my Rach Planetary Defense Bunker and Silos. You can see some more photos on my flicker page. Thanks, Steve
  17. You can find my conversion guide for this one on Mil-Net. Steve
  18. Here are my mini's for Slider and Lefty in my Adon task force. Thanks, Steve
  19. Just to follow and make sure. Leave strikes out of the picture. If I'm allowed 2,000 points and I only use 1,900 (for whatever reason), do I need 500 points or 475 points of faction models? Seems to me it should be 500. Thanks, Steve
  20. This raises a related question in my mind. In order to use a faction doctrine you have to have 25% of your task force has to be made of the correct models. Is that 25% of the allowed points or 25% of the points actually used? That is, if I don't use my full allotment of points does that reduce the number of points I need to spend on faction models? Steve
  21. I liked the idea from earlier in this thread of a Sophie that could fit around a paint brush. I'm not opposed to the stripper pole, but there are probably other poses that would work as well.
  22. The rules seem kind of unclear on who I'm buying these battlefield assets for. Is it a model, a section, the whole task force? The satchel charges make it pretty clear that they are purchased by section. If these others are by model, why aren't they just upgrades like jet packs, or drop infantry. Thanks, Steve
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