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  1. Just some rat swarms with the extra rats from two packs of Reaper 02399. I could never figure out what to do with these and finally got them to work after the fifth attempt.
  2. Finished some ethereal undead models using a tutorial from the Gardens of Hecate. I have never been happy with my painted ethereal models until now. Hope you like.
  3. Very nice all around. I have been looking at this one on ebay do you have a picture next to another model or a ruler to show scale?
  4. Nice paint on the stones and lovely groundwork.
  5. Very cool conversions so far filling out a great thread. Where did you find the bear traps? Been looking for some that I do not have to scratch build.
  6. Just a quick update. I have poured the fourth base so that is 1/3 of the models poured. There are some bubbles but they have been floating out while the resin sets. Pouring one base mould at a time is killing me.
  7. Thanks for the comps. Wife picked up a unit of ten and the general for my birthday so the plan is all of them. Still tempted to build a whole army of the concept.
  8. Mostly finished my proof of concept. I still have to add some gloss effects to the areas that are going to be wet but out of water. Started off with the finished model by adding some vegetation to the sandy beach base. I also added some small fish made of Fimo with fishing line supports. All of this was stuffed into a Green Stuff World Containment mould. I mixed my resin with a slight green tint using inks and poured so the edges of the meniscus touched the top of the mould (almost to the top). After this was set I used UV setting resin agitated with a coffee stirrer to create the surface. As I am happy with this one I will move on to the rest. Hope you like.
  9. Very nice work. One question. Are the tall brown stalks dried flowers or a product? Always on the lookout for a new product!!
  10. Amazingly enough I got into painting these and have pretty much finished the first three. I have never progressed my painting skills past tabletop quality but I am quite happy with these. The walrus skin was problematic as they not only have huge variations in colour but individual animals colour will change drastically due to changes in temperature. They literally changes colours when their skin contracts in cold water. In the end I decided to do a light brown base with dark brown in the skin folds. Then sponged on grey and flesh. Once that was done a sepia wash then multiple washes on the fins to give a transition to darker fins. After that painted I painted on some lighter scars. I am really happy with them. Still have some work to do on the base so I am not done but there you go.
  11. They are part of a unit so there are more. The snow effect is going to be sand. It is made using Sand Texturing Gel from Winsor & Newton. I am using it to try to simulate churned up beach sand in this instance so we shall see if it works.
  12. I imagine a massed cavalry charge with blubber and tusks smashing into the enemy lines. TT combat terrains new sheildmaidens riding walruses. Once I saw them I had to have them. I was not planning on ever building a fantasy army again but now I am sorely tempted.
  13. Liking this lots. Your groundwork is spectacular. If you want to do your own pines search miniature pines on you tube and look for the video from phillipstevens007. I have used his technique and it works. The only thing you have to build is a jig. I built mine from scrap. Nice thing about it is the trees cost pennies, are all individual and you can build them as tall as the length of the bead on the jig. If I want I can make pines up to eighteen inches tall with this one.
  14. Finally removed a project from my box of shame and restarted it. I started the house in 2015. Finally finished the interior and painted it. Still needs weathering and a roof.
  15. Discussion on LAF with the creator was that they were incorporating all the errata into the rules proper, removing some spells, adding new ones, and incorporating all schools of magic into one book. When it was discussed it sounded like they were tidying up the system. I could be way off base but those are the key points the discussion revolved around.
  16. I keep looking at these but have not yet pulled the trigger. Thank you for posting.
  17. Reaper 50235 Edna the crazy cat lady for the statue. The fountain is for Santa Edna de los Gatos.
  18. I did and you did a nice job. However anytime you can have either Carmine Miranda, Frida Kahlo, a manatee or a angry platypus in miniature is a good day. I am looking for all four.
  19. Pre orders are up on the Northstar website. They also have an option for new players to pick up the book, a plastic wizard sprue, solder sprue and the new knight sprue together for one price. That is all the models needed for a warband and the rules in one shot. If anyone is interested.
  20. First look at this I saw the colour on her head and thought it was Carmine Miranda!! Even without the fruit it is very nice!!
  21. Finished up the flocking last night. It only needs to have felt added to the bottom to finished it up. I am just out of spray adhesive at the moment so that will have to wait. Just a mix of static grass various tufts and a bit of light green highlight on the grass. Another hallway shot with the flash. In normal lighting the whole tunnel is visible. Here are some shots with minis for scale. Undead naughty bits in the next image. Shot with a flash. Hope you like.
  22. Work for the day. I pollyfilled the top, added a sand texture and primed black. In this photo I have used a red brown colour for the base highlight on all ground and stones. I highlighted the stones with a dark grey and then highlighted all ground and stones with Khakie Then I applied filter washes (thinned down inks) One more highlight of Khaki on the stones to tone the filters down. Tonight I have already started on the flocking and now see that I forgot to do the last filter of green to simulate moss. Hope you like.
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