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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I can’t tell you how many attempts I made on that sword, lots of swearing. Lots of videos but not enough patience
  2. Very nice! She looks like she was fun to paint, the pants are great!
  3. First experience with bones USA line and kinda of like it. Tried to work on glow effect on the sword
  4. I added four gratuitous flank shots for you. Thank for the bonus points! I like the goblins to be ruddy to a deeper red brown
  5. Needs a better camera set up I think. The goblins painted up nicely
  6. They look really good! Now I’m going to look in the box of shame and find my packs. Lol
  7. That mask will scared the dickens or lovecraft out of your players. Very nice
  8. Nice mini! Pork chops taste good, bacon taste good, unless that pig has a better personality than that Arnold from Green Acres, it’s destined for the griddle!
  9. Thanks! I think I painted Helena 10 years ago maybe 15, ugh time flys. Thanks for the research! This is Sparta! Kicking A-holes down wells since 480BC…
  10. Thanks. I’m gonna see if there are others that are similar. I pinned the shield/hand to the arm. Superglue wouldn’t last by itself. He’ll be on the table top in a week or so. I didn’t pin the scabbard, hopefully it won’t handled
  11. Super fun to paint, all Reaper Paints, the base is Vallejo- Sandy Paste with a Reaper sandy tan base coat and Minotaur hide wash. The shoulder armor is powderburn brown with powderburn brown+drops of leather brown for highlights. Really liked the armors color, I have been wanting to use that color. Really happy with the eyes first mini in about 2 dozen whose eyes don’t looked like the guy was kicked in the side of the head by a horse. Shield looked spiffy too, which is key to any self respecting spartan
  12. Just great, thanks…my wife saw this and now there is an expectation I will have to do this romantic flower stuff into the afterlife. I thought I was going to be able to relax and catch on my backlog of unpainted minis…. Thanks a lot…. it is a very cool scene. Nice job!
  13. Yes, but she can also be a real Diva some days Thanks! I will give that a shot!
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