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  1. So, before you ask again where exactly in the process Reaper is in shipping the orders, remember these few things: 1. Your Bones are coming. You will get them when you get them, and not a moment sooner. 2. You will get notified (probably, it seems) by email when your shipment has been sent. 3. Nothing you can say or do (short of picking up the parts of your pledge that can be picked up) will get you your Bones any faster. 4. Don't be the kid asking "are we there yet?". Soooooo....... Are my bones shipped yet?????? Snitchy sends
  2. Darn you.... Darn you to heck!!!! I am so jealous. Snitchy sends.
  3. Your lucky. I am going to have to bring the bones with me when I finally sell my house and move. I am glad I picked up two figure cases with my order. Snitchy sends. Good luck with the sale. We moved last June. The boxes in the background are my "still to be unpacked" basing materials.... Thanks for the well wishes but the sale is only part of it. I am waiting for my visa yet. Wife wanted to go back home to the UK and she has yet to find a job making enough money to apply. I am hoping her interview next week will net something good. Nice thing is that I will still be in the house when the Bones arrive. Snitchy sends.
  4. Your lucky. I am going to have to bring the bones with me when I finally sell my house and move. I am glad I picked up two figure cases with my order. Snitchy sends.
  5. You could instant mold the face. That way you could find an acceptable face and head without wasting a figure or ordering special heads. My two cents. Snitchy sends.
  6. In the military we just put a spoon full of instant coffee on the tongue and downed a regular can of coke on top if it. it atomizes the coffee on the lining of the stomach and gives an instant caffeine boost. Snitchy sends.
  7. I know, I know it is all the rage. The only difference for me is that I have been following this guy for a while on the internets. He is the author of the 2150 things Mr. Welch is no longer allowed to do in a RPG. http://theglen.livejournal.com/16735.html He has come up with a card game that mimics experiences at a game or comic convention. It looks like a fun fifteen to twenty minutes to play. Over the years his list has given me more than one chuckle so I would like to personally see him succeed. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1951623800/con2-the-wraith-of-con Snitchy sends
  8. I would consider the gas money from Arizona too. I figure eighteen hours there at 80mph. It is dooable. Snitchy sends.
  9. Picked up a worm, kobalds, ogre, and dwarf. Told my wife to was just to test them out. Then she saw the pledge amount. Ears are still ringing. Snitchy sends.
  10. Thanks. I will have to work up some new terrain for all of these models. Snitchy sends.
  11. I did not catch wheather that was an option for everyone that was getting her. Listened to it at work and had other things dragging at my attention. Neathyermaul here I come. Snitchy sends.
  12. Has anyone clarified the "drop the Sophie" comment? Is it something that anyone can do at the vampire level? As I eye the Nethyermaul. Snitchy sends.
  13. Last time I did this I used clear plastic from a blister pack cut out in the shape if the wings. I used super glue applied with a toothpick to do the ridges. Worked pretty well back then. Just a suggestion. Snitchy sends.
  14. Here is an idea that might work for you. Cut sections of foam core detail and paint them up like your interior walls. You could do this in one or two inch sections. Glue these down onto a clear plastic foot from a blister pack for stability. That should give you a modular fix that you can use to make different layouts at will. Depending on the width of the foam core (I have seen it down to 3/16th inch) it should not take up hardly any floor space for play. Hope that helps. Snitchy sends.
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