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  1. Hi there, its always good to see a familiar face...erm.....avatar! me too! Even if there wasn't a free shipping offer though, shipping for a parcel of similar size and weight would cost a lot less from Heresy than it does from Reaper. Thanks for that, they seem to have a fair chunk of the range.
  2. Goodness me, USPS seems very expensive compared to Royal Mail, you can send a small package to the US from the UK for £2 ($4). Like I said, I wasn't having a rant more like raising a point. I've spent many an hour adding stuff to my cart and reached the payment screen, and said 'sod that, I don't think I'll bother' when I've seen the shipping costs. I like ordering direct from reaper for two reasons, I can get all the minis I want, its rare to find a retailer with a big range of the figures and I can make use of the conversion rates. The downsize is when I make a big order I end up with huge shipping costs and a big import fee to pay when it arrives.
  3. Hi there, Heresy's overseas shipping is very reasonable and if you can find £25 worth of stuff to order, shipping is free. My boyfriend has one of those vampires. The heads fits onto the body with no problems and even though it it quite a simple figure, it looks great painted.
  4. Hi there, I've ordered quite a bit of reaper stuff in the past (from memory I think I've ordered a total of $450 ish over several orders) but I'm always put off by the shipping costs to the UK. I've just been trying to pick out a few figures to order from the DHL line and for just one figure shipping came in at $16 (that's £8) I have been in lurk mode for a while and I've noticed that some people have been saying how expensive it is to import figures from UK companies to the USA, but I know that many UK companies charge far less for their international shipping and I've ordered from other US companies with far more reasonable postage rates as well. I'd be interested to know how much orders shipped to US customers tend to cost (it might work out cheaper for me to have an order delivered to a friend and have her post it to me) and how reaper can justify such high overseas shipping costs in the first place. I'm not having a rant, but it is just frustrating to know that for the price of shipping I could have ordered two or three more figures.
  5. Hi all, this is my first post on this forum, I've been in lurk mode for a while but the Chronoscope previews have made me finally register so I can say how cool they are and how much I am looking forward to seeing what else will be added to the range with future releases.
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