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  1. Cool model, a chore to assemble. Painted it over the course of the last 11 or 12 days. Added some GW bits, shield and halberd only, as it's for my Warriors of Chaos army. Glue is still drying and will do touch up adhesion with zap-a-gap and then final Dull Cote. Riders are not glued on in this pic. They are now and are drying on the painting table. Finished these guys before the chariot. Had some varnish issues that Dull Cote mostly repaired.
  2. I have lots of favorites. I've used the Khaki triad a lot lately. The bone triad is very useful. The metallic triad with aged pewter in it is great when used with several washes.
  3. Yeah, with any wash, I've learned not to slather it on, set the model on its base and wait for the magic to happen. Like Anne notes, sometimes you need to wick it off with a dry brush. Sometimes I will wash an area, use some foam bits from blisters or wherever and lay the model on its back or side so that the wash runs where I want it too. But if just sloshed on and then stood up, gravity will take over and do what it will with your wash.
  4. Some workplaces offer "free" printing, if you can swallow your ethics and not get caught.
  5. I use an optivisor, too, though much less than before. I just paint close. Good lighting is key, as has been said. I use three full spectrum lamps.
  6. Well, the Dull Cote helped quite a bit and most of the brush strokes left by the varnish process are gone. I've lost a little detail, but it's much better. I'm going to glue on the riders, do a light Dull Cote again, and cut my losses. From now on, I'm sticking to Reaper brush-on sealer and then dull cote.
  7. In my case, the varnish went on too thick. It should be more or less invisible when dry. For me, frosting means a spray coat of varnish that went on too thick. Imagine something that looks like a waxy film on the model. It's quite discouraging. :(
  8. So I have finished hundreds of models by brushing on Gloss Varnish (Vallejo), then Matte Varnish (Vallejo or Reaper), then Dull Cote. Last night I opened a new bottle of Vallejo matte varnish after the gloss was done. It was thick, but the stuff is usually thick. I applied it lighter. This morning. My horses aren't ruined, but the paint job is degraded. It's kind of like they're behind a dirty window. I paint to compete for best painted armies at Warhammer GT's, so I'm a bit despondent that these won't meet muster. And the skin on these was quite nice, a chestnut with several layers. And what's goin...what's going on ...I can't see what I'm typing...this is annoying. Anyhow...I thought about trying some thin washes of Kel's brown to try and restore some of the tone, but I have a feeling I'm just screwed. I paint slowly, and working full time and being in school doesn't leave me time to say, oh well, and do them again. Is there any hope, or am I as screwed as I think I am?
  9. I've already ordered the GW guy and expect to use his head but probably nothing else. The insect line is very cool.
  10. Oooooh, I like that one a lot. What I'd love is to figure out how to get my rider seated on the Demon Fly and call it a Daemonic Mount in game rules. That'd be awesome. Wyrd has some mosquitoes that I could add to the base to make it extra awesome.
  11. Thanks! I had found 1 but not 2 of those.
  12. I need to convert a model so that it represents a Nurgle (plague-ridden fantasy) sorcerer. I've seen a model converted like what I have in mind, but I have no idea where he got the head. I've looked through about a 100 online mini stores from here with no luck. I did find a mosquito from Wyrd miniatures that I could possibly use. And I need to go by Reaper's Asylum to look at their Fly Demon and see how big the head is on it. Does anyone know of anything else? Thanks. ~David
  13. I'd do the leggings as leather. Them being blue doesn't seem right. How far on the outer cape are you?
  14. It's great, I love it! You brought out the model's dynamic pose, and it looks very "dungeony" to me, if that makes any sense. The metallics and greys work nice, and the blue adds some pop to the model. Nicely done.
  15. Ya, I really like it. Nice palette.
  16. Thanks, all. Those echo my own thoughts. Part of me liked having a Chaos hero with cold and dim colors contrasted with a Wood Elf with warm greens and browns. Another part wondered if it was too much contrast. I also wondered about how "showy" to make a Tzeentch hero, but I really wanted a grim looking warrior. The banner looks better in this photo than it does up close. Not my best blending. I was at the end and trying to finish for a deadline for an online contest. Still, I like him, and he should show well at the GT's where he'll be seen.
  17. I marathoned this guy over the last few days. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving break. The banner is lackluster, freehand...not my strength. I'm fairly happy with the armor. I'm not good at metals. I scrapped an Avatar of War model after botching an attempt at NMM. Thankfully, Reaper has a great range of metallics with lots of different tones. This was my usual painting of GW foundation paints, Reaper Master Series for all the layering, and GW washes on top. The model is a 2002 Games Day model and the disc is a modified Babylon 5 Vree saucer. The base is from Back 2 Base ix (great product but lousy company name, try googling for that if you aren't familiar with the name...anyhow, I love their bases). Anyhow, let me know what you think. There's lots of room for constructive criticism on this model, and I'm curious what others of you see that I'm overlooking.
  18. I really like the shading on the armor. Nicely done, indeed.
  19. How about a DavidVC04 Sophie? It'll look like me but with wings and a Sophie face. It'll be awesome. Best seller, guaranteed.
  20. The first thing I noticed was the lack of lining. Between the fingers. Around the face (I know, I know, scary to go back and line around the face!). Back right heel. I like the metals and smooth skin. Doing that red emblem on the shoulder pad looks out of place. The fig seems pretty harmonious other than that.
  21. It's beautiful, but I agree with demonelf3. It's like he's looking at his chest and thinking, "Oh my god! Oh my god! There's a bug in my breeches!"
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