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  1. Finished up the flocking last night. It only needs to have felt added to the bottom to finished it up. I am just out of spray adhesive at the moment so that will have to wait. Just a mix of static grass various tufts and a bit of light green highlight on the grass. Another hallway shot with the flash. In normal lighting the whole tunnel is visible. Here are some shots with minis for scale. Undead naughty bits in the next image. Shot with a flash. Hope you like.
  2. Work for the day. I pollyfilled the top, added a sand texture and primed black. In this photo I have used a red brown colour for the base highlight on all ground and stones. I highlighted the stones with a dark grey and then highlighted all ground and stones with Khakie Then I applied filter washes (thinned down inks) One more highlight of Khaki on the stones to tone the filters down. Tonight I have already started on the flocking and now see that I forgot to do the last filter of green to simulate moss. Hope you like.
  3. Quick update as I have finished for the evening. Stone lintel finished and painting done. With the cork ceiling in place. Same shot with the flash.
  4. Starting a new project as I can never have enough of them. Since I finished my standing stones and visited Waylands Smithy last weekend I have decided to build a Long Barrow. Here is a photo of the real thing, I am not particularly happy with the foam that I am using but with the current situation you have to work with what you have. Started by cutting the interior rooms, shaping the hill and dressing the interior and exterior with foam stones. Slopes were added using pollyfilla. Foam was primed and sand and details were added to the interior. The interior will be visible but not accessible on this model. I will paint the interior first then finish building the rest of the hill.
  5. There are some better skeletons out there. Warlords plastic Erehworn skeletons are better than GW. There are also metal ones out there too. Reaper has one here Secret weapon has some metal skeletons too. For feet and hands I would not worry too much as they would disappear pretty quick.
  6. This might be an idea. Scratch built model with a submerged monster. You tube video
  7. Some standing stones this week. Foam textured with a rock and some rolled up tin foil. Hope you like.
  8. Actually looked into it when I was back home. They are street legal. Powder is the problem with the regulations on home storage. You are not allowed to store as much as you would need to fire it. Full scale Back home I had a guy on my street that fired blanks every fourth and new years eve out of a shotgun. Had approval from the sheriff and everything. I always thought I would be fun to one up him. I also thought it would be worthwhile for my daughters suitors.
  9. The fantasy models need tufts but they are done. Statuesque Heresy Miniatures CP Models Hope you like.
  10. If you do, make sure the blocks have been set for a day or so so the glue is set. Also do not use too much water as it can cause the glue in the wall to become tacky again and the piece will come apart. Good luck
  11. Good solution to the hurst gap issue. I always used joint compound. Applied with a putty knife then used a damp sponge and wiped the excess off the surface. It makes all of the joints the same depth and is very quick and easy. For plaster, are you using actual Plaster of Paris or some other stronger gypsum?
  12. I remember this one when it was for sale and you have done a bang up job. I picked up the orc catapult with the face on the front back then and that has since disappeared.
  13. Just finished these up. Very clean casts and fun to paint.
  14. Morning. A few more oldies that I found in my hobby bins. Finished these up last night. First another ogre. GW Chaos Minotaur An old D&D Minotaur from when GW had the contract for D&D Still needs basing but I will do that once I finish the back log on my table so I can do a few all at once. Hope you like
  15. That one is old even by my standards. Very good find and nice painting.
  16. Started gaming with D&D back in 79. My mother was worried that it was the devil from the news reports. She also thought Men Without Hats Safety Dance was about smoking dope. Go figure.
  17. I do not have a picture of mine as it was before cameras but this is the first mini I painted. Ral Partha from their druid 3 stage character set. Circa 83-84 some time. Painted him with Testors Enamel model paints. I still do not remember what happened with these three.
  18. I have been working the whole time through the lockdown but as we are not going anywhere else I have been painting. This all of the non-terrain work that I have done. Naughty bits in the photo. Just for fun here is my random encounters box for frostgrave
  19. I was cleaning out some of my hobby bins and found these so they got a repaint. The old GW ogres always looked happy.
  20. Just watch the first application to make sure the superglue does not caused the cotton to smoulder.
  21. I do not have a picture but the easiest way to add free standing liquid is to use clear fishing line as the core. Super glue the correct size piece to the model, then use two part epoxy resin to bulk it out. I have used similar to build up water effects. This one is built up over clear plastic then inked. This is a good toot on the technique. Scroll down a little bit. The resin can be coloured with either inks or acrylics. For general saliva inside the mouth attached to surfaces use acrylic gloss medium. My two cents.
  22. They always do nice stuff. Have fun with it becasue it looks like a neat build.
  23. Some Funnel Spiders nests. Simple bases with a technique from abarothsworld for the webs. I will use these as spawning points.
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