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  1. Very well done and good to see someone not fielding super soldiers dressed in the their best brightly coloured armour. My rivers came up with a case of space woodland lice on their first outing.
  2. Another option is birch trees. I did a toot years ago. Terragenesis Here is an example of birch trees with some rubberised horse hair and sawdust flock. Example If you want a quick and easy texture for wrapped wire trees you can use latex acrylic caulk painted on the surface. Another example Hope that helps.
  3. Looking very nice I. Looks like you cat and mine agree on the best places to deposit hair.
  4. Be careful.. Lost Raven is trying to generation gap us!!. Darn you kids and all of your young!!! (shakes my walker in the direction of the kids on my lawn) Othikent Very nice build. Glad to see something that does not fit into a normal gaming genera.
  5. I was actually thinking "This is my circle of trust. You will notice that you are not in it." I did similar when my daughter was little. She is now nearly sixteen and still gets into my tools and paints for her projects.
  6. Just saw this and I have to say very cool. One suggestion that I have is about adding reeds into the resin. Added in as they are gives the slow setting resin the opportunity to creep up the stalks. If you pour the resin, drill into the "water" and then use two part epoxy to glue in the individual stalks it will stop that creep. Samesies for adding flocking or static grass after the resin. It will stop the resin creeping into the foliage. I wrestled with the creeping resin for over a month on a previous project before I worked out a solution.
  7. Why not put the handle end of the bat in the chuck of a power drill and run it at slow speed with some sand paper. It works for shaping wood dowel, it will work with set green stuff and it should produce uniform results.
  8. Actually no. Most of these will set in 24 hours so I did not worry. In the states I lived in Arizona and it was incredibly dusty. Here is a aqueduct that I did over there using envirotex and the water came out crystal clear. Just be sure that you mix it up well. If you do not then you can end up with patches that are not cured.
  9. I would not use blue. In my experience water in nature is normally tinted green or brown.
  10. Do not discount plain bases with small details. For one project I did six masters as residential streets and cast them. I added small details to each of them to make them pop. The nice thing was that they gave me a stable surface to pin the models to with enough variation to give an irregular appearance. Cigarette buts on the floor Grass in the cracks. Bits of wood and sand Crumpled up paper and grass again. Birch catkin leaves and stains. This one is 110mm and was used as a zombie horde base with 20 some odd zombies. It shows the bits I used and the staining to an otherwise plain base. Your other option is to go nuts. Here I used a commercial paper corn stalk set to do this base. I like to think he is hiding. I forgot one thing. If you are using natural materials like sifted dirt, small twigs or birch catkins then they need to be baked at low temp for a while. (125f for at least 3/4 of an hour) This will kill anything that came in with the material and dry them out. There is nothing worse than having a real mushroom sprout out of the finished base or model.
  11. Quick inexpensive basing is always a big question. It is also something that is individual to the person doing it much like the models we paint. Here are few of my examples. Sci fy using a Green Stuff World roller. Fantasy using another roller. Fantasy using beach sand and kitty litter. Sci fy using kitty litter cast plaster, beach sand and gravel. I usually apply as follows for both models and terrain. Clean the model/terrain and glue it to the base. Cover the surface with wood glue/PVA using a small paint brush. Individually place larger chunks of plaster cast rocks, kitty litter, small stones and any other accents/skulls bits. Then cover the base with sand. Once this has set up for a min or two remove any sand that has overlapped onto the edges of the base or onto the models feet. After cleaning coat the base in sand one more time to be sure there is full coverage. In a couple of hours when the wood glue is setup glaze the base by dribbling superglue onto the surface and then using compressed air to blow the excess glue off the surface. This soaks into the surface and unifies all of the materials. Then prime and paint. After everything is painted and sealed glue on any static grass or tufts. Again this is the process that I use so take or leave what parts work for you. Hope that gives you some ideas.
  12. Just in case you have not seen it, my go to article for water effects. Water effects. In the states Envirotex Lite. It is what am use to and I am a creature of habit. I use to find it at Home Depot on the shelf. In the UK/EU finding something good might take some work. For the river I am currently working on I found a one to one mix that would set in about twelve hours. The ratio and time delay were the selling points so I had no recommendations or prior experience with it. Working out alright at the moment. My river Big thing to remember is that some resins generate heat and in some cases can damage your surface. I lost an entire table that was almost complete becasue the resin heated up enough to melt the foam board.
  13. They are from Antenocitis Workshop. Resin monitors with photo printed displays. Pack of 69 of them for 25.90.
  14. I finished the last two engineering sections that I had been working on. I was going to stop there but while wading through my lead pile I found a gem that needed to be done. Mr Jungles Extreme from the now closed Comfy Chair Games. I am done making these sections for a while. Hope you like.
  15. Thanks. I can't take credit as that is a natural reflection of light through the plastic.
  16. Finished five more. I have two more on the table and then I will move onto other projects.
  17. I have been doing these in small batches. Unfortunately the shelves were one of the first things that were done. They may be updated in future but not right now.
  18. Depends on the scenario. Medical facility has been used quite a bit and so has the warehouse. With these I now have a lab and workshop to work with. My plan is to build enough of these to cover almost any scenario that I might run into. Thanks for looking all.
  19. Just finished this up as it was one of the many items cluttering my desktop for ages. Painted quick to table top standards. Just needs flocking
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