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  1. Just another quick build. Every one knows the term “visiting the happy pilgrim.” What many do not know is where that term came from. In pre-frost Fealstad, Mathesar was a well known figure. He wrote many parchments on the health benefits of pigs urine that are still relevant today and his Emporium of Wonders is a must see for any adventurer that happens upon it. What most adventurers do not know is the many public conveniences with the happy pilgrim sign were also built by him.. At the time they were considered revolutionary as the residents no longer had to throw their waste onto the street and they had a place to discuss and debate the topics of the day. Simple box build with ancient Roman/Greek style toilets. Sponges are plucked blister foam with wrapped wire handles. Hope you like.
  2. I will use these for medium constructs in Frostgrave. Hope you like.
  3. I like the goofy old fashion sculpts with these. Cockatrice Basilisk Plus a couple of poisonous frogs from Crooked dice. Hope you like.
  4. I did two stands of these last year and have added another two stands. Done on my homemade springy flight bases. Hope you like.
  5. Did these a while ago from Otherworld. Next up are some new ones from Midlam Lastly are the new ones from Crooked Dice The whole lot together.
  6. Sorry, late picking this thread up. The molds work fine for UV resin but you will save yourself some money by using regular two part resin. The other sized molds are for other size bases that are used by a variety of manufactures. If you are not going to use them they will also work as mixing pots for paint and glue.
  7. Well done. This is real nice paint.
  8. Finished it up this afternoon. Only one photo from the front. The other sides are just brick. The interior walls. There are some closer photos of the interior elements on my blog if you are interested. Hope you like.
  9. Thank you for the kind words all. It is the subject matter. There is no way to do a non-gory necromancer. It makes it easier. Also remember to do at least two entrances or exits as no one will go into a dead end. Again, thank you all for the kind words. Splashed some paint on it tonight. Hoping to finish up tomorrow or Tuesday.
  10. Another update on the house of the chattering skulls. There are a fair few more photos on my blog if you are interested. First is another interior element. A magical mirror/portal that was done with shrinkidink and resin. I will need to tone down the frame to get the color pallet right in the building. Next I built the building itself. It is in two pieces so I can access to paint and detail. Next are some photos with some of the interior elements in place. I will need to work up some more interior elements as there is still space in there to detail. Hope you like.
  11. Finished some more bits and pieces. I should be ready to start construction now. Not totally sold on the green flame so I will have to play with it if I am going to use it.
  12. Some more details for the house. Picked two sets of hanging victims from Etsy. Painted them up quickly as they will be partially obscured when the building is finished. Hope you like.
  13. Thank you for the kind words. Next up are the chattering skulls to adorn the exterior. Now I have to wait for some parts to come in.
  14. Starting a new building. At this point I am calling it the house of the chattering skulls. It will be a necromancer's workshop. First bits are some of the interior details. The work table is made with foamex with a Reaper bones zombie. The shelves are made of mount board with stencil board edging. 3D, GW plastic skulls and scratch built details were added. The symbol is Fimo rolled with a GSW roller. Hope you like.
  15. I got a deal on the Amazon for 300 mils of UV resin and decided to see what I could do with it. The first thing was to try a clear skull coming out of a pool or gateway. I used Oyumaru to make a press mold of a GW giant skull, cast it in clear resin. I textured a ring of foamex as stone and made a backing of crumpled up foil on mount-board. Once I assembled it I set the skull in the center and then filled around with more resin. This was tinted with a GW ink. Did another with tinted resin on a white background. I also tried some clear Shrinky Dink to make a dark menacing shadow. Here it is in the original size. Here it is after baking. This was mounted on clear plastic and set in a doorway. I used inks to add tinting to the plastic, set in resin front and back then textured with Modge Podge. Hope that gives everyone some ideas of things to try.
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