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  1. Bryan


    Hey Crunch, How'd the switchover go?
  2. Bryan

    40k Imperium = Space Nazis?

    I agree with you Heisler, the Foundation and Empire series definitely influenced the early days of 40K heavily, along with Herbert's Dune and a smattering of other sources - not the least of which was the Warhammer Fantasy game. I found it interesting that the individual "factions" or races in 40K represented/reflected the same groups in Fantasy.
  3. Bryan

    Best In-Character Lines

    I played in a Star Wars campaign (back in the WSG days, before d20) for years as a smooth-talking, fast shooting smuggler ("Trakker") with a droid-dog named "Maxx". Being in the employ of the notorious Talon Karde, Trakker Valeson was required from time to time to take missions with little to no notice and on more than one occasion, Maxx had been damaged trying to protect his master in combat. While my character had some skill at repairing droids, Maxx had been pretty beaten up after our last mission and I wanted to give him a break. Luckily, Trakker had made a lady-friend... After dating the waitress at the local greasy spoon for a while, she let Trakker "have a drawer" in her apartment. Things were looking pretty serious between the waitress and my character and they had one last evening out (and in ). She offered to keep an eye on Maxx for Trakker while he was away. When he was about to leave, standing outside her door saying goodbye, she asks,"I'm going to miss you... you are coming back?" Trakker looks her right in the eye and says, "Yeah, I have to come back for Maxx." Open mouth, Insert foot. Needless to say, Maxx ended up coming on the mission with me and the GM made sure he was beat up good for Karma's sake! Another moment of Trakker-ness occured while we were infiltrating an Imperial stronghold and Trakker was flying a black-ops team on to the base. By this time he was well known and wanted by Imperial forces and we worked out codenames and disguises for all the members of our team: "Shuttle Omega, please identify, provide access code, and state your flight-path." "...er" I stammered, completely forgetting who "I" was supposed to be "Repeat, Shuttle Omega, identify and provide your access code!" "Err... Uhh...This is Trakker Vale...SON OF A B****!" gaming group busts out laughing, "Get ready boys, we're going in hot..."
  4. Bryan


    I'm not a techno geek by any stretch of the word, but I'm 'puter savvy and got through an A+ class with a computer made by yours truly. We didn't have a Windows OS to load, but RedHat had just come out! Instead of opting to pay $$$ for the brand new Vista, I loaded the free RedHat and haven't had any problems with it. It takes a bit of getting used to since it's made to be as complicated as you want it to be (and it's easy to dive deeper than you intend...), but it's got a lot of little benefits, not the least of which is that it's free and tech support is free too, just use the Linux community.
  5. Bryan

    dang! Gambit got fat!!

    My last con here in Jacksonville featured a few Serenity/Firefly costumes, a Klingon "lady", a few Sailor Moons, and a host of Steampunkers from the HMS Kestral - totally awesome homemade costumes with maille, brass, gadgets with clockworks, goggles, a tophat, and some rockin' ladies in uniform reminiscent of WW2, albiet in skirts with heels...
  6. Bryan

    Cloaks of Invisibility in our future?

    Well, I know in my area that a traffic officer must be visible to traffic if clocking cars... I never found out why, and it was a law passed before I started voting. I'm sure that local police would be low on the list for this kind of tech unless it becomes cheap and prevalent. Black Ops/Intelligence/Military on the other hand.... Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. anyone?!? It would make for the perfect ghillie suit... As far as civilian uses go: privacy fence, shower stall, even to cloak a tower to a certain height or leave the lights uncloaked... without knowing the actual application of such technology, it's impossible to say. Is it a field that's projected from a device? Can the field be projected from a flexible material like cloth or utilizted as a coating on durable surfaces? What kind of power resources would it require? Eventually, this information will be released but until then, it's still magic and science fiction...
  7. Bryan

    40k Imperium = Space Nazis?

    This whole discussion has got me thinking about putting anasazi crosses on my Eldar army! While I'm no attention seeker and could care less about the cross-eyed stares I'd garner, being able to explain that the crosses are a representation of the cycle of life that Eldar are so fond of and the symbology fits the Eldar Path would bring me some satisfaction. Besides, all the other Eldar symbology is "stolen" from Earth... I mean, how could it not be... anyone seen any REAL alien runes/symbols/languages? I'm pretty sure that the boyz at Gee-Dubya have acknowledged the fact that pretty much everything in their fluff is re-hashed from other sources and it's been stated that this is part of the appeal of the 40K world. I love the elements of Dune and Judge Dred, the "easter eggs" like Lion El'Johnson, and the sheer quantity of bald, screaming, pointing models in the marine line-up (as well as the Guard and Eldar too!). Sure, the prices are to be complained about (I buy almost everything 40K second hand at a reasonable discount - all my Reaper stuff comes from the FLGS, gotta give 'em love) and the lack of non-Marine support is lamentable, but 40K's got a strong core of loyalists (/smirk) for a reason. I haven't played 40K since 2nd ed since pretty much every edition of the game's been broken one way or another because of tournament circuit play dominating their industry. 5th gives me hope, but not much - it's mostly just an update to 4th. I play Stargrunt for miniature battles after being turned on to the game by a fellow 40k'er or use my 40K models to play Heroscape with my son. My boy loves the opportunity to play with Dad's "little men" as he calls them and since the fluff for the figures translates into squad/character abilities easier than game stats do, we can stick to the original concepts for the armies without the rules getting in the way too much. We do the same thing for my Reaper miniatures too, Warlord is great for that!
  8. Bryan

    Pro Paint Collections?

    I remember back when I first started painting I got Ral Partha paints in sets of 8. That would be great for the Pro paints if they're not in triads. I'd love to have a complete collection or have the Pro Paints in half-series sets like the MSP's are. I don't have a FLGS that carries them yet and buying them 2-3 at a time is a bit inconvenient. Besides, I'm looking forward to getting the set for Christmas if it's available... are you listening Reaper-peeps? I want a complete set!
  9. I'll assume that the new Pro Paints will eventually be available in collections like the current Master series, but I'm curious as to when we can expect them? Any idea on price points for color collections? I've seen the "How To Paint" box sets and think they're great, but I'd like to pick up a wider range of the Pro Paints than what's offered... I'd really like a set in time for Christmas! Help! Just as a side note, if the Pro Paints are available in "triads" like the Master Series, is there any hope they could be marketed/packaged in this manner? I have a hard time getting specific shades to fill my missing triads at my FLGS and offering them prepackaged in this manner would solve that problem.
  10. Bryan

    Chronoscope Models We'd Like to See

    I didn't read the entire post so I don't know if any of this has been previously stated, but I'd buy government suits (ala FBI, CIA, MIB), rocketmen, Nazis or something similar (remember the 80's mini-series "V"? Something like the Visitors...), modern vampires ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Masquerade, shooty guys in trenchcoats and leather, "street" samurais - gangs with 'chucks or katanas or other martial arts weapons, bikers on dirtbikes (post apocalypse anyone?) or Hawgs, spacemen from 50's pulp sci-fi with bubble helmets, possessed "normal" people ala The Exorcist, SWAT snipers, cops in riot gear, lawyers/corporate folks with breifcases and clipboards, and kids playing games/on playground equipment. And anything else anyone has already mentioned.
  11. Bryan

    Zodiac Miniature Question

    I guess this is a combined suggestion/question: Any plans on doing an Oriental/Chinese Zodiac? This would compliment the line of oriental miniatures that Reaper currently has and would be a great companion set to the Occidental Zodiac!
  12. Bryan

    Ancient City Con Painting Contest

    No, they were the new pro paints, I've got a few of the older ones. The paints at the con had a white label with black lettering and I spoke with the rep about them - she indicated that these were the new pro paints. Mentioned to me not to mix them with Future Floor polish since it makes them work "not so good". Perhaps the rep was fronting them out-of-pocket? She certainly had enough of the Master series, with minis, brushes, and lamps to go around, but only had a selection of Pro color shades (mostly metallics). She did a great job coaching newbies and talking shop with the more experienced painters.
  13. Bryan

    Ancient City Con Painting Contest

    I checked the Pro Paint line up and you're right, it does show it listed as Flesh Ink. This may have been a pre-release label though, since it was a rep doing the show...
  14. Bryan

    Where are the Pro Paints

    Are the Pro Paints going to be available in a complete set? If I'm getting anything for Christmas, that would be it... I need to know so I can remind my wife that it's what I want from now until then!
  15. Bryan

    Ancient City Con Painting Contest

    Uh-uh, no, it was labeled very specifically "Flesh Wash" on the original label, not a specialty mix made by the clinic rep. The Partha inks weren't so good (their paints were amazing though - I still have most of my originals and they work beautifully) but the GW inks were okay if a bit shiny. Try their new washes though, very easy to use and ads nice depth to your work.