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  1. Very nice! What colors did you use for the straps and belts?
  2. He should have taken better care of himself, he looks so run down and beat to death…..
  3. Wikipedia has some more https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orcus#:~:text=The origins of Orcus may,it actually depicts a Cyclops. The link name is only a part of it Thanks for the comments. Used reaper paints. Moldy skin, with a light walnut brown wash and Flesh wash
  4. A leader for my undead minions. Really tried to blend and shade more with mini. A couple of touch ups and it’s ready to seal
  5. I have to get better at blending/layering.
  6. I like giants almost as much as orc and Anhurians, just a few touch ups and a pair of chain that attach to his waist.
  7. Anhurians ride! Very nice, good awesome, etc, etc…. I must now have Anhurian cavalry.
  8. I like painting skeletons, Anhurians, and orcs the most
  9. She’s gonna end up with a Amazon series…
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