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  1. Can't take credit for that. It is a bog standard Reaper Miniature. Just add paint.
  2. Thanks for the comps. The dark fantasy setting comment is interesting as this is what lots of the old trees look like over here. Every year or two I build some more bits for my forest. Most of them are pretty bog standard. Here is the last couple of batches that I did. Fairy Circle 2019 Tree of Despair 2019 "Oak" style 2018 "Pine and Birch" style 2017 In this case I had an idea squirrelling around after seeing a flock of Jackdaws squabbling in a local tree. I figured it would be a nice addition to the wood. Looking at what I have I probably add some fallen logs next year. I also need to do some more Pines at some point but they can be a bit of a pain compared to regular trees.
  3. Finished to fit in my forest terrain.
  4. A murder of crows are added to my forest terrain. Crows are two packs of tabletop art ravens. Unfortunatly they are tiny as I was planning on doing them as a flock of Jackdaws. Tree was scratch built. It was just another project to stop me from finishing my astronomy tower.
  5. Almost there..... Almost there...... You got it Kid.........
  6. A few from Bears Head Miniatures. They do a small eclectic line of traditionally sculpted models. Painted with a variety of acrylics. Wraith Leonines Windago Ogalump Earth Elemental They do some oddball models that no one else does and they do a variety of undead animals. Well worth a look.
  7. Since I am updating my starport terrain I decided to work on Spaceballs the Prequel. TT combat terrain Winnebago with some minor modifications. Hope you like.
  8. Some lockdown builds. The astronomy tower is coming along. A GW Valkyrie painted in the 70s style. Warning Bell Rune Stones More bits and pieces on my blog if you are interested.
  9. Finished And the standing stone Few more photos on the blog if you are interested.
  10. Slapped some paint on. Still needs quite a bit of work but it is progressing. I also found a standing stone that I built ages ago. Slapped paint on that one too.
  11. I have hit a bit of a block on the tower so I started another fairly quick project. I have built a giblet. To make the cage I made three rings of stencil paper. Two of them were capped with disks of the same. The bars were made with straight pins. I built the cage with a gap so that a doorway could be built. A door was framed and more pins were used to make the bars. The whole cage was topped with a ring and a lock was added to the door. A skeleton was built and dressed in glue soaked toilet paper. I envisioned frame with a weighted box to raise and lower the giblet. The frame was built using foamex cut to shape and textured with a saw. The frame was detailed with stencil paper and bolts were added for detail.
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