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  1. Im beginning to suspect I've been time travelling again. If so this will end with a lot of very cool minis and a sad me as I didn't back it in time. yet. I'm confused.
  2. This is really weird. The figures look incredibly familiar to me from a few months ago. Like another kickstarter that had even more figures added to the core set. Is this a relaunched kickstarter? If not, I wonder what kickstarter I'm thinking of with cool sci-fi miniatures that happened a few months ago?
  3. Wondering if there's a place to see the Spartan and Amazon living statues without the fig leaves in the way. You know...for science. Actually, we just want to see how they're sculpted. for painting. and science.
  4. I forgot to say I asked on facebook and they said it'd launch in about a month. I know, I'm disappointed to have to wait so long too.
  5. A cool vehicle would be awesome. Definitely want.
  6. I'd like to see more modern characters. They don't need to be carrying anything either but just more modern role-playing characters.
  7. Friday night I prepared my new nigh-invulnerable army list: Overlords. It was a simple list: Andras AriK 4 Onyx Phalanx 3 Crossbows ______________ Lorena Strach 3 Onyx Phalanx 2 Crossbows _______________ Onyx Golem _______________ Incarnation of Flame The strategy was going to be simple, using my Ranked and Lock Shields, pelt the enemy at range and rely on First Strike to murderize my opponent. All the while my mages would pound any troop concentrations with fire. So, what did Jason bring? That's right, Overlords! It was an Overlord/Overlord power struggle. He'll probably chime in with his list to correct my lousy memory but it was something like: Andras 2 Bondslave Survivor 3 Daughter of the whip 6 troops of: Corvus 2 Bonslave Survivor 3 Daughter of the Whip Battle Totem He had the advantage of numbers and initiative. I had magic and ranged and First Strike. On the first turn he advanced as fast as he could. At my last activations, I had Strach teleport the Incarnation of Flame into his back field behind his troops. I was going to have him charge the totem and negate it while daring his troops to pass Ld checks to charge his Fearsome-ness. He promptly charged it with one troop and got all but one Bondslave Survivor into b-t-b and hit it enough times to kill it's parents and grandparents too while I got ONE hit back. The game kinda devolved from there. He spread out enough to limit my magic to a few kills, my dice did the rest. My ranged killed a few but otherwise my dice abandoned me pretty fast while his hit.......a lot. He rolled up one side and then mobbed the other. When I needed 3s and 4s I got 1s and 2s. It was a funny game watching my troops melt faster than butter outdoors but a sad fate to troops who could have done so much more. I could have made it a tougher struggle for Jason had I retreated and fired on his troops but with my dice, i don't think the extra 2 or 3 kills would have justified the extra time it would have taken. That and I'm too much of a grab-you-by-the-face-and-scream kinda tactician. Next week's re-match will be interesting though. Jason suggested a 1000 pt 10 model max army meeting. Should be fun. DRG
  8. I'd take a variant on an army I took to ruin against a very shooty Razig army: Vasyl with Magic Weapon, Ironhide, and Eye of the Ancestors (the magic weapon is really just to soak points, his MAV is already gross enough without the add on) 3X Ragon the Blooded all with Ironhide 5X Rageclaw Sentry Musician ('cause the only thing funnier than fast puppies is turbo bosted puppies ) Luck Stone Spirit Wolf 2 Troops 3 initiative 10 models
  9. Man, I miss Mekton. I played with my friends in college and had a blast designing my own stuff. Great games. Now my books hide upstairs in a box.
  10. Oh, man. A Warlord fight in a dungeon! (wipes drool from face) I think that should be a must for next Reapercon.
  11. Whether you use books for buildings and cups for silos for a town or fight on the empty plains is up to you. You can use as much or as little terrain as you like. Terrain can be a blessing or a curse. It limits mobility yet offers cover. It really is up to you. So if you go sans terrain, I say enjoy. (I will say if you want some inexpensive easily stored terrain, look at small plants at your local craft store.= or even pet store. You can glue down to old cd's to make patches of plant growth pretty easily)
  12. Yeah, if you go to the palladium website and click on the Kickstarter article on the main page to read more, the photo is there. This looks really cool and, definitely, harkens to my Battletech days.
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