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  1. Added a squad of spear men to the city watch. Took a couple more sessions then I planned because I couldn’t leave well enough alone with touch ups and fixing the touch ups I touched up..... I need to work on the eyes critiques and comments welcome.
  2. Memories indeed, I still have pieces of this set rattling around the bottom of a footlocker :). Very nice painting
  3. Like them both! Great work. What’s the name of the drow figure? Is that wizkids too?
  4. They are Santa's town guard, seems the only time of the year that i get to work on the militia
  5. Adding to my table Top town militia. I think I forgot their pupils!
  6. Your figures are incredible
  7. To pass, or not to pass, that is the question..... I need to go back and orange wash or ink the base...I was going to a glowing effect at the bottom of the rocks. Thanks for your observation of the flaming whip. I may touch it up with a little more yellow as well. KC
  8. A fire demon for my weekly game. Fun to paint
  9. Wow! Incredible job. I have no critique for you because I am not even the same painting skill ball part. I am just impressed and enjoy the product and the effort
  10. its been a while since i have been on, I hope you are well and look forward to seeing your work again 

  11. It’s a table top figure for our weekly game. The monochromatic nature of the armor was hard on the eyes and made me want to rush a little. Fun to paint. Slowly getting better brush control. Need more practice with layering and highlighting. Advice and comments welcome ... of course I notice a smudge on the back of the right foot as soon as I posted
  12. Started this one years ago it seems. The campaign outpaced my time for painting, finished it tonight along with another, but felt like I hurried this one just to get it done.
  13. This one was fun, still have basing and some touch-ups to do.
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