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  1. Very well done. This was still the best box of skellies that GW ever did. All of the newer ones became chunky.
  2. Thanks for the comps all. Chaoswolf, the bee hives are also from Midlam. It would have been simple enough to push putty to make some but they were cheap enough that it was not worth it.
  3. I found these gems at Midlam Miniatures. They are being added to a larger medieval village project that is being done in slow time. The project is being kickstarted a bit by my Reaper Bones 5 order as it is due soon. See what I did there? Built the sheds a bit tall to make it so you could see into them. My attempt at scale bees using sand. More photos on my blog if you are interested. Hope you like.
  4. Some bits and pieces for a large project so I am posting as I finish. First is the homage to the AD&D players hand book from Otherworld Miniatures. I am particularly happy with the coals as I have never painted fire well. Next are two Braisers from Midlam they have naughty bits. There will be other small elements to do throughout the build.
  5. Glitter, Was perusing the internets and Antediluvian has more mezoamerican and conquistadore zombies out. Figured you would want to know.
  6. I keep going back and looking at these. Now they are that more appealing.
  7. My two cents. Other monsters and creatures. There are loads of characters, goblins, orcs, kobalds, daemons, dragons, giants and the like. With all of the reference material from a variety of games there are tonnes of "monster" or creatures that do not make it into print. I realise that some of them would not be cost effective as they do not sell but it would be nice to see. If this was a wish list then I would also add terrain components as mentioned above.
  8. Modularity of character models would be nice but I would be more interested if they did other creatures that they have not covered up to this point. We have lots of goblins, dragons, giants, kobalds, orks, daemons and undead. There are many other creatures that do not see the light of day in miniature.
  9. Just getting a head start for Stargrave. Pit Fiend from Crooked Dice Tin Man from Reaper with a minor conversion. Alien Legionnaries (not Mings Troops) from Crooked dice. My craptastic paint and photos.
  10. Had to add it. Would not have been right without, Thanks for the comps all.
  11. Had to pick up this gem from Crooked dice. I will be using him for anyone that needs to be in a throne or as my biomorph for Stargrave as his liver will raise him from the dead. He has also been drinking the toilet duck again. Sorry for my craptastic photos. Hope you like.
  12. In the movie it was a plank of wood, Thanks all it was a fun build.
  13. Every year I get into a bit of a funk and need to find a project to get out of it. This one is it. From Studio Miniatures Medieval Mayhem range. They are my go to for Holy Grail inspired miniatures. Hope you like.
  14. Just looked at their site and it says " We have sold all of our wargames ranges of figures to other companies and, as of 10th September 2018, no longer produce any wargaming figures." He gives links to the other manufactures.
  15. Thanks for the comps. I have a campfire but could not find it until after I took the photos. I am going to build another that will fit in better though with seating and a woodpile. Horses are already on the agenda and I think I am going to go with Eureka Minis becasue they have some without bridles or saddles. Bedrolls are unnecessary but I am thinking that I may build a tent to go with the encampment. Any other suggestions?
  16. The greens in the skulls were done that way. The tinting on the stones is the craptastic bit. That was done the same way.
  17. Finished up. Here are photos without the top. Photos with the top. Photos of the whole encampment. Three scratch builds and two MDF Vardos. Any suggestions for other scenery to build with?
  18. Generally I use what I have on hand. However gloss varnish will give you more protection as it creates a thicker smoother layer of varnish. You can always spray a matte varnish on after you finish painting. For the filtering this is a poor attempt by me. Warning I tend to be a craptastic painter. It will however give you an idea about some of the effects that can be achieved if you spend the time and effort to nail the technique.
  19. Very nice job. For your question about oils. I have never had an issue with using oils and spirits over straight acrylic paint with the exception of some metallics. Some metallics the spirits will cause the metallic paint to separate right on the surface. To get around this in the past I have waited up to a week for the metallics to dry prior to application or I have sealed the metallics using Future floor polish (or whatever they are calling it these days). Mat sealing will help if you are doing multiple applications and do not want to wait for the oils to dry completely (48hours or more). It will limit how much the turps leaches off the old application of the oil. If you have not looked into it another cool oil technique is filtering. Applying a neat line or dot of contrasting colour oil to the surface then taking a brush that is damp with spirits to drag the oil into a thin layer. You are effectively highlighting a model but with much greater control and a wider colour pallet (think adding stubble to a flesh coloured face or rosie cheeks). Some of the guys on the fine scale armour websites generate results better than airbrushing.
  20. Next up is the bow top Vardo. It took a bit more planning than the normal one. I will add bits in and shutters before painting.
  21. Finished the yellow Vardo. Simple card roof, groundwork and my craptastic paintjob. A photo of the interior with the flash. While I was finishing this off I also did my forest contribution for the year. The bones Tree of despair came with two victims so I figured I could use a second. I am planning on a bow top Vardo next.
  22. I just need to add a roof and do the groundwork. More photos on my blog if you are interested. Hope you like.
  23. Construction is finished and ready for paint. Parts breakdown for easy painting. Hope you like.
  24. There were also several herbivorous mammal like reptiles with sail backs.
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