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  1. Thanks! I think I painted Helena 10 years ago maybe 15, ugh time flys. Thanks for the research! This is Sparta! Kicking A-holes down wells since 480BC…
  2. Thanks. I’m gonna see if there are others that are similar. I pinned the shield/hand to the arm. Superglue wouldn’t last by itself. He’ll be on the table top in a week or so. I didn’t pin the scabbard, hopefully it won’t handled
  3. Super fun to paint, all Reaper Paints, the base is Vallejo- Sandy Paste with a Reaper sandy tan base coat and Minotaur hide wash. The shoulder armor is powderburn brown with powderburn brown+drops of leather brown for highlights. Really liked the armors color, I have been wanting to use that color. Really happy with the eyes first mini in about 2 dozen whose eyes don’t looked like the guy was kicked in the side of the head by a horse. Shield looked spiffy too, which is key to any self respecting spartan
  4. Just great, thanks…my wife saw this and now there is an expectation I will have to do this romantic flower stuff into the afterlife. I thought I was going to be able to relax and catch on my backlog of unpainted minis…. Thanks a lot…. it is a very cool scene. Nice job!
  5. Yes, but she can also be a real Diva some days Thanks! I will give that a shot!
  6. First try at NMM gold. All reaper paints. She sat in the box of unpainted shame for about 3 years
  7. I’ve felt that hung over before…. He will be awesome as part of an entire crew
  8. Great figure, like the eyes and fur a lot!
  9. That’s one cut hombre! Good job!
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