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  1. I agree, Great job on the wings, they make the mini
  2. How was your trip?

  3. I had bad luck with Krylon Black as well, it went on thick/clumpy at times and made it alost too hard to work the details. I now use Armory white, its provides a constant layer and you can work the details of the fig alot easier
  4. I have had that same set settng around waiting in the queue for a while now, Your skills have got motivated a promotion in their queue rank. Good Job!
  5. Your army painted very well, i just picked that unit up on gooing out of buz sale, normally i stay away from warhammer because of the price, its good to see a set painted to help formulate how the colors can mix... you have set a good standard to follow.
  6. You have an incredible amount of talent, which product line to you enjoy painting the most? Which do you find the most challenging?

  7. Speaking of brush care: I use what ever hair conditioner we have around the house after I clean everything I can from the brush. This seems to keep the curl from occuring. At the curl point I normally use an old text book/crappy novel and close the book around the bristles, and as a last resort i will trim the bristles with ye old exacto... What other ways do you folks have for maintaining your chosed tools of destruction? short of buying or replacing them...
  8. check miniaturemarket.com or frpgames.com or battleworks.net I have had good experiences with both miniature market and FRP, i cant vouch for battleworks

  9. Very nice work on your maidenguards. If you are still looking for female warriors try Warmachine's Daughters of the Flame

  10. Your vampiress and battle nun are outstanding!

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