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  1. Thanks. I think these will stay as they are, maybe when they get dinged up and need a touch up i will try to add some of your suggestions. Do you add a brown ink wash to "dirty or weather" your armor? What triad do you use for shading whites, for example what you have used for the Overlord's capes?
  2. renaissanceink.net sells 1" square flat metal bases made 24 gage steel. They are no frills bases and are good to build on. The bases are a true fit on most of the vinyl mats we have used, they also make 2" sq as well, along with wood, plastic, etc.
  3. This guy was created to provide comic relief to law enforcement officers
  4. Aerosmith and AC/DC, and the hokie pokie for the clowns i need to screen
  5. You may try some of the discount sites like miniaturemarket.com or FRPgames.com, you can find some close out deals, most of thier stuff is normally 20% discounted
  6. Thanks for your comments. Layering is a technique I havent got a handle on yet. I have recently started with using inks and like the results. Is it a good idea to go back and attempt to add the shading or highlights to a finished mini? Or, should i just save that for future figures?
  7. Thanks, thats a good suggestion. I all so missed filing some of the seems, in my earlier works i didnt have the tools and only shaved down the major flashing. Black washing was a lot quicker in the beginning but I definately see the advantage in using a couple layers. I also need to work on camera and lighting skills, they seem a bit dark.
  8. This thread is a bic Picture heavy
  9. After a long hiatus from painting (21 years) I have, over the last year, resumed painting minis to support my gaming group. The minis that are attached are table top minis. I do not paint for competitions or display any collections; I paint to enhance the visual experience of my game. I am truely in awe of many of the figures that get posted in the forum, there is a tremendous amount talent working this site and I have taken myriad tips and techniques from most of you. I want to thank Wren for her advice and "how-to's," especially for basing and materials. I use the figures posted so, forgive the knicks and dings and shiney finishes. I prefer a matte finish but in order to gain a durable protective coat the matte will turn gloss as times...doh! Keeping the perspective of painting for Table Top gaming, I eagerly look forward to your comments and suggestions
  10. Great Mini, do you use your minis for competition, collections, or table top gaming?
  11. Your assumptions may look to be true on the surface, but the reality is that most of those who join the military are not the alturistic "Patriots" in which you allude. They are, one-and-all, damned fine Americans (or soon to be Americans). The reality is that a job, experience, money for college, loan repayment, and cash bonuses are the most common motivators. The love of your country, branch of service, unit, etc, are the motivators that keep you in after your first "hitch" is complete. You're correct in thinking that a career in the military may not be for everyone, I agree as well; however, you will not truely know that until you served a tour... 21.5 years of Army Sevice provides me that perspective
  12. If you have a degree and still cant get a job then enlist or seek a commission in the military and pay off your student loans while getting your masters, learning leadership skills, and benefitting from the experience that comes from teamwork and making decisions
  13. I definately looks as if you had a busy week indeed... Great work. Good job on that orc, you made him look better then it was probably intended to look
  14. Add: Nail: Metallic hardware fastner (various sizes) used to secure 2x4's together; often confused & improperly replaced with the hardened piece of skin at the end of one's finger. Commonly requires the use of the Damit Tool and 1st aid kit
  15. The ghoul queen is fantastic just like the other 6, but the mercenary's yellow plume could stand to be a bit more weathered to go with the rest of the fig. You do Great work and are very talented
  16. If you are still looking for pumice paste try miniaturemarket, i just rcvd some from there last week
  17. Thanks, I figure that I will still stick with the white primer or try the gray
  18. Whether you have painted 1 or 8 your work is definately on track, better then a major portion of CMoN. But just even a little work on the base of #1 would do wonders. The other 3 are great, love the orc and the red head
  19. Thanks for the Feed back, I will check at the local Pep Boys. I have noticed alot of painters in the forums use black for the primer, how do you keep from losing the finer details of the mini. I have to struggle quite a bit to pull (detect) the details of the mini when i do use black. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips/pointers to resolve that issue?
  20. I like the base work on the black orc, i have jsut started working on the bases for my table top folks. How did you create the stones behind the orc?

  21. I am not familiar with duplicolor, is it available at Craft shops or Lowes?
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