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  1. For more bloodshed, make it a figure '8' track. The players will be crossing over each other, make a nasty little fire zone.

    Throw in some hills, obstacles etc. and yeah this could be an amazing event.

    Hmmm...maybe something for Origins...

  2. If I ever get the bases for them and some pics, I'll post my Psyros...mostly based off of old Starsiege Cybrids (to get a sufficiently different look from normal CAVs) - actually turned out pretty good.
  3. Hmmm...okay, good reason for me to get around to fixing up mine now :-)

    Looking good.

    I would suggest possibly doing DTs/stats for each turret, the island, and the main hull. Either let the players target specific points, or randomize hits (big enough that maybe a random hit is easier, but you don't know what you're going to be hitting?)

    Torpedoes you could just make similar to a whisper in stats.

    Scenario ideas are easy...some good ones posted before.

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