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  1. Nice! She’s about to tell someone where they can put something …
  2. I typically glue the base to a steel plates made by wargame accessories with superglue. They make several sizes that work well will 1 inch/25mm square battle maps. Then use a putty, or Vallejo’s diorama effects to buildup around and slightly over the base. Vallejo has a good variety of basing stuff. Once’s that dries I paint it with cheaper acrylic paint like folk art or delta ceramcoat and let that dry. Want the color to support whatever I add to the top. For the grass I use woodland scenics or gf9 flocking, the also have a variety of seasonal grasses and colored sand/stones. I glue it with 50-50 mix of water_clear Elmer’s school glue that I carefully paint (heavy coat) on the base. I heap the scenics on the glue and use a small brush to push it around and lightly tamp down on it. Don’t want to mash it, but give it enough to set in the glue. Then I turn the figure upside down over a container to catch the loose stuff. And gently tap the base sides to free extra and help the grass to stand up. I will move the grass away and add superglue for the flowers, logs, etc. After the glue sets up I Then I spray a matte coat on the figure and this seems to keep the grass up I like to blend in the unit leaders so they’re not so obvious, they always think the coolest figure is the boss
  3. Thanks. I use the flowers as a way to tell them apart when keeping track of actions and damage
  4. Great dog there! Sick-em boy!
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