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  1. That's a very nice dumpster. Well done on the lettering and the weathering.
  2. Depending on how much you will be handling it you could make your own real scale barb wire. Drakkar models has a good tutorial with lots of photos so you can google or duck duck foo it. Not a good suggestion for something that you will be handling loads but it does look nice.
  3. Outstanding foamwork. Is it a solid piece or did you manage to work out a way to do the interior with all of the buttressing?
  4. Been looking hard at this model. I have their shuttle alpha so I know the quality is there. Just waiting to pick up a printer.
  5. Major construction on the interior is finished. Just have to cap and fill the voids between the interior and exterior walls and fill gaps. The alcoves where the bodies are held are slotted so they could be painted separately. Once I finish the inside I will start on the exterior.
  6. Ming's troops (crooked dice) Giant space emus with guns. (CP models)
  7. I would not usually purchase much from Mierce Miniatures as they are a boutique manufacture with boutique prices. They do hold regular sales on their miniatures and the miniatures are spectacular so if you can catch a sale just right then it is worthwhile. This is the Mórannach, Beast of Cill Chonn Bog. It was painted almost exclusively with thin washes set down in layers with minimal highlighting. Used all of the supplied branches to add more roots to the arms and legs. Added a small tree and a few mushrooms. Used lots of vegetation on top. He is set on a 70mm base. Her
  8. I seriously looked at Dwarven Forge terrain twice as it is beautiful terrain. Once years ago when I was earning enough to purchase what I wanted and again when they put out their kickstarter. On both occasions I came up with the same reasons not to purchase it. If you are looking at investing in DF I would never tell you not to, it just did not work out for me. When I do modular terrain I tend to break it down into room size pieces for both ease of setup and so I can incorporate detail and vignettes into the build. I also like to customize most of what I purchase so I did not
  9. Very nice use of clutter and a well made piece. You might check out Clanmac's junktown scrapyard crew thread on the post appoc board at Lead Adventure forum for some more ideas. The thread is 89 pages long and the majority is well used cluttered terrain. Might give you some more ideas of materials to work with and things that you can do. Un-photobucked photos start on page 9.
  10. What is wrong with that? They were my runners. I have to pick up another batch convert to fit into Stargrave. I am thinking of doing this with guns.
  11. They all fit. Played my first game of Stargrave at the club tonight. Loads of fun and quite deadly. I finally have a use for all of my sci-fi terrain. Just photos of the first round unfortunately. It plays like Ghost Acrhapellago with guns. Guns in the game are deadly but not insurmountable.
  12. Been working on a bit of terrain for a competition over on LAF so my temple is on hold for the moment. While I was doing that I found a box of crystals that I cast up using extra plaster in one of my Hirst Arts moulds. I never really had use for them until now. I based them as an ore marker for sci-fy games. Painted with acrylics and based on a 70mm MDF base. I figure that it took me about five years to collect these as off casts and it will most likely take another five to collect more.
  13. Thanks for the comments all. Quite happy with the magmite. Not putting myself down. Been painting minis since 82 and my eyesight is starting to go a bit. From 3 foot they are always more than presentable.
  14. Since my nickstarter came in I have been plugging away at the metals. My craptastic painting skills still have not improved with age. Mystic with a headswap from crooked dice. Hacker with my attempt at a freehand oogie bar t-shirt. Psionist Magmite Objective markers Hope you like.
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