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  1. For some time I have been collecting medieval and fantasy villagers. To date there are 24 completed bases with 94 people or animals. They come from a variety of manufactures. Some have been posted here before. Overall view. Some small stands My Monty Python inspired bases Political activists Dead cart Religious procession. More images on my blog if you are interested.
  2. True. Same with clear resin and clear 3d prints. In the states I also used it to seal up dental plaster casts so they would not soak up so much paint, to seal paint on high wear areas (with a spray of dullcoat after) and to add gloss effects anywhere they were needed. Johnson and Johnson keeps changing the product and the name so it is hard to keep up. Latest I purchased here in the UK was pledge multi surface cleaner. Still did not work quite as well as the original Future but it did work in a pinch.
  3. The Skiff and the long boat are the first STLs that I purchased for my new printer. It is nice to see someone else working on them as it will give me some ideas.
  4. I use them all the time. A couple of things to remember. Let your base coat of acrylic set completely. 24 hours is a good rule of thumb. Do not use it on cheaper craft paint metallics. The tuprs or spirits tends to leach out the "metallic" flakes. You can remove or blend oils using a brush with damp terps or spirits for a day or two depending on the weather. Hotter weather will make the oils set faster. You can use the oils not only to shade but brighten and tint your model or terrain. Watch some of the weathering videos for scale modelling for help there.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I figured out the stringy issue. I managed to do thinner slices in slic3r. I have come up with another couple of issues and think that I have sorted those out. I will check the flash drive. Every time I downloaded it from the Cura site it failed to load so I am a bit fed up with it.
  6. Hello everyone. My wife gave me an ender 3 pro printer for my birthday. I built it without issue and the Gcode files that came with it printed without artefacts or defects. Everything that I have downloaded has been in a STL format. Looking online I found loads of information about converting the STLs. The only software that I could get to load on my computer is slic3r (MAC OS and none of the others will load). It converts the Gcode and produces STL files. Every print comes out ropey with the low definition and the PLA layers are not sticking together. Anybody have any ideas
  7. Thanks both. I was out of town for my birthday. Wife took me up north for a whirlwind tour. Four days in Cumbria. Got back in this evening and was surprised with a new 3D printer that I was not expecting.
  8. Very nice job. I was real torn on this one but in the end did not pick it up as I did not think I could do it justice.
  9. I had not expected to finish the whole encounter but that is how they ended up in my paint queue. The Ghouls were in my first Bones 5 post.
  10. He is very cool. The cherisher cat face, with the absurd body and the great paint really works.
  11. Last two days I have been working on Arakoth. Painted with thinned washes of paint in layers. Everything was zenith primed. The whole model was done in thinned down craft paints. Carapace was the following colours: Pebo Khaki, Pebo Bright blue, Pebo Red Brown, Citadel Seraphim Sepia, Citadel Athonian Camoshade and a final highlight of khaki. Underside was: Pebo Khaki, Pebo Red Brown, Citadel Cadian Fleshtone, Citadel Druchil Violet and a final highlight of Americana Bleached sand. Base was Pebo Khaki, Pebo Red Brown, Pebo Gray, Citadel Athonian Camoshade, Citadel Seraphim Sepia, Citade
  12. I only ordered individual stretch goals this time. Love the new bones 5 material and the details is definitely there. First the naughty bits The boars from Cerci in the Greek expansion. The Basilisk. Much more respectable size than the origonal bones Basilisk. Last is the hydra. Loved the snake body. This one has a craptastic paint job but hey. Hope you like.
  13. Groundwork came out lovely. Tied the great building together.
  14. The grave series is actually pretty ambiguous about much of the terrain that is needed past the centre objective. Usually it reads something along the lines of "should be cluttered as normal". Some individual scenarios are quite specific but the majority are pretty open. I agree that terrain should be more than just an obstacle and should be held in higher regard in both war and skirmish games. The real dig is that the rules need to cover many eventualities without becoming clunky. I am happy with the grave series as it is open enough to adapt to different terrain and simple e
  15. Thanks for the comps. Had not weighed it until this morning. 8 1/2 pounds. 23 X 13 X 9 inches. The foamex is light but there are three layers per wall so it adds up with all the other elements. I need to get a bigger Frostgrave building box as all of mine are 35 L Really Useful Boxes and this one will not fit in the bottom,
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