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  1. I guess exactly what types of checks an inspector is able or unable to perform but vary from state to state. The inspector that check my home was there for several hours and checked all the plumbing, electrical outlets (without removing the face platesbut he did check for the proper power and polarity), the breaker boxes, toilets, sinks, showers, outdoor spiggets, water and sewer pipes that were in the crawl space and checked for mold throughout the house. I received a 2" binder with digital pics of the house and property and specific areas of interest/recommended corrections to be made prior to the purchase of the home. This company was awesome. We still had to sign the disclaimer that they may not find everything...yada yada...
  2. Ok, I have nothing completed since last October. But I did start painting again this weekend, trying to finish several previously started figures; a monk, a sorceress, and a lich... heres hoping to stay motivated
  3. Down 25lbs since the end of November, joined a gym, changed to a more healthy diet.. stuck on a plateau at 188, still need to drop 10...
  4. RD They have such clean and white teeth! Repear zombies must have the best dental plan of any miniature manufacturers....
  5. Nice, it reminds me of the hirelings they use in the KDoT comic, used, underpaid and generally abused... His face even looks grumpy...lol... Good painting
  6. AM, Nice color scheme and painting, my only critique is that her skin is a bit shiney, unless she is supposed to be sweaty... Good job AM! Kit C
  7. DS, What a great job, the hair and the cloak are great and I agree with you, she does look better as a druid Kit C
  8. She whose Malts bring all the painters to her yard; Check these out http://www.renaissanceink.net/index.php?body=bases.html Kit
  9. Check this website out, I use their metal bases and I like their quality. They claim to do custom bases but I can not attest to their abilties because I have not used that service. It is worth your time to call them and see. Dead link (checked 3/6/19)
  10. Nice work, I really like both of their shields
  11. There is only one true rule in painting for those over 21; If you dont like the way your figure is turning out, have another drink & repeat as necessary...
  12. Hooah! glad he was a lil fighter and toughed it out, thats fantastic!
  13. The only thing I have finished this month is 750ml of Jack Daniels, and I could even finish that in a month, It was started last October.... ugh
  14. Gus, You could package them all up and mail them to me and not need the rack/shelving or Try this link http://minipaints.com/ Its run by Joe Kutz (hes on the reaper board but I havent seen him recently) he makes custom racks and displays Kit C aka (NaM)
  15. Did you at least have time for a beer during all this?
  16. Somewhat related to this, or at least on the subject of drawing a crowd, I am toying with the idea of doing a Color Theory SEMINAR this year. It is really a class which does not have hands-on unless someone chooses to paint along, and I have an interesting and interactive idea for making it work in a larger format. Maybe half the usual price, you still get a hand-out (which I'm re-writing), and we get to go into a room and play with big squares of color for two hours so everyone can SEE what I'm talking about as I (and you!) arrange them up on the wall. Very visual format. Does anyone other than me think this sounds interesting, or do I need more caffeine?? --Anne I think that is a great idea, I would give it a shot
  17. Nope, they just choose to ignore that part of the instruction in all the excitement
  18. I request the "How to paint like Anne," class It may be a bit of a challenge to find a room large enough to seat everyone but you would draw the crowd...
  19. PM you painted a 'poplar' fig. She's really beautiful
  20. OKF, I thought you were going to drive the Hot-tastic Paint Wagon over to the east coast and provide paint-tastic instruction to each region until all the member of the Reaper Message Board Community were painting at your level of Hot'Tastic Does anyone else recall OKF agreeing to this?
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