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  1. Good question and good answer, I wondered about them as well, thanks for sharing your answer
  2. How about... Santa laying flat on his back, in front of a brightly burning fireplace, toy bag emptied, toys scattered on the floor, with Sophie standing menacingly above him with (garters and thigh high stocking) high-Heeled clad foot on his chest and a rapier (or greatsword) tip at his throat; while she looks at the audience with a devilish grin/smirk and a sly wink Sophie be praised
  3. Nice mini BG, the only thing I noticed (other than what JW mentioned) was that the hair in the back was not highlighted with gray. Was that on purpose? Kit C
  4. Congrats AM, I like the colors and good job with the rust Did you think about making a base that reflected a rocky coast, a reef, or a beach?
  5. I like the hair, i think you are on the right track with the NMM, I suck at them. i think you may want to add some more shadow and brighter highlights as you have already stated, maybe add some wear and tear. Very good mini, i have that one as well, just not painted quite as well:)
  6. Great figure, I really think the entire color scheme is fantastic, great basing as well
  7. I guess there can be alternate uses for the aforementioned bricks... sometimes its very hard to figure out why folks have such a casual disregard for everyone else... especially since they would be the ones complaining were the roles reversed... thats it, colonoscopies for everyone, its time to start over fresh
  8. I also have USAA (Auto) for almost 15, and have had great service with them everytime my wife decided to hit or get hit, they took care of business. I have nationwide for my home owners, but I have not had to make a claim so I can not attest to the responsiveness
  9. Nice, oozes and striges always scares and frustrates the crap out of the band of misfits I GM for....truely entertaining. Nice ooze, if thats possible to say
  10. When you use it, just remind them that you have already paid the tax using the tracking number from the previous order, I think you can add a comment to the order form IIRC, of course if you move your household out of state you can save the $0.25
  11. She may realize that she has no control over her world and is trying to exert control over someone elses emotions through her comments. Enchantra recognized them as feeble and paid them no mind, good for her! People can only get to you if you let them, what benefit do you gain for belittling or "besting" the small minded, weak and feeble? At the end of the day, does it make you a better person by doing so? You're not going to affect a change in a person by responding in kind. But, putting bricks in front and behind the wheels of her buggy will keep her from following you around the store.
  12. Two strokes of painting scots, followed by two sips of scotch? I think I like the sounds of that technique
  13. Any response from the M-giant folks?
  14. Do what you gotta do, its unfortunate, not a good way to inspire a loyal customer base
  15. MG, Did the number I sent you work/get you to the right folks? I have always had good results with using the site, although I have never had to use the customer service. It is a small scale shop so maybe they had some sort of emergency. Send them another note, maybe the email demons ate it.... Kit C
  16. Your challange attracted some pretty talented artists
  17. Excellent links to start the plaid invasion, thanks for sharing
  18. Very nice, good shading and great eyes, and thats one wicked duster I might add...
  19. I love the snow goons, they are great! For some reason I get the picture of them holding a couple beer or whiskey bottles, stumbling around alleys and parks at night, way-laying lost pedestrians Great figs!
  20. Now thats disturbing, good work, but disturbing. Could be the star of the next horror graphic novel...
  21. And after a while they start to smell. Just try washing a kevlar vest. I have it on good authority that cats walk through walls. I really should try getting so higher quality brushes. I should also try to paint more. Maybe on Sunday. Put the vest in the bathrub with a 50% simple green solution, give it a good scrub at the collar & armpit areas and let it sit for several hours, then rinse all the black crap away and spend the next hour scrubing the tub and explaining that the ring-stains are temporary and will come out
  22. Thasia Thats a little shadow over the boot. I am still trying to get the lights right for my photos... Some days are better than others... I tried to brown line the edge of the thigh next to the thong so the gold didnt blend into the gold of the Thong's chain/string.. There are two different colors, the gloves are black and the hilt is a medium and light brown Thanks
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