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  1. Hey, it's really cool that you paint for Freebooter as well!! I haven't seen this miniature before, not even at the convention I was on yesterday (and Werner showed us quite a few new releases other than this one). I hope I can see it IRL in November when we go to Antwerp. By then I think I can show you the new release that I painted for Freebooter (I think it has to remain secret for now so I can't show it now And I like the dryad like this too, it's so tempting to paint her green. But you already did that
  2. Bren


    So it has been a while since I've painted a Reaper model, but she is finished now! In all her greenness. I'm not quite sure if I'm completely happy with her, but I can't point out exactly what the problem is so everybody's welcome to nitpick Thanks! Link due to nudity
  3. Bren


    Thanks again all, I;m gald you like her! Anne, you can send pictures to Jeremie, I haven't so far... About my face painting mojo, I'm glad I have it but after I've finished the face I often don't feel like painting the rest of the model anymore... the face is the best part IMO. Maybe we can exchange a bit of mojo?
  4. Bren


    Sure, no problem! Base: VGC Earth + VMC Light Flesh Shades: VGC Charred Brown, Pegasus Burgund, VMC Deep Green, Pegasus Weinrot Highlights: GW Snakebite Leather + white I think the most important thing for this miniature was that I finally had enough patience to apply a lot of very thin glazes.That's how I achieved the depth of the skin (when I'm impatient I use too thick glazes which isn't very pretty...).
  5. Bren


    No I don't think she's on Battlefield Berlin, but you can buy her directly from the Kraken store I think. I bought her on a convention last year. The tile work was indeed based on photos, but I combined a lot of them and changed some patterns to make it paintable on such a small scale. One of them was this one: Moroccan fountain
  6. Bren


    Really is that resin? Very soft resin then. I'm not very experienced with resin, but all resin that I've seen was pretty hard... And Marikes version looks nice...
  7. Bren


    It's from Kraken. Real plastic!!!
  8. So it was a while ago already that I posted the WIP from Rhymaïss. I have to admit I didn't paint a lot more on her, the base was enough work already Do you think there needs to be something extra on the base? Like a small pot or a tajine or something? Or is is busy enough already? Thanks! Brenda
  9. First a big thanks to everybody who took the time to nitpick I'm going to check everything you said on the real miniature, I suspect some tiny things might be caused by the photography, but there are certainly things that I agree on (the shading on the belt and the back side of the cloth for example). About that thingie next to her nose, I wasn't sure what it was (a flaw in the sculpt or not) so I decided is was a piercing. The exact location might be a bit odd, but I figured it might be just possible. I guess it needs more shading around it... I'm going to work on it! Thanks again!
  10. No don't feel awkward! It's those tiny things I want to hear! Thanks!
  11. So I don't often post WIPs. I actually don't know why... but this time I just want to paint this mini really good, I think she deserves it. I haven't painted such a nice mini in a long time (hooray for plastic it seems... ) So please comment every single thing you don't like and needs to be improved (hence the big pictures).
  12. @ dks: you exactly named the things I wish I had more time to work on... 1. the hair. It is too warm indeed. I was afraid it would end as one big grey mass, but this is not as I intended either. 2. the gloves. Because of the size of the right hand I decided to paint them as gloves. IRL the gloves are more different from the skintone, but I could have done better. 3. the flames. I was a bit confused I guess with the flames on a winter themed model... so that's what I painted last. I didn't mean to paint them as a light source (didn't have the time at all to paint OSL ). Then I made a huge mistake and painted them bright green (as in really bright bile green) which was horrible, so I covered it up with blue and felt she had to be finished. So all in all there are some things I quite like, but some areas could have had more attention. If only a day had 48 hours...
  13. Thanks for the kind words! The colors I used for the skin: VGC Steel Grey, VGC Electric Blue, VGC White and Burgundy from Pegasus Farben (a German brand). I mixed the first three to a pale grey shade, highlighted up to white and shaded with glazes of the steel grey and burgundy.
  14. Yes, a Fire Sorceress. In a winter contest. I can't help it, it was the only Reaper mini I still had... and as it was lying around way too long already I decided to paint it in a cold color scheme. I hope it's a bit credible, all comments are welcome!
  15. Here's my entry, it's Pharess the Fire Sorceress... I know it's a bit strange to enter a Fire Sorceress in a Winter Competition but it was the only Reaper mini I still had I hope I managed to hide the firey bits and create an icy feel. So I guess she's an Ice Sorceress now
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