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  1. Personally I am going to have to pick and choose on this one as I need more smaller creature encounters than characters or generic troops. The figure renders are there and if past performance is any indicator then the quality will be great especially with the new Bones Black material so these will be good models. For those discounting the Green Griffon it does provide a quick way to fill up a tavern encounter and is generic enough that the bits can me multi-purpose. The price point for me is not so much an issue as most manufactures charge between 2 and 4 dollars or pounds for plastics so the Kickstarter is falling on the low price point for the industry standard. What I would like to see is more add-ons and I would be willing to spend more per model, if Reaper split up the core set again to get the models that I could use. I am hoping that the Denizens of the Dungeon will be weighed more on the monster side.
  2. Depends on the competition. Frostgrave boxes are relatively cheap.
  3. Is part two locked or unlocked? Have not hit the dollar amount yet.
  4. That is a blast from the past. Well done.
  5. Condolences as I had a similar incident that was inflicted by my cat. With how good the piece looks either repairing or turning it into a ruin are both viable options.
  6. I don't know why but I am stoked about this:
  7. Many thanks. I have a static grass applicator and all the glues I tried cause the base to shrink flat.
  8. What are you using for your adhesive on the bases of the tufts? I am curious becasue I have tried several types and for me they all fail becasue they flatten out when they dry.
  9. Thanks for the comps Chaoswolf. Stopping for the day. Everything is now glued in place and I am left with bits and pieces. Touch ups where I managed to glue my fingers to surfaces, weathering and maybe some other small items to add into the clutter. More photos on my blog if you are inclined. Hope you like.
  10. All the major construction is done. Have to build a chimney, texture the roof, make a sign and fill gaps. Playing with interior elements. Hope you like.
  11. Started construction. Still lots of work before I can paint. Hope you like.
  12. I have a bunch of these too. They are good fun and solid minis. Cant wait to see how yours come out.
  13. Very nice and much better than all of my attempts to do this with a figure. For feedback I would suggest doing the teeth the same way as the skin but on a smaller scale. Fading to black at the tips of the teeth. One other suggestion would be to highlight a medium dark gray along the edges of the black plates. It would come out looking like ash on the surface. Hirst Arts has a good toot on their tips and tricks 4 page for painting a forge.
  14. With the brown and green done thin enough you can make filters where you tint the original colour rather than fill in the cracks. Here is an example. It takes away from the bleached look and looks a bit rotten. Thinned paints can help with blending. You might look into tutorials for "wet pallets".
  15. I cleared one off my workbench. It has been waiting for vegetation for a couple of weeks and I had some time this morning. The Death Shroud was zenith primed and painted with many thin washes to build up the colours. Then it had thinned paints flicked at it from a distance to speckle the surface. Hope you like.
  16. Built the interior walls and I am showing off what the texturing will look like. Foamex textured with a crumpled ball of alluminum foil and a scribe. I also cleared an item off my workbench. I finished a second Mayan style skull rack. I did not want to work through all the skulls in one go again so I did bits and pieces over time. Hope you like.
  17. Very clever and fits the genera that you are working for perfectly.
  18. Very nice job. This is a company that I was completely unaware of and now I feel a purchase coming on.
  19. Very good job on such a big mini. I have to agree with Glitterwolf. I would also follow up once dry with a very thin dark green wash just to give it that decaying tint, so it looks less bleached and a bit off.
  20. Some more bits and pieces. After doing these I think I can start on the building. There are a couple of other bits and bobs on my blog if you are interested.
  21. I have started work on an apothecary shop. I have a pretty good mental image of what I want so I am starting with the interior details and working out. All the cabinetry is made with mount board sheethed in stencil paper. Bits from a variety of manufactures and lots of 3d printed elements as I was using up the end of a spool. The spice drying rack is completely scratch built with coffee stirrers, fine wire stems and sawdust flocking. Hope you like. There is a head on photo of each of these on my blog if you are interested.
  22. Looking real good. If you want another way to do branches, try some acid etching brushes (the disposable aluminium ones with the black bristles) and latex acrylic caulking. Build up the trunk normally then paint the caulking on the upper branches doing thinner layers as you progress. The brush bristles will give it a bark texture, help blend the sculpted trunk with the branches and once set the branches don't crack even when they bend. It takes a bit longer but is much easier to control than the hot glue and you get the bonus texture. On the down side it can be messy if the tree topples while working. Keep up the inspiring work and glad to see you back working in high gear.
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