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  1. ERROR 404 ... So where is the information about SCALE????
  2. Is there a particular monster in the Pathfinder/D&D 'verse that is represented by the "Razormouth"? Thanks!
  3. Yeah that's a single painted mini exchange... I was kinda hoping for a box full of minis that I can take from and add to...
  4. Well, it's officially closer to December now... I AM SO IMPATIENT!!!!
  5. Forgot to add: Female Hill Giants Female Fire Giants Preferably to scale with the current "Males" and not in silly poses like that WAY off scale Yephima... Pretty please and thank you.
  6. Catfolk sprues Kitsune sprues Ogre & Giant sized weapon sprues Riding horses War horses Cat & Kit sprues are simply sculpts of cat & fox heads (maybe with or without different helms, wiz hats etc.) tails and perhaps feetpaws that people can convert existing minis into their fav characters. For example, instead of hoping Reaper will sculpt a full size mini of my character, I could convert an armored human paladin into a catfolk paladin. The giant weapons are simply that. Different weapons I can convert onto the Reaper range of ogres and giants. There just aren't any decent riding/ war horse minis out there. No riders necessary. Just horses with proper tack & barding. Thanks for listening!
  7. GF's box is leaving WA State for MattParody. ETA is Wed 8/16. USPS: 9505 5156 1983 7226 1620 83 Would have sent it sooner, but Post Office is closed on Sat/Sun.
  8. And I received it today! Wed. 9AUG17 OOOH! It's Hea-VAY!!
  9. "I'm Mad as Heck and I'm not going to take it anymore! [Quality]" = intent "...the ultimate slap into this 15+ year customer's face..." = attack "The quality of Reaper miniatures sculpts is going down the toilet." = flame "...some [sculpts] are outright ridiculous." = flame It seems pretty clear to me. Yes, you are right, it DOES seem pretty clear when you cut and paste things out of context and disregard all the positive things I have said as well... good job!
  10. That is fine that you disagree. However the quality of a mini encompasses many aspects: Proportion, detail, "realism", pose, construction material, casting process and even how much effort is put into removing flash before stuffing it into a package. As far as Merisiel is concerned, my only gripe is pose. I understand Reaper had nothing to do with this model in particular, but when people say it was based on "actual" pathfinder art, that is not completely true. Most of the Pathfinder minis are sculpted to look almost EXACTLY like the art. Why someone took the liberty to pose her so ridiculously when the art itself was far better, I will never know... I digress. The point I was making with Merisiel is that POSE is an important part of quality. It is an example of a detailed mini that that someone put a lot of time and effort into that is all but ruined with a goofy pose that does not do it justice. Pick your absolute favorite Reaper mini... now, would you still think it was that cool if it was posed as the poster child for the "Ministry of Silly Walks"??? Yes, I am a CAV player. I also love Sandra Garrity's work (not all, but most, and that's ok), but I also love Jason Wiebe's work (not all, but most, and that's ok), Gene Van Horne (not all, but most, and that's ok), as well as Julie Guthrie (not all, but most, and that's ok) and others. But my collection of Dark Heaven and Warlord minis FAR surpasses my CAV because I am a ravenous 3.5/ Pathfinder player. I understand that the BL, swag, etc. programs were perks, NOT rights. Am I sad when soemthing really cool goes away? Hell yes! Who wouldn't be? I NEVER demanded these programs continue, I just voiced my sadness that they were going, going and then gone. I am glad to hear something is in the works to return at some point. That gives me hope and hope is better than nothing at all. To Mr. Pugh: Thank you for listening, though it does come across as sarcastic and disingenuine in some ways and I am not sure who you are aiming it at. I will endeavor to come up with a few specific examples of what I am talking about "quality-wise" that is more than "I just don't like that mini". I would love to do so for your whole line, alas I am not paid to be quality control, but I will try to back up what I have said. AGAIN, I am not trying to just complain. I hope you recognize and appreciate that I temper what I say with positive commentary as well. If you want I will even post it in your new thread. To Anne: While I understand what you are getting at, telling me to go sculpt my own mini if I am not happy is childish. I have SEEN and PURCHASED most of the greatness that REAPER has created. I KNOW they can do BETTER than what I have seen of late. I know the economy sucks and small(er) companies like Reaper suffer greatly for it. I am ONLY asking for Reaper to not lower their standards. So, I am attempting to "work to change it", by expressing my opinion and being constructive about it. I will continure to be MORE constructive and specific as long as Reaper cares to hear me out. To Everyone Else: I am NOT ATTACKING your beloved Reaper for trolling sake or any other nefarious purpose. Please read my posts and UNDERSTAND the intent before replying. I LOVE REAPER MINIATURES! Do YOU not want something you LOVE to ALWAYS strive to be BETTER??? I do. I am saying what I say BECAUSE I care about Reaper. Look at how many posts I have made in my YEARS of being a BL. I do not flame, I do not troll and when I do have something to say, it is for a good damn reason.
  11. First of all, I have assumed neither. Nowhere have I stated either. Just to clarify, I did not make any "ALL" "ALWAYS" "EVERTHING" "REAPER SUCKS" statements. I made my own personal opinion clear in hopes that Reaper will listen to one of their longstanding and loyal customers. I actually feel they should want to listen to their customers. That is why I wrote. It is subjective because it is my opinion. Duh. I also do not expect Reaper to cater to only my tastes, I think it is great that they have always had such a wide selection. I just have noticed a decline in the quality of sculpts over the last few years to the point where I really don't like most of the character models anymore. The monsters, however, have always been great since Mr. Wiebe raised the bar so high in that arena. You cannot tell me straightfaced that the latest additions of CAV and Chrono minis have been made with the same level of quality that Reaper is KNOWN for. These are just examples. I do not want people to think that Merisiel, The Excelsior CAV and Professor Kraken are the only minis I have a problem with. I feel many (not all) releases as of late have not met the high standards I have come to expect from a company that has already proven they can do better. "D&D minis" from WotC have been and always will be utter crap compared with Reaper and I am seeing more and more of the styles of D&D minis creep into the Reaper line and it, frankly, scares me. This is my opinion. It is meant to be constructive and not flaming Reaper (I still love them). I feel like the parent who sees his child earning C's when they had been earning A+'s. I am not here to debate with Reaper zealots. I get it. Reaper can do no wrong in your eyes. That's fine. Good for you. However, since I feel differently, it is my duty to share my thoughts with Reaper because if I never said how I felt, they would never know. For what it's worth, I hope the folks at Reaper are not like GW and actually care about what I have to say.
  12. Ok... I get it, the economy sucks. Over the past sevaral years I have seen Reaper minis cancel, drop, discontinue or otherwise "downsize" so many of it's programs, incentives, perks, swag, games and now... the ultimate slap into this 15+ year customer's face... The quality of Reaper miniatures sculpts is going down the toilet. I have a copy of EVERY issue of Casketworks ever printed and I witnessed REAPER rise from mediocre to THE BEST in the MARKET for its quality of sculpts. Now, with a few exceptions, the minis are becoming less detailed and more generic. Even the poses are awkward or less dynamic, some (like the Merisiel mini, doing her King Tut dance) are outright ridiculous. I am sad to see such a decline in the quality of REAPER product. Some of your stuff is still great, but so much of your new stuff, especially the Chronoscope and latest CAV models are absolutely poor. Here is my hopes for an improved economy so REAPER can improve its overall product.
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