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  1. HA! And some people think Khardullis has a cult following! #?)..You have ever responded to an email, letter, etc... "Sophie be praised!" Hmmm... Sophie Be Praised... interesting...
  2. Good conversion, that pirate is gonna 'jack you for your ship
  3. Sword looks ok, maybe a bit of highlight along the cutting edge, she looks as if she takes care of her tools
  4. Nice, It maybe the pic but it looks like there is a bit of red color from her coat that bleed on to her hand in the bottom right pic. I really cant be certain from the view
  5. 15) You have too many minis when you get Christmas cards and other seasonal greetings Fedex'd to your residence from ReaperBryan and Company... 16) You are approved for the ReaperMini Visa 17) Your reaper mini Visa's acct #s are worn off the card... 18) You frequently ask "Sophie" what she wants for dinner
  6. I think your players will foul themselves....Thats just a mean thing to do to them. Good going so far
  7. Great job on the BB ldr, Reaper's bugbears are fun to paint. Great basing and detail work. My only comment would be that he may be a little too clean, weapons, gear, hair. But that is really a minor issue and my not be the affect you were originally after anyway. great job.
  8. Why not do a price analysis compared to say Warlord and see if its overpriced? Damon. I should have been a bit more specific, I am basing my opinion on the quality of the GW vs thir price and the quality of other lines and thier prices. Not game system vs game system. In a system comparison, I would still be at a complete loss because i dont play either of them or had the opportunity to see either in action. We had two FLGS go out of business this summer, only 1 left struggling to make due.
  9. Incredible, simply incredible
  10. What is the great attraction to GW? Why does this company seem to command so many FLGS? IMHO this product is extremely over priced, I dont know about the system itself i never have played it due to the cost of the figs. Can someone enlighten me?
  11. Ah, you seem to be used to the western dialect "m'kaay" which while it sounds the name has a completely different meaning. In the World of Shiny Things "M'kay" should be interpreted to mean "Any formerly difficult problems have been resolved to a smooth, shiny result." I can see how this might confuse you. Unfortunately I know the need for handling rules right from the start. Even in my well-mannered campaign I've had a few figs damaged by careless (but well-meaning) players. We have little signs for common problems and one of them is "Wings are not handles!". Our GM has a fondness for pegasai. To be honest I haven't watched South Park after the second season so I can understand they made a song out of Mr. Garrison's key phrase I have absolutely no idea what it is. I can guess tho. Once the weather isn't so humid I can prime the remaining figs and get a group shot of them in their tidy whities. I think i got it. Thanks, M'kay?
  12. Sounds mostly like a misunderstanding. I think most reasonable people who frequently game at a FLGS know when special events are being held and probably game on the same night each week. Running an Events Schedule is time consuming and doesn't leave alot of flexibility for whimsical changes to any an event because the success of the event is predicated on the attendance of the target audience. That being said, if Beo's group was bumped at the last minute, then i can see why they were up set; but, if this had been planned in advance and their group did not make arrangements then the 'onus' is on them. Communication is the key.
  13. "M'kay" is that any language that the "Goddess of shiny things" should be using on a family forum? Need we remind you of Mr Garrison of South Park Elementary M'kay song? Sheesh, I am a little dissappointed, and surprised your post wasn't censored.... Its good that you are making handling rules, I have had to prohibit one of our gaming group from touching any of my painted minis and he may only use/touch the ugly DDMs from WotC. Unfortunately the lazy schmo doesnt have any of his own minis...
  14. Thanks for working that out Rast, i have delayed this fig a bit. Now its time to paint the fairy... that doesnt sound very nice does it?
  15. Beer and pretzels games Car Wars, Risk or Villians and Vigilantes
  16. Get with your fellow FLGS gamers and approach the owner as group to express your disappointment and offer a recommendation/alternative that accommodates your group. If it doesnt work, then boycott the store and find a new FLGS for your business
  17. [ Interesting. I never recall seeing nor even hearing about any of these surveys/questionaires. Where were they sending them/running them? I find myself wondering if the avenues they chose to collect the data in influenced the results of their surveys. I am pretty sure they either had a link on their website or from piazo's web site in response to a purchase. I can't remember which but you did have to register and this went on for about a year. I got a questionaire about every 3 months that mainly covered buying habits and preferences, education level, general likes and dislikes about the RPG, gaming styles, computer vs paper, what rpgs were played etc. It may have occured as early as Oct/'05. but it was a link to an offical WotC business site.
  18. I would like to to see the marketing studies, that WotC conducted prior to embarking on 4E. I wouldn't think that Hasbro would embark on a marketing ploy that purposely tanks/risks one of their more well known brands without some sort of market research encouragement. But, I guess stranger things have happened... I do recollect that in '05/'06 that WotC had conducted a lot of on line questionaires about what products were being purchased, frequency, amounts, demographics, etc... That information provided their target audience. Had I thought about that at the time, I would have seen the writing on the wall. I started gaming in '79 and have mostly played in the 1st and 3.5 editions, thankfully my career and numerous deployments caused me to miss both the 2nd and 3.0 editions, except for some guest appearancee while on leave. Which may affect my opinion on buying into a new paltform ( But I still would rather run 3.5 to 1st ed. any day). So, whether WotC stayed with 3.5 or goes to 4.0 does not really impact the way I will spend my cash because at this point I wasnt spending very much on any of their products (it all goes toward minis and paints now). After the core books and some of the add ons I stopped buying them at anything other than a discount or used price through secondary markets. The game to most in my group is more of a social outlet then a diehard toe-the-line rpg rules convention. Each of the GMs, (we rotate with 2 GMs running thier on-going campaigns everyother week) has their own flavored house rules and settting. So, we dont really depend on WotC to publish books to bring us new concepts. So, with all that rambling out of the way, my group is not the target audience for WotC, and more than likely, most long standing RPG groups of older players are probably in a situation similar to ours. So, 4th Ed is targeted at the newer/younger gamers or those that favor purchasing already formatted material instead of spending the time of trial and error testing their own creativity. I am not bagging on the new gamers, they may not have the time or the desire to spend on the creative process. My group experienced the same thing when we first started decades ago. More money than patience. I will take a wait-&-see approach to 4ed to place value. I haven't meet anyone that has played 4ed and I have yet to look at the final version of the material. Like most things I have to see the product first hand and meet the users face to face, before I dig into the pocket and drop the 'Benjamins.' Some of the stuff on the offical website seems decent and I have already adapted some new (minor) house rules (of course I have adopted some of pathfinders stuff as well); while of the stuff seems like crap without seeing the entire picture, but that is the same with any edition.
  19. DE3, Great mini, I will have to go and strip the paint of my version and try again. Is he a display, commission or a gaming piece?
  20. The lawn cop probably doesnt like issuing the citation as much as you dont like receiving it. I can imagine he or she would rather being doing other things as well... In addition to the dangers mentioned by Enchantra, the high weeds also provides a way for the vermin to enter you home, esp wood destroying insects, ants, and mice, all are vectors for diseases and other illnesses. This also holds true for the homes near yours as well. This is not to mention the reduction of property values It sounds like the responsibilites of caring for your father, mantaining the property, and working may be too much for just you. If you can not enlist the aid of other family members, you may have to consider whether or not you need to sell the house and acquire a condo or an apartment where the maintenace is provided. Tough decisions indeed, and as you already know the consideration for the well being of your family is the priority. There is a saying in the area where I grew up: "If you need something done, ask a busy man..."
  21. Sweet, i like the colors, it gives a good WWII feel. Good chalk work, our servicemen always seem to write notes on ordnance
  22. Call her "Woodstock Sophie". You can put her on a rotating music stand that plays Hendrix and Joplin
  23. Thanks for the critiques. Eyes have always been hit or miss, I have to go back and look over some tutorials on eyes and OKF's blending instrutions. I have some basing materials that i can use for rocks, I have been adding to the bases little by little. The archers were my first new paint jobs in a while, I just finsihed priming some undead chain gang guys.
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