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  1. Very nice job all around. Same here. Space is becoming an issue in my garage.
  2. I did a tutorial on those years ago. It is still up on the old teregenesis site. Just duck duck or googlefoo snitchythedog and birch trees. Very cheap and easy.
  3. Completely missed the metal one. Have a new model for my wish list. πŸ‘
  4. I could but it is not worth the effort. Past about a foot they are not discernable and the 3d printed layers show well closer up. It was just a fun little project much like my trap markers.
  5. Finished a second one. Over the top on gore but still fun. Might use these in a dead end trap room. Have the swarms released once the players are all the way in.
  6. I like it as is. It is after all ethereal and should look different. Maybe tint the white slightly green or yellow to blend it a bit better.
  7. β€œListen, those terrapin got a viscous streak a mile wide, they're killers. Just look at the bones!" I was testing out my 3d printer by printing the same file at different scales. I had to decide what I was going to do with all those tortoise that I printed. I figured a tortoise swarm would be frightening.
  8. That eel is spectacular.
  9. It is used to simulate masses of branches in trees and bushes. You cut chunks out of the mass of rubberized hair, tease it out to separate the fibres a bit, glue it in place, trim to shape then use spray adhesive to add the flocking. It gives you more natural looking foliage. Used it in all of these. Heather Oaks Birch Pines were scratch built using a different technique.
  10. I posted the same toot on the Leadadventure Forum and someone put out a link for a stateside company that is supplying it on that side of the pond. Cheaper than a pony. πŸ‘
  11. Yours are the best two examples that I have seen painted. Well done.
  12. They have me at more lizard men. Still waiting for the stirges. πŸ˜’
  13. I did not pick up the Cockatrice pack last time. Now I am kicking myself. Loverly work on all.
  14. Much happier that now the dungeon and Egyptian stuff is out. I just hope that both make it. Very bummed that the stirges have not made an appearance yet.
  15. I would like to see the rest of the dungeons and lost tombs becasue both of those seem to be what I am looking for. The rest are nice but do not fit my needs.
  16. A walrus does not need a flight base or minigun to be terrifying. Blubber tusks and spears Out of everything they have put out to date the drake is the one thing other than stirges that has caught my eye.
  17. Thanks for the comps. Building them gave me a reason to make more rubberized horse hair as I ran out and am too cheap to order some when I have the materials on hand.
  18. Dwarves have never been my thing so I did not go in on this set. Saying that you did a brilliant job on the models at a technical level and they certainly work well with your existing terrain. Well done all around.
  19. I had a good hard look at these to use as constructs for Frostgrave and decided against it. After seeing yours I will have to have a rethink.
  20. Very eye catching. Have to have a think about building one.
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