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  1. I think you did a great job, What miniature line did she come from?
  2. Your paint job looks good and I dont think there is any problem with the way the grass looks. I do agree that the size of the base may take a little away from the mini but we only have one angle to view, so its hard to say. What I noticed first, was that the mini seems to have a HUGE head; its not in scale with his body. Almost like a bobble head doll. Its not anything you did, its just the way the mini was sculpted, Julie gave the poor guy a water head...
  3. Thanks D.W. I had totally forgotten about DDM, they may be a good fall back option
  4. Amalor, the bear kicks butt! It should strike fear in your players
  5. Try mega miniatures. Mega Miniatures - Catsminiaturemarket.com/inc/sdetail/38459
  6. Alchemist, I think Swiftblade may do the trick, I'll just blend the personality to to be 50/50 Inigo-Errol Thanks for the help Crunch; I agree Diego looks like the 6 fingered man, that or miniaturized version of a Pirate Chucky Doll
  7. Sorry Hamish I meant to address you. Good Job as usual Hamish
  8. Good job Amalor, I like the expression on his face as if someone was about to be Thumped/Smited. I tried to get this fig from another site but they sold hours within a couple hours of its first posting
  9. Thoth and Sheadra are both excellent figs!
  10. Not quite what I was looking for needs to be more pirate-ish, not enough flair/attitude and maybe needs a rapier. I am not stuck on any particular brand name if reaper/warlord doesnt have a good fig in thier line Thanks,
  11. I am looking for a good 25/28mm figure to portray a Swashbuckler Character I am Envisioning Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride or maybe even Errol Flynn
  12. I was hesitant to believe that MD Jr could pull this off, I new he could portray a drunk/addict/partyhound (less than zero/real life) but wasnt sure he could pull off the super hero He pulled it off, Great movie Another piece of useless information is that Jon Favreau also played a LineBacker in The Replacements (Howard Deutch) with Keanu Reeves & Gene Hackman And Ms Paltrow was just fine...;)
  13. ShinerCon.... Makes me almost able to remember my days at Fort Hood....
  14. No better reason than that. I think I can top it, though it may require an excess of parentheses - my extremely pregnant wife is booked for a C-section in a couple of days and has been in early stage labour for 3 weeks now (apparently that is possible - who knew? Our son was born 6.5 weeks early and very suddenly, 2 years less a day before the scheduled C-section, so this part never came up before). This one, our second, is a girl. Apparently that (the imminent delivery etc. - not the baby's gender) means I can't leave her (the wife, not the unborn baby girl... though a strong case could be made) alone at our house in the middle of nowhere with no car (our mini-van is near death and we won't be trading it in for a new car until today just after she picks me up after work in our other vehicle) for days at a time. I've been pretty much chained to her side all month - I think the cabin fever has me almost as eager for this delivery as she is, despite having no 10+ pound(!) baby inside me. Plus, currently-high-maintenance wife aside, I'm not exactly eager to try my luck at crossing the US border. What can I say; I was young once upon a time, and those customs agents have very long memories... 'Nuff said. ...Too much, probably. Kang Congrat and Good luck to you & your wife!
  15. Thanks for your comments Legion, After spending the last couple of weeks redoing bases and fixing chips and dings on my TTops. I just finished 3 elven archers from a Warlord unit box. (Photos not included) I gave it a valient attempt at adding highlights. I will have to make other valient attempts to get this technique under control. I attained somewhat of a meager success with the cloaks but I could kick myself in the butt for how the faces turned out... I just had to mess with them one time too many... damn. I guess i will call them the Fugly brothers ...
  16. The gamers I meet with have all complained about the 4th Ed stuff as well. Some made minor gripes, other jokes, and we even have one predicting the end of gaming because Wotc, or Satan as he refers to them, is changing his game. (Kind of strange a D&D gamer calling something else satan... weird) Does it really matter if/when WotC goes to 4Ed? If it does too poorly then the market will demand a change or the company will either change, sell the rights or sink. I cant remember the last time I paid full price for any of their products anyway. We never bought into eberron setting or any of the premade modules. I have primarily gamed with the same group since the mid 80s, and each GM has created their own campaigns/worlds/adventures... I may be like most older gamers, in that I am never truely happy with any rule set, and after learning the system and the rationale behind the rules I make modifications to suit a percieved need of my group or to match the flavor of my campaign I have a huge, tabbed, 3-Ring binder with modifications I have made to 3.5, that range from my campaign requirements, healing, classes, magic changes, deities, combat rules, etc... a bit of the "house rules" include information from outside source material that I have found in other RPGs that suit my needs. I am not going to pack up the 3.5 for 4th Ed becuase I am too heavily vested in the system I already have, the system is not perfect but it evolves and is tweaked from time to time. However, I will look over the 4th Ed source material and take any information from it that I find useful and add it to the system run now. As far as WotC just trying to make money, that's what capitalism and the freemarket is all about, dont buy it if you dont want it. There is so much 3.5 crap out there you may be hard pressed to find anyone that has used it all. Plus the game is to stimulate the imagination not confine between the covers of any particular edition. Make your own rules!
  17. I think 6th ID was the nominal command for the post, it was changed to 2d Army (West)
  18. Fort Carson is home of the 3ACR, 4th Infantry Divison, 43rd ASG and 10th SF, 2BCT/2ID...no 6th Mech as a major organization
  19. Good detail in the work, I like the vines and the flowers. Did you intend for her to be Glossy/Shiney?
  20. Flocked the heck out of 30 more DHL, warmachine and warlord bases, just basic solids (one color), plahying catch up for all the crap i have painted already, but never based, until I had seen what you yahoo's have done. I have about a dozen minis primed and partially painted waiting in the wings for me to get motivated
  21. I just tried the brown wash on the armor, I like the results so far, i have also used Citadel scab red with a drybrush to add some rust. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried with the stonework for the ogre/ettin bases, didnt work out as well. It sucked actually so i had to repaint a medium gray and black ink/wash them again. I glued the smaller minis (DHL) to 1" sq, 24 gauge stamped steel bases to provide stablility on the gaming table (clumsy players and errant dice play havoc on the table) and depending on the larger minis I used 2" sq stamped steel as well to maintain uniformity. Taking Wren's advice, I have started to improve the bases, so i needed a material to build up the base to an equal height as the mini so I used drywall compound to make the stone surface for the ettins/ogres. It sucked up a lot of paint at first until i gave it a thin coat of watered (2:1) down White Elmers to seal it and keep it from flaking. I have used it to build up the bases to even the tops of the smaller minis as well, after it is sealed and given a base coat of paint I have added flocking/grass etc. Nothing grand because the minis were already painted, just something to give a highlight and to remove the distraction of a steel plate. I tried Green stuff but it is much harder to work with and much too expensive for the basic work I was doing. Thanks Amalor, AoO, Kang, Maddog & Wren for your comments and suggestions as well, I think the paint on sealant will also help protect the mini as i handle it. Now i have to get the layered look to work out. Thanks again
  22. Great mini! Love the color schemes and the bird!
  23. If they arrived via Row Boat, does that mean they will be distributed via horse and buggy? Or maybe the Pony Express? May 28th? The shipping department must be giving each of them a hug before they are packaged...
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