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  1. I now keep the old hard drives, i no longer have access to the programs used to wipe drives. Simply deleting the HD doesnt mean the information is really gone. Its pretty easy to recover
  2. I know that shoplifters tanked a LGS in our town this spring. It was a family store that catored to the CCGs, WotC games and Warmachine crowd. The CCGs were too easy to pocket so, when they worked in teams to distract the clerk/owner, the other dirtbags would steal. They only think that it doesnt hurt the store, but depending on the profit margin on the product it could be devastating to a small store. at a 1% PM they would have to sell $400 of product to make up for a pack of cards or a mini, at 10%-that same pack/mini would need $40 of additional sales. I dont know how the gaming industry sets their margins but thats a hard task to recover losses. A bad couple of weeks + the thefts tanked the store...
  3. Found out yesterday that the last remaining local gaming shop has went under. Thats the 3rd, and last gaiming store to close in my area. To include a Hobbytown USA franchise. One would think with a pop. of 40k+ the town could support a gaming shop
  4. When I picked the GM reigns back up (3.5v), following my retirement, I ran for a group of five players. Everyone of them had gamed/GM'd for at least 20 years in the same group I left 21 years prior. So, i was able to bring a new view/approach to the game, new house rules, vision, etc... I digress. I ran the campaign every monday for about 9 months and it was pretty successful at keeping them on their toes. Their very first encounter set the stage for the entire campaign. After working up the characters and going thru the process of relating thier personal history, they formed a group and celebrated receiving the "First commission," at the tavern during lunch. During the celebration a couple of the members decided to mess with a townie they refered to as "Oh Stable Boy" (it was his job). Obvioulsy a 1st level commoner isnt going to square off against a party of adventures so he mumbles under his breath and heads back to his work. The big bad adventures ended up following the stable boy to his barn. Mind you, none of this was planned (they got themselves into trouble very easily). The three (1 fighter, 1 ranger, and 1 rogue) cornered the Stable hand who grabbed a pitch fork to defend him self. It was a classic case of poetic justice, by the end of the third round the commoner had crit both the fighter and the thief (who were unconcious) and was chasing the ranger around the barn. The remaining two members, a wizard and a cleric had to calm the commoner down to save the ranger. It was one of the best impropto sessions that we had. The ranger developed a phobia to pitch fork and the fighter and the thief would forever be chided in the little border fort for the next 6 months. Dice rolls and karma, there might be a link, i don't know, the party sure did...
  5. The dremel bit set you may be looking for includes Includes 1/32" drill bit (use #483 collet) 3/64" drill bit (use #483 collet) 1/16" drill bit (use #482 collet) 5/64" drill bit (use #481 collet) 3/32" drill bit (use #481 collet) 7/64" drill bit (use #480 collet) 1/8" drill bit (use #480 collet) I use paper clips for most of my pinning, which requires the smallest or the second smallest bit. So far so good. Some of the posts refer to brass or copper wire/rods that come in varing guages as well
  6. John Sandford "Invisible Prey" David McCullough "John Adams" and waiting impatiently for Erikson (Mazalan Book of the Fallen) and GRR Martin's (Song of Ice and Fire) to get published
  7. If you are going to drill thru plexiglass and fix it to the table then you may want to check s"Lowes" or "Home Despot" for felt or rubber gromets/washers (also for the knife/tool designed to cut it). Its very easy to send a crack thru plexi after drilling a hole in it or screwing/bolting it to another surface. There are also special cleaners that you can use on the plexi to keep it from getting cloudy/foggy. Ammonia & alcohol based cleaners will eventually mar/cloud the surface
  8. I will join in the silliness, but in all seriousiness, you must pay homage to the "Mistress of Paints"
  9. Another trick to gaining control of the portions is to drink a cup of water before the meal, it will fill up the space. I may joining the group as well, since i retired I have allowed the poundage to creep onto the waist line...
  10. I started using a dremel as well, the speed of the bit can make it a challenge to not mar the surface of the figure so it takes a little practice to get used to the spin I will have to try using the wax; thanx McC; and will also try using the wad of silly puty to hold the fig. Listen to Joe K, he seems to always offer sound advice for minis
  11. I am diggin' the elf rangers and the Dark Elf Tunnel ranger and the Goth sorceress. I will have to add those to the huge pile of never to be painted minis
  12. Thats doesnt seem a bad idea, swag points for minis, bases/body parts/weapons, or paints
  13. I got a paint rack as well and used it for a bit until i realized what a pain it was to find the paint bottle i needed & then i started buying masters series and other brands and they didnt fit very well either. So, the rack went to the garage. It seems as if it would be good for those folks that are in the retail business and wanted to display/store propaints. Reaper Swag for Reaper bucks is a good deal. I may have to undertake the migration to ReaperCon next year
  14. Great job, I really like this one and will have to pick it up
  15. Keep at it, remember if you want the optimal result from a cardio work out you have to keep your heart rate up for about 30 minutes to really gain any significant affect on your metabolism and cardio health. So keep trying to build your endurance so that you can do 30 minutes. And because of over exerting your muscles. Try working them a day and resting them a day, that averages out to 3.5 cardio/endurance sessions a week if you run a two week plan. But you can safely work your abs everyday:) Remember a little fat in the diet is good for you, if you cut it all your body will go into a kind of "starvation mode" and will store everything it can and use your muscles for fuel. Keep up the good work and remember to stay positive.
  16. Great job, 90 minutes... heck, I couldnt do that in a week. Great colors and basing, makes me want to put on a coat
  17. Since, it was my question that was quoted, i figure I should expound a little further... (Since the thread is already this long), the army packs seem reasonable but the leader types are too pricey, that was my point. I no wish a response to that point as it has been worked over quite thoroughly. What are the difference between the two systems (Warlord and WHFB/40K/??) Unfortunately I do not have to a FLGS (only DDM and GW) to compare both systems. I get the impression that WL is a smaller skirmish game and the WHFB40K... is oriented to having a large army?
  18. I have watched this on-going thread for a while and some folks seem to beat themselves up to much on their post for failing/falling off the wagon. Its ok to have set backs and its ok to make mistakes. The point is to give it an honest effort. Start small and work into your program, if you make too many or too drastic changes to your routine it is easier to be discouraged/quit. In contrast, smaller changes are more easily assimilated and will give a sense of accomplishment. The Army had a weight loss goal of 3-8 pounds per month for over-weight soldiers (avg 2lbs per week) and they would normally work out 4-5 times per week for 45-60 minutes per session (not to mention the extra physical training they would rcvd from their Squad or scetion leaders). So, it really takes a lot of work and retaining (getting rid of bad habits), so please dont be discouraged if you don't get drastic results immediately. Also, dont jump into a full work out routine; it may be bad for you body and ego. Again, the key is to start easy and work into an advanced program as your body responds. Everything is a step. Get yourself a partner in crime and/or coach to help you stay motivated and provide encouragement My hats off to Rastl for keeping the thread going and providing encouragement!!!!
  19. Gimp, Where do you get you D.H gear? FLGS or online? I'll look inot that as well, Thanks Kit C
  20. I have played SL on and of for about 25 years, never made it out of the 1st Box because of the time breaks and having to get refamiliarized with rules over and over. The group I run with enjoys the war games but now the rule heavy ones. Plus they are Drawn like "moths to flames" when it comes to mini/models. I just noticed FoW on the miniaturemarket.com website and wanted some insite on the game.
  21. Has anyone used the the Flames of War system? I want to introduce my group to a more traditional style historic miniatures game and It looks interesting. I have introduced them to Squad Leader by Avalon Hill, but since they are generally RPG gamers that have gotten used to the 3D figures so they were not to excited about the card board chits. They appreciated the war game but seemed to need a more visual description.... So before I/we drop the $ for a couple of armies I would like to hear some honest evaluations from anyone that has used the Flames of War system. So, if you have play tested it or frequently participate in a game, I would value your opinion. Thanks, Kit
  22. She'll trade a broke wrist for causing a massive chest wound...Maybe she has a magic buffer assembly in the handgrip of the pistol...it sure is large enough. I still like the mini
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