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  1. I was asked on another forum for a how to. Here is a quick an dirty run down of the process. 

    Built the basic structure out of foamex and liquid nailed chunks of bark onto the walls and floor.  Filled the voids with foam.  Glued some 3d printed pieces that will end up textured too.


    Made a piping bag out of baking paper. Used the bag to put blobs of filler in between the chunks of bark and then used a wet brush to texture the filler.


    Once all of the spaces are covered in filler and set I add bits such as permanent details and rubble.  






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  2. To date I have had one piece.  I was quite happy with the detail and quality of the material compared to the previous bones incarnations.  Mould lines are still an issue but it sanded much better than the original bones. 


    The biggest problem that I had was it was brittle.  I remove integral bases and rebase.  With Bones I normally cut off excess with a clipper and then do a clean cut with a razor saw level with the bottom of the feet.  First clip of the base next to a leg shattered the leg and some cloak right off.  Once I knew about it I changed my approach but I was a bit surprised when it occurred.  The shatter was clean so I was able to glue it back and only had to gap fill one tiny crack. 


    It was not much of an issue that can be addressed but it is part of the learning curve for the material. 

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  3. Starting another project.  I have always wanted a modular cave system but was torn between making small fully modular sections or larger set tiles.  Both have their pluses and minuses.  I ended up deciding to do 12 inch square set tiles.  It will be modular enough for what I want to do and it will be more practical to store.  Based on foamex walls with bark and spackle texturing.  First one is pretty much done.  Just need to tone down the pottery and skeleton a bit.  Hope you like.




    Hope you like.

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  4. Very nice job all around and I can't add more to what has already been said.  I wanted in on this KS so bad but the budget would not cover it so I will have to order now and pay the expensive shipping. 

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  5. On 5/31/2022 at 3:20 PM, Dan S said:

    P.S -  I really dig those birch trees, you did a great job on the trunks and bark.  Very authentic!

    I did a tutorial on those years ago.  It is still up on the old teregenesis site.  Just duck duck or googlefoo  snitchythedog and birch trees.  Very cheap and easy. 

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  6. On 5/7/2022 at 10:53 PM, Nivek said:

    But before I stop myself, what is this used for?  I'm not in the model rail hobby, so I'm sure I'm missing something big.   Just struggling to see what. 

    It is used to simulate masses of branches in trees and bushes.  You cut chunks out of the mass of rubberized hair, tease it out to separate the fibres a bit, glue it in place, trim to shape then use spray adhesive to add the flocking.  It gives you more natural looking foliage.  

    Used it in all of these.





    Birch  Pines were scratch built using a different technique. 


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  7. 9 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

    I have been wanting this stuff for ages, thank you! And you're right--Bill the Pony is an anomaly. Most ponies are right sour buggers. 

    I posted the same toot on the Leadadventure Forum and someone put out a link for a stateside company that is supplying it on that side of the pond.  Cheaper than a pony. 👍

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