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  1. ERROR 404 ... So where is the information about SCALE????
  2. Is there a particular monster in the Pathfinder/D&D 'verse that is represented by the "Razormouth"? Thanks!
  3. Yeah that's a single painted mini exchange... I was kinda hoping for a box full of minis that I can take from and add to...
  4. Well, it's officially closer to December now... I AM SO IMPATIENT!!!!
  5. Forgot to add: Female Hill Giants Female Fire Giants Preferably to scale with the current "Males" and not in silly poses like that WAY off scale Yephima... Pretty please and thank you.
  6. Catfolk sprues Kitsune sprues Ogre & Giant sized weapon sprues Riding horses War horses Cat & Kit sprues are simply sculpts of cat & fox heads (maybe with or without different helms, wiz hats etc.) tails and perhaps feetpaws that people can convert existing minis into their fav characters. For example, instead of hoping Reaper will sculpt a full size mini of my character, I could convert an armored human paladin into a catfolk paladin. The giant weapons are simply that. Different weapons I can convert onto the Reaper range of ogres and giant
  7. GF's box is leaving WA State for MattParody. ETA is Wed 8/16. USPS: 9505 5156 1983 7226 1620 83 Would have sent it sooner, but Post Office is closed on Sat/Sun.
  8. And I received it today! Wed. 9AUG17 OOOH! It's Hea-VAY!!
  9. "I'm Mad as Heck and I'm not going to take it anymore! [Quality]" = intent "...the ultimate slap into this 15+ year customer's face..." = attack "The quality of Reaper miniatures sculpts is going down the toilet." = flame "...some [sculpts] are outright ridiculous." = flame It seems pretty clear to me. Yes, you are right, it DOES seem pretty clear when you cut and paste things out of context and disregard all the positive things I have said as well... good job!
  10. That is fine that you disagree. However the quality of a mini encompasses many aspects: Proportion, detail, "realism", pose, construction material, casting process and even how much effort is put into removing flash before stuffing it into a package. As far as Merisiel is concerned, my only gripe is pose. I understand Reaper had nothing to do with this model in particular, but when people say it was based on "actual" pathfinder art, that is not completely true. Most of the Pathfinder minis are sculpted to look almost EXACTLY like the art. Why someone took the liberty to pose her so ridi
  11. First of all, I have assumed neither. Nowhere have I stated either. Just to clarify, I did not make any "ALL" "ALWAYS" "EVERTHING" "REAPER SUCKS" statements. I made my own personal opinion clear in hopes that Reaper will listen to one of their longstanding and loyal customers. I actually feel they should want to listen to their customers. That is why I wrote. It is subjective because it is my opinion. Duh. I also do not expect Reaper to cater to only my tastes, I think it is great that they have always had such a wide selection. I just have noticed a decline in the quality of sculpts over
  12. Ok... I get it, the economy sucks. Over the past sevaral years I have seen Reaper minis cancel, drop, discontinue or otherwise "downsize" so many of it's programs, incentives, perks, swag, games and now... the ultimate slap into this 15+ year customer's face... The quality of Reaper miniatures sculpts is going down the toilet. I have a copy of EVERY issue of Casketworks ever printed and I witnessed REAPER rise from mediocre to THE BEST in the MARKET for its quality of sculpts. Now, with a few exceptions, the minis are becoming less detailed and more generic. Even the poses are awkward o
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