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  1. Need a few touch ups and some highlights.
  2. Thank you! now I don’t remember when or where I got it....
  3. Kinda fun to paint. I still need to work on my iPhone photography.
  4. Need help figuring out the name and model number of this mini. I removed it from its packaging years ago and have finally decided it’s been on the shelf of procrastination for long enough. But now I don’t know the name. I’m fairly sure it’s reaper but won’t bet on it. Maybe OOP i appreciate any help thx
  5. Tried to paint the Griffon to look like Buckbeak (a hippogriff I could not locate) for a friend’s HP diorama.
  6. Finally finished an NPC mage that plays a recurring role in my campaign. Now that she’s done the party will probably never return to her castle .. fun to paint
  7. Thank you all! It was a great day!
  8. Thanks, I have a bunch of bones minions I just keep in a bag and throw on the table for quick encounters. I didn’t have giants and demons I should paint :)
  9. Thanks for the feedback, your comments are fine. I may apply a quick dry bush when I do another, I have two more lol. Thx
  10. Wanted to see how the WizKids preprimed figs were, I was going to use it unpainted since it was plastic but also need to kill time between my other figs drying, so I gave it a shot. Came out fine for my tabletop game. Will try some of the hordes of reaper bones I’ve stockpiled from the kickstarters. I’ve always been concerned about the paint flaking from pieces bending
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