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  1. That is an excellent suggestion and I don't mind making some cardboard pieces to fight it out. BTW: I quite understand about depending on what my play style is like will determine the next faction. That's what I like about the Nefsokar. I can go totally undead with mummies, anabis, etc. or go with a desert raiding party of herdsmen, light horse archers, etc. Or to be really brutal...go with both. I think I will use the dwarves and see if they can hold up to an avatar...I'll post what happens. Thanks again for the great idea. >>I guess that depends on what style of Nefsokar army you are going to play; every faction has a fighting chance against >>every other faction. Certain factions excel at particular builds and playstyles, however, which can be more difficult to >>counter by factions poorly equipped to deal with it. For example, a vampire-heavy Nerco list can be brutal, but against >>an army of constructs or other undead, their primary ability is negated. I'd say proxy some minis for another faction, >>and run some test games with them. See if they perform like you'd like them to, then make a decision from there. ~v Th
  2. I'm a big fan of the Nefsokar miniatures and need to make a rival army for my Nefsokar. If I had to choose between a faction to fight my noble "Born of the beautiful God, Sokar, commanded to Guard the Northern Garden", what is the best compliment to them? My favorite miniatures would range from crusader, dwarf, elf, and the necropolis. So among those...which provides the most challenge for my desert denizens? Thanks for the reply
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